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July 2024 Archive

    1. Borderlands movie gets "final" trailer ahead of August's release
    2. Elden Ring Caelid Catacombs walkthrough
    3. Elden Ring Stormfoot Catacombs walkthrough
    4. Genshin Impact Kachina materials, kit, and Constellations
    5. Elden Ring Murkwater Catacombs walkthrough
    6. Humble Games confirms 'restructuring' amid reports all staff have been laid off
    7. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month, leak suggests
    8. Elden Ring Deathtouched Catacombs walkthrough
    9. PlayStation 5 adding way to save power when charging controllers, but only for latest PS5 model
    10. Twitch updates sexual harassment policy to make it "easier to understand"
    11. Zenless Zone Zero best Zhu Yuan build
    12. Zenless Zone Zero next Banner, current Banner, and list of all Banners
    13. Mario + Rabbids boss leaves Ubisoft after 25 years
    14. Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami's Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered out this Halloween
    15. Pokémon Go Shinies - how to catch Shiny Magikarp, Red Gyarados, and what we know about other Shiny Pokémon
    16. Pokémon Go Community Day list, August 2024 time and date, and all previous Community Day Pokémon and moves
    17. Coin Master free spins July 2024
    18. Five of the Best: Presidents
    19. Meeting the people of PEGI: talking age ratings, gambling, and why their famous voice only got €200
    20. Pokémon Go Mega Aggron counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    21. The phenomenal 32-inch 4K 240Hz Alienware QD-OLED is down to £850 at Dell UK
    22. Latest PS5 update adds shareable links to quickly jump into multiplayer games
    1. Today’s Connections hint and answer on 24th July for 409
    2. Today's Wordle hint and answer on Wednesday 24th July for 1131
    3. Nintendo rescinds Splatoon 3 World Championship winners' title after racist messages surface online
    4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is heading to Xbox Game Pass this week
    5. Fortnite Cursed Sails event explained
    6. Where to find Elizabeth Swann in Fortnite
    7. Captain Barbossa's location in Fortnite
    8. Davy Jones' location in Fortnite
    9. Fortnite Dead Men's Tales location
    10. How to get a Flint-Knock Pistol in Fortnite
    11. Roblox reported 13,316 instances of child exploitation last year
    12. Zenless Zone Zero Seth materials
    13. Zenless Zone Zero Jane Doe materials
    14. Zenless Zone Zero Qingyi materials
    15. Fortnite Lego sets leak, including £89 Battle Bus
    16. Blade Ball codes
    17. Helldivers 2's biggest update yet announced, with higher difficulty, new bugs, and more
    18. My boss' favourite massive PC case has received a price cut from Tech Next Day
    19. Elden Ring Official Strategy Guide Vol. 3 pre-orders just got a big discount at Amazon
    20. Fortnite's own developers don't seem thrilled at Elon Musk's Cybertruck being added to the game
    21. Moonlighter developer's new fortress strategy game Cataclismo out now in early access
    22. Peroxide codes
    23. Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss defeated in one hit by Twitch streamer
    24. Save £75 on the 4TB Crucial P3 Plus SSD from Scan Computers
    25. Assassin's Creed Shadows team acknowledges elements "that have caused concern" among Japanese fans
    26. Roblox Locked codes
    27. DF Weekly: Intel has a CPU instability problem - and it's time for answers
    28. Honkai Star Rail 2.4 release date, 2.4 Banner and event details
    29. Baldur's Gate 3's Patch 7 Closed Beta delayed due to dice rolling issue
    30. Pokémon Go Mega Evolution update and new bonuses, how to Mega Evolve and all Mega Evolutions list
    31. Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition feels like Nintendo for the TikTok era
    32. Honkai Star Rail next Banner and current Banner, list of all Banners in Honkai Star Rail
    33. Logitech's MX Anywhere 2S has plummeted to its lowest price ever at Amazon
    34. Honkai Star Rail Sparkle materials, kit, and Eidolons
    35. Honkai Star Rail Huohuo materials, kit, and Eidolons
    36. MultiVersus studio Player First Games acquired by Warner Bros.
    37. Diglett and Alolan Diglett 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Dugtrio in Pokémon Go
    1. NetherRealm is shutting down free-to-play mobile game Mortal Kombat: Onslaught
    2. Microsoft reportedly considering cloud-only Xbox Game Pass tier
    3. You can now wrap your hands around Wolverine's bum if Deadpool's not for you
    4. Baldur's Gate 3 sex noise specialist leads Dragon Age: The Veilguard cast
    5. Elden Ring Giant's Mountaintop Catacombs walkthrough
    6. Zenless Zone Zero Ben Trust answers
    7. Zenless Zone Zero Anton Trust answers
    8. Zenless Zone Zero Grace Trust answers
    9. Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck will be available to buy in Fortnite
    10. Zenless Zone Zero Billy Trust answers
    11. Elden Ring Minor Erdtree Catacombs walkthrough
    12. Twitch reinstates Donald Trump's account following permanent ban in 2021
    13. Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs walkthrough
    14. Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure review - ingenious challenges with the lightest of touches
    15. Anime Fighters codes
    16. Arm Wrestle Simulator codes
    17. Elden Ring Tombsward Catacombs walkthrough
    18. Stardew Valley creator will "never" charge money for DLC or updates
    19. Tales of Xillia Remastered pops up on retailer websites
    20. Zenless Zone Zero Zhu Yuan materials, kit, and Mindscape Cinema
    21. Wuthering Waves 1.2 Banners
    22. Netflix has over 80 games currently in development and plans to launch one each month into Stories
    23. Kamiya's still keen to make Okami, Viewtiful Joe sequels, even if publisher isn't
    24. Wandering around Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco in REAL VR is simply stunning
    25. Wuthering Waves next Banner and current Banner, list of all Banners in Wuthering Waves
    26. This 27-inch Fast IPS 1440p Asus ROG XG27ACS is a steal for $199 at Amazon USA
    27. Marvel vs Capcom producer says development team has "big dreams" for crossover series
    28. Live service games get ditched "too soon" by big publishers, Warfame boss says
    29. This AsRock Challenger Intel Arc A770 can be yours for $270 from Newegg
    30. Tekken 8 will see series bad guy Heihachi return as DLC this autumn
    31. Past Wordle answers and all previously used Wordle words
    32. Corsair's popular 4000D Airflow PC case can be yours for £74 from Amazon
    33. Homeworld 3 review - satisfying strategy and impeccable space vibes, with caveats
    34. Eggy Party codes for July 2024
    35. Genshin Impact codes and how to redeem them
    36. Dead by Daylight codes
    37. AMD's excellent value Ryzen 5 5600X has dropped to £110 from Ebuyer
    38. Honkai Star Rail codes for July 2024 and how to redeem them
    39. Solo Leveling Arise Codes
    1. Untitled Boxing Game codes
    2. Here's a new teaser for Arcane: Season 2
    3. Check out 10 terrifying minutes of A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead
    4. Guilty Gear Strive's season 4 teaser leaks online
    5. Sonic X Shadow Generations physical launch edition gets an additional pre-order bonus
    6. Anime Defenders codes
    7. Luigi's Mansion 3 is Digital Foundry's pick as Switch's most technically impressive game
    8. Silent Hill: The Short Message dev Hexadrive has a new horror game, Niraya of ■■
    9. Blox Fruits codes
    10. Second Piece codes
    11. Anime Last Stand codes
    12. Warframe's 1999 expansion has a shopping mall, romance system, and you even get to fight a boyband
    1. Shiny Tynamo, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Eelektross best moveset in Pokémon Go
    2. Soulframe will "open up to a lot more players this autumn", says Digital Extremes
    3. Final Fantasy 14 and Gong Cha have come together for a tasty new collaboration
    4. Unannounced Hunt: Showdown 1896 pops up on the ESRB website
    5. 200+ workers at Bethesda Game Studio have unionised
    6. Forza Motorsport PC modded: extra detail and improved ray tracing are there for the taking
    7. Xbox hits back at the FTC, saying it's "wrong" to call its revised Xbox Game Pass tiers "degraded"
    8. For a belated celebration of Tetris' 40th birthday, here's a highly partisan look back at Tetris DS
    1. Four-wheeled survival nightmare Pacific Drive gets free update, paid cosmetics DLC, and 2024 roadmap
    2. Basketball Legends codes
    3. Sea of Thieves' fire-belching, 10-cannon warship sets sail next week
    4. Overwatch 2's new hero is space ranger Juno and she's available to play today
    5. Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu materials, kit, and Eidolons
    6. Honkai Star Rail Yunli materials, kit, and Eidolons
    7. Jack Sparrow's location in Fortnite
    8. How to get the Ship in a Bottle mythic in Fortnite
    9. How to walk the plank in Fortnite
    10. How to locate a Jar of Dirt in Fortnite
    11. How to get the Captain Jack Sparrow skin in Fortnite
    12. Elden Ring recommended progression route and map order
    13. Zenless Zone Zero July 2024 codes and how to redeem them
    14. Honkai Star Rail March 7th Hunt materials, kit, and Eidolons
    15. Ace Combat 7 is one of the most impressive Switch ports we've tested
    16. Atlus releases official Persona 5 line of coffee to start your own Café Leblanc
    17. The Mortuary Assistant is finally coming to consoles
    18. How to complete Ansbach's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    19. There's a new Pikmin game, sort of
    20. PowerWash Simulator gets two new maps as part of free update
    21. Game of the Week: Dungeons of Hinterberg, productivity, and the quest to escape engagement
    22. Devolver announces roguelike kung-fu fighter Forestrike from Olija developer
    23. Splatoon 3 reveals climactic Grand Festival event, new amiibo
    24. Fallout season two "ahead of schedule", says Amazon head of TV
    25. Jack Black Minecraft movie images leak, days after Tenacious D controversy
    26. Try Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for free right now
    27. Sega unveils fresh Shadow x Sonic Generations levels in new teaser
    28. Logitech's excellent MX Keys Mini has dropped to a lower price than on Prime Day
    29. Grab the solid Crucial MX500 2TB SATA SSD for £100 from Currys
    30. Chibi-Robo! devs reveal multiplatform spiritual successor
    31. The super trendy Fractal North has dropped below £100 with an eBay discount code
    32. What we've been playing - space mysteries, From's kind game, and Bertie's Gate 3
    33. GTA Online Weekly Update: 18 July 2024
    34. GTA Online Podium Vehicle for this week, including how to use the Lucky Wheel
    35. Vampire Therapist asks: can a game really teach the fundamentals of therapy?
    36. GTA Online Gun Van locations
    1. Paramount+'s divisive Halo TV series cancelled after two seasons
    2. Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm hit by layoffs
    3. Here's Diablo 4's new guardian-summoning Spiritborn class in action
    4. Ubisoft delays Rainbow Six Mobile and The Division Resurgence beyond March 2025
    5. How to complete Moore's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    6. Where to find Padisarah locations in Genshin Impact
    7. Genshin Impact Kinich materials, kit, and Constellations
    8. Suicide Squad's second season adds Frozone-esque Mrs. Freeze
    9. "Halo meets Portal" indie hit Splitgate gets sequel next year, now with actual Halo veterans on board
    10. Genshin Impact Mualani materials, kit, and Constellations
    11. Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is a joyful, exuberant dance of strategic action
    12. The First Descendant studio responds to claims it copied icons from Destiny 2
    13. Steam is massive, but far fewer people work at Valve than you might think
    14. Genshin Impact orchestral concert tour arrives in London this September
    15. Capcom celebrates Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess launch with traditional Japanese theatre show
    16. EA FC 25's new Rush format is better than Volta - but where's FIFA Street when you need it?
    17. KTC G27P6 OLED gaming monitor review
    18. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gets early access PC release almost nine years after mobile launch
    19. This 40-inch 155Hz MSI ultrawide is a ton of monitor for £329
    20. Honkai Star Rail tier list for best characters in 2.3 July 2024
    21. Seven years after Switch's launch, Nintendo unveils Joy-Con Charging Stand
    22. Genshin Impact next Banner and current Banners, list of all Banners in Genshin Impact
    23. This Acer RX 7700 XT is a steal from Currys at the moment
    24. Dungeons of Hinterberg review - adventure with a generous spirit and a thoughtful soul
    25. Get 17% off a selection of Digital Foundry merchandise for Prime Day
    1. PlayStation Store's Summer Sale is now live, featuring over 4500 discounts
    2. Amazon's Fallout TV adaptation nominated for 16 Emmy Awards
    3. Sega sues social media user for "excessive slanderous and insulting comments" against employee
    4. Lumina Square HIA Commemorative Coin locations in Zenless Zone Zero
    5. How to get Excerpts of Bliss in Genshin Impact
    6. EA's Sports FC team isn't worried about that rumoured FIFA revival
    7. The big EA Sports FC 25 preview: a proper career mode update, a Football Manager-style tactics system, FUT tweaks, and more
    8. How to get Kirara for free in Genshin Impact
    9. Genshin Impact Jubilant Feather locations
    10. Xbox unveils Deadpool bum controller as competition prize for one lucky recipient
    11. This 165Hz HP Omen 24 gaming monitor costs just $90 for Prime Day
    12. Best UK non-gaming tech deals for Prime Day 2024
    13. Concord: Guardians of the Galaxy meets a next-gen Overwatch?
    14. These Pokémon-themed Crocs are repulsive and cost $70
    15. Everything we know about the Nintendo Switch 2
    16. Get the large Lexar Play 1TB Micro SD card for a lot less this Prime Day
    17. Nintendo's mysterious, creepy horror game revealed
    18. The Digital Foundry Prime Day PC: the best PC component deals we can find in one PC
    19. England talisman Jude Bellingham is EA Sports FC 25 cover star
    20. No Man's Sky borrows some of Light No Fire's fancy tech for a planetary overhaul in latest update
    21. Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap brings four-player co-op and roguelite progression in series shakeup
    22. Amazon has Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at a surprisingly good price for Prime Day
    23. Corsair's bendy OLED ultrawide monitor has experienced a handy Prime Day price drop
    24. Genshin Impact 4.8 Banners and events
    25. Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors and Cast List
    26. Lumina Square Cargo Truck locations in Zenless Zone Zero
    27. UK game spending slumps in first half of 2024 while music grows, as release schedule lacks Taylor Swift moment
    28. Day 2 of the Best Prime Day SSD, HDD and Micro SD card deals 2024
    29. Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List
    30. Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo abilities and rank
    31. Sea of Conquest: Pirate War codes
    32. Day 2 of Best Prime Day monitor deals 2024
    33. Resident Evil 7 has reportedly flopped on iOS, with under 2000 sales
    34. Microsoft staffer blasts decision to lay off internal team focused on diversity due to "changing business needs"
    35. Five of the Best: Mounts
    36. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate is an inoffensive Hades clone with a focus on co-op play
    37. Pokémon Go Buddy distance chart for when Buddy Pokémon drop rewards
    38. How to get Tandemaus and evolution Maushold in Pokémon Go, including Maushold forms
    39. Pokémon Go Better Together quest steps, rewards and research tasks
    40. Pokémon Go Gen 9 Pokémon list released so far, every creature from Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region listed
    41. Get 32GB of DDR5-6000 RAM for just £85 in this Prime Day stormer
    42. Lexar's rather large 4TB NQ790 NVMe SSD has received a Prime Day price cut
    43. This reliable Corsair Vengeance 32GB kit of DDR4-3200 RAM is a Prime Day bargain
    44. 2024 video game release schedule
    45. This powerful Gigabyte RX 7900 GRE has slipped well below £500 for Prime Day
    46. Sennheiser's legendary HD 599 open-back headphones have had a Prime Day price slash
    1. Rockstar website update suggests GTA+ subscriptions could soon include access to Switch games
    2. There's now an official Xbox 360 Blades dynamic background for Series X/S
    3. Until Dawn studio's Dead by Daylight spin-off The Casting of Frank Stone out in September
    4. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 developer battling full game leak, months before launch
    5. Amazon is giving away free stuff for Prime Day today
    6. How to get to the east side of Shadow Keep in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    7. Fruit Battlegrounds codes
    8. Ruins Map locations in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    9. Xbox Game Pass games list for July 2024
    10. Zenless Zone Zero Nicole Trust answers
    11. Belurat, Tower Settlement walkthrough: Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    12. How to complete Count Ymir's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    13. How to complete Swordhand of Night Jolan's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    14. Flock leads day one releases still to come to Xbox Game Pass this July
    15. LG's C3 Evo OLED is our favourite gaming 4K TV - and it's going cheap for Prime Day
    16. The marvellous Asus ROG Azoth has dropped below $200 from Amazon for Prime Day
    17. Wuthering Waves Xiangli Yao materials, kit, and Resonance Chain
    18. Essential Steam Deck storage upgrade deals for Prime Day (UK and US)
    19. Grab the solid Logitech G915 TKL for half its retail price from Amazon this Prime Day
    20. Anime Champions Simulator codes
    21. Trials of Mana leaving PlayStation Plus ahead of Visions of Mana release
    22. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 publisher Activision clears up confusion over whether you can turn "omnimovement" off
    23. Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail Review - fresh air meets familiar ground
    24. Baldur's Gate 3's seventh patch amends split-screen, adds mod support, won't be final update
    25. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree mod lets you summon bosses for aid
    26. Wuthering Waves Zhezhi materials, kit, and Resonance Chain
    27. Dell's 1440p 360Hz QD-OLED gaming monitor is £110+ off for Prime Day
    28. Fallout: London mod cast will include former Speaker of the House John Bercow
    29. All new Spells in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    30. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's progression issues could do with a bit of Nintendo magic
    31. Wuthering Waves Changli materials and Resonance Chain
    32. Details of unannounced Disney projects, including games, posted online after another Slack hack
    33. The best Counter-Strike 2 gaming headset is 50% off in the UK
    34. How to complete Hornsent Grandam's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    35. Genshin Impact Natlan characters
    36. Get this AMD RX 6950 XT for just £400 as part of Amazon Prime Day
    37. The true value hero CPU, Intel's Core i5-12400F, has received a big Prime Day price cut
    38. This massive 1.5TB SanDisk Micro SD card is under £100 for Prime Day
    39. The fastest PCIe 4.0 SSD, the Samsung 990 Pro, is heavily discounted for Prime Day
    40. The ever-present Logitech MX Master 2S is back down to a bargain price for Prime Day
    41. Binacle 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Binacle preview in Pokémon Go
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 multiplayer open beta dates revealed
    2. Moomins coming to Journey dev's Sky: Children of the Light this year
    3. All new Incantations in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree
    4. Fallout: London mod will work with Fallout 4 on GOG and Steam but not Epic
    5. Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream date and time, 2.4 Banner leaks
    6. Flock review - the art of noticing
    7. DF Weekly: "You don't need an Xbox to play Xbox" - we beg to differ
    8. Here's our first look at Mortal Kombat 1's upcoming DLC fighter, Takeda Takahashi
    9. The Finals developer apologises as latest patch held up on Xbox
    10. The future of Twitch: safety, growth, and the importance of finding community
    11. Pokémon Go event saw five proposals, including couples who met while playing the game
    12. Two Point Campus and Hospital team teases next project with a mysterious artefact heist
    13. Genshin Impact's own voice actors join backlash at lack of representation in new region Natlan's character designs
    14. All 105 Site of Grace locations in Shadow of the Erdtree
    15. Baldur's Gate 3 staff in Russia were relocated during development due to invasion of Ukraine
    16. How to get 500,000 Gear Coins in Golden Bangboo Town in Zenless Zone Zero
    17. The DF-favourite Alienware AW3423DWF just hit a new all-time low price at Best Buy
    18. Grab this XFX Speedster RX 6800 for a real bargain price at Newegg
    19. Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree removes Latin American translation staff from credits
    20. BioShock 4 screenshot leaks online - here's what it tells us
    21. Zenless Zone Zero tier list for the best characters
    22. GAME to end in-store sale of physical currency cards, including Nintendo eShop, Roblox and iTunes credit
    23. Concord early access beta extended until this evening
    24. This beautiful, blue Montech Sky Two PC case is down to £70 from Scan Computers
    25. Pokémon Go promo codes and how to redeem them
    26. Get the beefy Intel Core i7-12700K for £181 from Amazon right now
    1. Independent Games Festival is now live on Steam, offering dozens of quality indie games at a discount
    2. Details of an unannounced Aliens Fireteam Elite sequel have popped up online
    3. The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom ESRB rating confirms we'll get to play as Link as well as Zelda
    4. New free-to-play sci-fi shooter The First Descendant clocks up 10m players in just one week
    5. Pokémon Go Fusion, including how to get Solar and Lunar Fusion Energy explained
    6. Pokémon Go Fest 2024 dates, start time, ticket price and Go Fest Global activities explained
    7. The Dusk Settles quest steps for Go Fest 2024, Basking in the Radiance and Hidden in the Umbra best Choose Path in Pokémon Go
    8. Go Fest 2024 The Dawn of a New Discovery quest steps and rewards for catching Cosmog in Pokémon Go
    9. Pokémon Go Beast Balls explained
    10. EverQuest provided so much pain but I still love it
    11. How to get Solgaleo and Lunala in Pokémon Go
    12. Pokémon Go Dusk Mane Necrozma counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    13. Pokémon Go Dawn Wings Necrozma counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    1. Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam Adventure Effects in Pokémon Go
    2. Dying Light 2 dev Techland is making "most roles" office-based or hybrid, including staff who live abroad
    3. Star Citizen's free to play for a week
    4. Ubisoft's live-action Driver series may be dead, but the series itself isn't
    5. Grimoires Era codes
    6. Let's get evil in Baldur's Gate 3: Orin and a Bhaal-oody family reunion
    7. How to get Jangmo-o during Go Fest 2024 in Pokémon Go, including shiny Jangmo-o
    8. Pokémon Go Gen 7 Pokémon list released so far, and every creature from Sun and Moon's Alola region listed
    9. Pokémon Go Necrozma counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    10. How to get Maractus, Corsola, Heatmor, Durant and other regional Pokémon during Go Fest 2024 in Pokémon Go
    11. Go Fest 2024 A Shadowy Caper quest steps, rewards and how to get Marshadow in Pokémon Go
    1. Saudi Arabia is hosting the inaugural Esports Olympic Games next year
    2. Pokémon Go habitat hour schedule and every habitat Pokémon for Go Fest 2024
    3. Pokémon Go Legendary Pokémon: List of all currently and previously available Legendary Pokémon
    4. The 80s Karate Kid movies are getting a 16-bit-style beat-'em-up in September
    5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants Unleashed shows off its platform-brawling in first trailer
    6. AMD's FSR 3.1 upscaling tested: improved over FSR 2 but DLSS and XeSS are still ahead
    7. Zenless Zone Zero Riddler's Club answers
    8. External translators hired for Nintendo projects bemoan lack of credit in "almost every big title"
    9. Indika publisher 11 Bit donates $50k to support Ukrainian children impacted by Kyiv hospital attack
    10. Save $200 on this M2-powered MacBook Air from Best Buy
    11. Get this refurb 55-inch Panasonic OLED for a great price with this eBay reduction
    12. The Outlast Trials' newest villain is "a freakish big baby obsessed with his Pacifier"
    13. Zenless Zone Zero Battle Pass explained
    14. Game of the Week: The secret to Baldur's Gate 3's success is fanfiction
    15. Journey to the Savage Planet sequel seemingly in development
    16. Japan-only Starfy games now out worldwide on Nintendo Switch Online
    17. Pokémon Go Stakataka counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    18. Pokémon Go Blacephalon counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    19. This special Razer x Chillblast PC offers beefy specs for a solid price
    20. What we've been playing - door kicking, cursed oil rigs, and surprisingly still-powerful old games
    21. All Nintendo Switch Online games available to play right now
    1. Pokémon Go Buzzwole weaknesses, counters and moveset explained
    2. Pokémon Go Xurkitree weaknesses, counters and moveset explained
    3. Pokémon Go Pheromosa weaknesses, counters and moveset explained
    4. Next week's Epic Games Store freebies bringing arcade management and Welsh folklore horror
    5. Historical fantasy RPG GreedFall 2 launches into Steam early access this September
    6. How the Baldur's Gate 3 bear sex scene came to be, and why it's "a watershed moment in game history"
    7. Best full-size (96%/100%) mechanical keyboards 2024
    8. Zenless Zone Zero best Ellen build
    9. Elden Ring: Crumbling Farum Azula walkthrough
    10. Does the loss of day one launches make Xbox Game Pass pointless?
    11. Frontier officially announces Planet Coaster 2, now with water parks
    12. GAME to end in-store pre-orders
    13. Concord early access beta weekend now open to all PlayStation Plus users
    14. Elden Ring: Leyndell, Royal Capital walkthrough
    15. Zenless Zone Zero Detective Rewind puzzle solutions
    16. How to unlock Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero
    17. Unofficial Elden Ring lore book on the way, costs over £200
    18. GTA 3 cheat codes
    19. Zenless Zone Zero best Koleda build
    20. This 1050W Cooler Master MWE 80+ Gold PSU is £90 off at Stormforce Gaming
    21. GTA Vice City cheat codes
    22. Elden Ring: How to get the Gold Scarab Talisman
    23. The best Talismans in Elden Ring
    24. The best gaming monitor 2024: Digital Foundry's picks for PC, PS5 and Series X
    25. Save £100 on this MSI RTX 4080 Super with a discount code from Very
    26. GTA San Andreas cheat codes
    27. Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her changes name again for Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss
    28. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and more coming free via Prime Gaming
    29. D&D's Mindflayer and Owlbear now on postage stamps officially approved by King Charles
    30. Nintendo fans believe The Medium developer behind bizarre Switch horror
    31. This 65-inch LG C3 OLED has been marked down to £1249 from Smiths TV
    32. Basketball on Nintendo Switch Sports is lovely mean-spirited fun
    33. Best bows in Elden Ring
    34. Best halberds in Elden Ring
    35. Double Dragon is being revived in 3D by the studio behind Dragon Ball FighterZ
    36. You'll need to downgrade Fallout 4's next-gen version to play that massive Fallout: London mod
    1. League of Legends studio reportedly canned Smash Bros. style fighter following perceived MultiVersus flop
    2. Zenless Zone Zero Trophy Guide
    3. PlayStation Plus Premium games list for July 2024
    4. Leaked PlayStation Plus Extra games for July include Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion and Remnant 2
    5. Assassin's Creed Mirage is an impressive port - but too demanding for iPhone 15 Pro
    6. Zenless Zone Zero best Soldier 11 build
    7. Synapse developer announces new VR multiplayer game Frenzies for Meta Quest and PSVR 2
    8. Nintendo just uploaded a bizarre horror game teaser
    9. Palworld developer signs Sony deal to expand franchise beyond video games
    10. Honkai Star Rail Jade materials, kit, and Eidolons
    11. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League second season gets last minute delay
    12. Sonic Team head wants to make a Sonic RPG before he retires from Sega
    13. How to unlock Shiyu Defense in Zenless Zone Zero
    14. Pokémon Go event Pokémon list: All costume Pokémon, including party hat Pokémon, flower crown Pokémon and every Pikachu costume explained
    15. How to unlock Anby's Problem Commission in Zenless Zone Zero
    16. Five of the Best: Kicks
    17. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Area order and progression route
    1. Xbox Game Pass getting big changes, ditching day one releases for basic tier
    2. Pokémon Go Celesteela counters, weaknesses and best moveset explained
    3. Pokémon Go Kartana counters, weaknesses and best moveset explained
    4. Vampire Survivors coming to Apple Arcade ad-free this August
    5. Battlefield 2042's limited-time Dead Space crossover is now underway
    6. Ubisoft sorry Assassin's Creed Shadows artwork features real-life historical re-enactment group logo
    7. Zenless Zone Zero best Nekomata build
    8. 27 years later, the spirit of Lego Island lives on in a surprising place
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