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May 2008 Archive

    1. "Worlds of possibilities" for Wii board
    2. Puzzle Fighter leads PAL PSN update
    3. Sony doing PSN gardening game
    4. Sony quiet on in-game XMB talk
    5. Buku Sudoku and Warlords on XBLA
    6. Prince of Persia
    7. More content confirmed for SFIV console
    8. HAWX squads to be voice controllable
    9. Apologies and self-promotion
    10. BG&E sequel to be "more accessible"
    11. "MGS will always be around" - Kojima
    12. Three new titles for Virtual Console
    13. Brothers In Arms movie in "talks"
    14. PSP still winning hardware race in Japan
    15. Wii Roundup
    16. Valve: we don't worry about piracy
    17. Digital overtaking retail for Valve
    18. Valve announces Steam Cloud
    1. Pay for AoC without a card
    2. Warhammer is PvP first and foremost - Mythic
    3. Nintendo Channel launches tomorrow
    4. Vanguard introduces racial mounts
    5. Far Cry 2 to have 16-player online
    6. Conviction "not yet perfect", says Ubi
    7. Alone in the Dark demo plans revealed
    8. PS3 launch was "fairly catastrophic" - Stringer
    9. Another Baja game announced
    10. Hell's Highway looks '20% better than Gears'
    11. EndWar gets gesture controls
    12. Two more MGS4 characters confirmed
    13. Atari's Phil Harrison
    14. Trials 2 now on Steam
    15. No co-op in new Prince of Persia
    16. Gears of War 2 multiplayer detailed
    17. No upfront install for Fallout 3
    18. PangYa
    19. 360 outselling PS3 since GTA IV launch
    20. Saints Row 2 delayed to October
    21. Guitar Hero World Tour on stage at D6
    1. No sign of Splinter Cell at UbiDays
    2. Beyond Good and Evil sequel coming
    3. Play Rabbids game "with your ass"
    4. Shaun White Snowboarding revealed
    5. Ubisoft unveils Rabbids 3
    6. 2K Games confirms Bioshock PS3
    7. Gears of War special edition details
    8. Nexon announces Combat Arms beta
    9. Japanese dates confirmed for Wii, DS titles
    10. More Army of Two DLC on the way
    11. Wii Fit in stock "as soon as possible"
    12. Death's daughter to star in Venetica
    13. Postal opens on 13 screens in the US
    14. Raze the Shire in LOTR Conquest
    15. GTA IV still top of the UK charts
    16. "Rock Band saved our marriage"
    17. Europeans play games a lot, says study
    18. Sega goes Unreal for another game
    19. MGS4 soundtrack details revealed
    20. Capcom confirms SF IV for consoles, PC
    21. Blood Bowl
    1. Mass Effect
    2. Army of Two Veteran pack this week
    3. No Afrika for Europe, says Sony
    4. City of Heroes
    5. Rush Hour director to do game films
    6. Niko actor prepared for GTA "backlash"
    7. World first kill of Kil'jaeden
    8. BBC: virtual worlds good for kids
    9. BioWare keen on more licensed IP
    10. Rock Band best for Motley Crue
    11. New Gears 2 multiplayer details emerge
    12. Microsoft explains XBLA delistings
    13. PSN signups hit 1 million in Japan
    14. Age of Conan nets 400,000 players
    15. SFII SNES is Capcom's best-selling game
    16. Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One
    1. Ninja Gaiden 2
    2. Stronghold Crusader Extreme
    3. Namco Museum Remix
    1. The Waiting Game
    1. Bank Holiday update plans
    2. Kojima to sign MGS4 sleeves in London
    3. God of War II song for Guitar Hero III
    4. Guitar Hero III world record broken
    5. Age of Conan Week: The Verdict
    6. Spore Creature Creator
    7. Nintendo announces E3 conference timing
    8. PSP takes top spots in Japan
    9. London MCM Expo this weekend!
    10. Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
    11. Resi 5 to feature online co-op
    12. SingStar Vol. 2 dated for Europe
    13. Race Driver: GRID
    14. Crap XBLA games to be delisted
    15. Future PGR could be made by Turn 10
    16. UbiDays to be broadcast online
    17. Paradroid arrives on Virtual Console
    18. PSP is "gateway drug" to consoles - SCEA
    1. New PAL Releases Roundup
    2. BioShock confirmed for PS3
    3. Editorial: Arriving In Third Place
    4. Ninja Gaiden II
    5. TGS: Ninja Gaiden 2
    6. Bourne and Iron Man PS3 demos
    7. ArchLord hits 500,000 players
    8. Haze
    9. Try out the Penny Arcade PC game
    10. EVE election results in
    11. Xbox 360's Infinite Undiscovery dated
    12. BBFC launches new ratings system
    13. Squad ordering dropped for Gears 2
    14. Pac-Man movie on the way
    15. More plane skins for Ace Combat 6
    16. First Strong Bad episode details
    17. Ubisoft explains HAWX storyline
    18. Asterix movie tie-in coming to Xbox 360
    19. Warriors Orochi 2 to get sequel
    20. Dragon Quest trilogy coming to DS
    21. Battle of the Bands
    22. Kim "excited" about unannounced games
    23. Niko speaks out on voice actors' pay
    24. Age of Conan Week: The Classes
    25. DS Roundup
    1. GAME struggles with Rock Band demand
    2. Second Rock Band album next week
    3. Guitar Hero World Tour revealed
    4. Neversoft talks World Tour
    5. Space Invaders and Arkanoid DS in July
    6. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
    7. New Eurogamer Portugal site launches
    8. Activision: Guitar Hero 4 this "holiday"
    9. New peripherals for Guitar Hero
    10. Def Leppard's Rick Allen
    11. Bangai-O Spirits heading to Europe
    12. Buzz! Quiz TV gets Euro date
    13. Ninja Gaiden DS gets definitive date
    14. Lost in Blue 3
    15. Piñata DS and 360 nearly worked together
    16. New DS Lite colours coming this summer
    17. City of Heroes: Issue 12 released
    18. Puzzle Fighter Live leaderboards reset
    19. Killzone 2 date a "management decision"
    20. Community Games on Live beta begins
    21. Epic acquires Undertow developer
    1. Battlefield Heroes
    2. Consoles too toxic, says Greenpeace
    3. List of E3 exhibitors aired
    4. Assault Heroes 2
    5. Metal Gear series not finished with
    6. Haze writer responds to review score
    7. Skate 2 set in entirely new city
    8. Sony to take action over Uncharted gun
    9. No gun metal grey PS3 for UK
    10. XBLA set to "leapfrog" competition
    11. Battlefield: Heroes beta sign-ups begin
    12. Ubisoft denies Conviction redesign
    13. FF Tactics A2 gets PAL release date
    14. WiiWare Roundup
    15. WiiWare launches in Europe
    16. Charts: GTA IV and Wii Fit unstoppable
    17. Details on each WiiWare launch game
    18. Virtual Console Roundup
    1. New game designed to train coppers
    2. DS to get new range of budget games
    3. Conan to offer 250 hours of levelling
    4. Age of Conan breaks pre-order records
    5. Age of Conan Week on EG MMO
    6. Age of Conan Week: The Launch
    7. Japanese top 10 nearly all Nintendo
    8. Haze not in HD, has 4GB install
    9. FaceBreaker
    10. EA Sports' Peter Moore
    11. Pre-order Ninja Gaiden 2, get MS Points
    12. History of Ninja Gaiden
    13. Frank O'Connor quits Bungie
    14. Bungie Studios LiveText
    15. Boll rages as US cinemas block Postal
    16. Games more important than hip-hop
    17. Nintendo apologises to Wii Fit players
    18. DJ Green Lantern puts out GTA IV album
    19. EA plans Hasbro Family Game Night
    20. Sony US unveils new line-up
    21. Leaving MS "broke my heart" - Moore
    1. YouTube integration for PS3 games
    2. Secret Agent Clank demo on US PSN
    3. Antipodes get WAR when we do
    4. More songs for PS3 SingStore
    5. Dungeon Hero
    6. Trio of continental treats for VC
    7. Blizz: room at the top for Conan and WAR
    8. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    9. WOW will "probably" get graphical reboot
    10. PC/360 shooter The Protector unveiled
    11. Wii to get Lost in Blue
    12. Samba de Amigo
    13. SEGA Goes Platinum
    14. Konami plans Rock Revolution
    15. Konami reveals next Castlevania for DS
    16. Sony announces the new Big Phil
    17. Nintendo Wii wins April in the US
    18. Xbox 360 sales hit 19 million worldwide
    1. New PAL Releases Roundup
    2. Ex-Clover chaps sign up with SEGA
    3. Pokémon Diamond expansion revealed
    4. DS Roundup
    5. Crisis Core FFVII here in June
    6. Still no echochrome on PAL PSN
    7. Overlord PS3 demo surfacing today
    8. MS explains "theGAYERgamer" name ban
    9. New Prince of Persia given basic date
    10. Age of Conan early access sold out
    11. Family MMO Free Realms takes shape
    12. Rare: "people are always afraid of change"
    13. Vivendi: Lich King due this year
    14. Your echochrome levels as DLC soon
    15. Rocketmen Uranus expansion out today
    16. Sony releases PS3 "stability" update
    17. More Pirates for the Burning Sea
    18. Gauntlet and Stubbs for Live Originals
    19. MS games not suitable for handheld - Kim
    20. Microsoft's Shane Kim
    1. Passively Multiplayer Online Game launches
    2. Too Human demo coming to Xbox Live
    3. No demo for Fable 2, says Molyneux
    4. MMOs will be "selling point" for PS3
    5. Real money trading in The Agency
    6. Gears 2 can beat Resistance 2 - Kim
    7. MySims to return this autumn
    8. Too Human co-op cut from four to two
    9. Fable 2 "content complete" by week's end
    10. Race Driver: GRID multiplayer revealed
    11. Race Driver: GRID Multiplayer
    12. EA games more popular on Sony formats
    13. Sony sold 9 million PS3s last year
    14. EA was biggest publisher in fiscal 2008
    15. One Life Left live from Nordic Game
    16. Japan surpassed by West - Kojima
    17. Gears 2 to have "best cover system ever"
    18. Cliff Bleszinski and Kudo Tsunoda
    19. Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special
    20. Gears 2 story will be "much better" - Tsunoda
    21. "We never announced a trilogy" - CliffyB
    22. Activision: no LEGO Indy demo for consoles
    23. Penny Arcade game also for PC next week
    24. Altair costume unlockable in MGS4
    25. Xbox Live spring update details leaked?
    26. Velvet Assassin sneaking onto 360
    27. Pirates vs. Ninjas is "best looking" on XBLA
    28. Silent Hill Origins
    1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    2. Grand Theft Auto IV review
    3. Fable 2 shifted to "holiday"
    4. Too Human finally given a date
    5. MS confirms Banjo and Piñata leaks, promises Gears of War 2 reveals
    6. Penny Arcade game on XBLA next week
    7. One million sign for Age of Conan beta
    8. Sony winning Euro GTA IV battle
    9. Broadband provider notes GTA IV boost
    10. European WiiWare launch line-up
    11. LostWinds sequel already planned?
    12. LostWinds
    13. EVE Online's Player Council: The Big Vote
    14. Namco Wii dance mat game for Europe
    15. GTA IV on 360 outsells PS3 in US 2-to-1
    16. Burnout Bogart 360 patch back online
    17. Pure
    18. Banjo-Kazooie 3 named, detailed
    19. Force Unleashed PS3/360 "indistinguishable"
    20. Viva Piñata 2 details sprinkle out
    21. Activision bringing Pitfall back for Wii
    22. GTA IV tops 1 million sales in UK
    23. Guitar Hero 4 has drums, custom music?
    24. Race Driver: GRID PC demo up
    25. Aardvark Records supplying songs to Audiosurf
    26. MS claims 40 percent GTA IV attach rate
    27. Rockstar could function within EA - Houser
    28. Pure "exactly the same" on PS3, 360
    1. Audiosurf
    2. Assault Heroes 2 confirmed for Wednesday
    3. WiiWare launching in US today
    4. EA buys Napster bloke's site
    5. GTA IV Face-Off Frame-Rates and FAQ
    6. Boom Blox
    7. Kojima not dissatisfied with PS3 at all
    8. New LOTRO minigame hits web
    9. Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
    10. Banjo-Kazooie 3 "not a racing game"
    11. Playboy to expand in virtual world
    12. TimeShift map pack hits Live
    13. Skate series heads to Wii, DS
    14. Virtual Console Roundup
    15. Metal Gear Solid 4 UK Limited Edition plans
    16. Battlefield: Bad Company demo in June
    17. Gran Turismo series ships 50m
    18. Mass Effect PC authentication changed
    19. Soul Bubbles
    20. Gears 2 gameplay video on Live
    1. Genetically Modified Gaming
    1. MotorStorm Pacific Rift
    1. Burnout Paradise coming to PC
    2. Four games for Virtual Console
    3. GRID demo leads PSN update
    4. Win LOTRO lifetime sub and special editions!
    5. Microsoft bigwig has a right go at Sony
    6. Reeves: PSP needs more games
    7. New Mortal Kombat will have finishers
    8. MMO Week roundup
    9. Killzone 2
    10. Fighting Fit
    11. Mythic planning five years of WAR
    12. Ninja Gaiden II pre-orders get treats
    13. Rockstar offers GTA IV multiplayer tips
    14. Okami
    15. LEGO Indiana Jones
    16. echochrome
    17. We are number one, says Activision
    18. BioShock movie on the way
    19. New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance coming
    20. Activision "reinventing" Tony Hawk
    21. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    22. Call of Duty 5 to feature 'new theatre'
    1. SF film writer explains Chun-Li focus
    2. Free LOTRO weekend under way
    3. Reeves explains why Europe has to wait
    4. Sierra doing Mummy game
    5. EA making Wii fitness game
    6. New PAL Releases Roundup
    7. Pandemic unveils Lord of the Rings game
    8. Race Driver: GRID demo in position
    9. Ex-Nintendo boss is Japan's richest man
    10. PS3 will take the lead, says Hirai
    11. Haze co-op demo now on PSN
    12. Microsoft claims GTA victory in US, too
    13. DOOM 4 announced
    14. Take-Two boss denies GTA IV has glitches
    15. EA unveils Fight Night Round 4
    16. Moore "disappointed" by Home delay
    1. Sony considering external PS3 hard drive?
    2. NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates
    3. THQ unveils Legends of Wrestlemania
    4. Microsoft claims GTA IV victory
    5. GTA IV sells 6 million in its first week
    6. PlayStation Day Conference
    7. Mass Effect PC requires net connection
    8. Wits & Wagers
    9. Realtime downplays GTA Online talk
    10. GTA IV PS3 patch due today
    11. Peter Moore unveils All Play range for Wii
    12. UK charts: GTA IV steals number one spot
    13. MotorStorm 2 demo before launch
    14. GTA IV sales hit 926,000 in five days
    15. Europe to get MGS4 bundle too
    1. PlayStation Day shots roundup
    2. Vol. 2 of SingStar PS3 unveiled
    3. Episodic PS3 Siren game this summer
    4. Forbidden Siren being remade for PS3
    5. Sony unveils fresh EyeToy games
    6. Sony doing Euro-wide talent search
    7. Go!View dated for Europe
    8. PS3 has outsold Xbox 360 in Europe
    9. PlayTV to launch this September
    10. New MotorStorm 2 details emerge
    11. Nissan to sponsor Gran Turismo Academy
    12. Insomniac shows off Resistance 2
    13. Killzone 2 gets release date
    14. LittleBigPlanet coming in October
    15. PlayStation Gamers Day content revealed
    16. 2 million GTA IV Achievements in a day
    17. Football Superstars
    18. Prototype delayed until 2009
    19. Echochrome team explains DLC
    20. More songs for SingStar PS3
    21. Audiosurf gets meaty update
    22. launches MMO Week
    23. Codies to develop MMOs in-house
    24. Iron Man
    25. Blizzard begins digital distribution
    26. WipEout HD
    27. Race Driver: GRID demos this week
    28. THQ unveils Nickelodeon line-up
    29. Take-Two sues over pulled GTA IV ads
    30. Rock Band Wii to get bonus track disc
    31. Wits and Wagers coming to XBLA
    1. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack
    1. Bank Holiday update plans
    2. Two PSN updates next week
    3. Muse songs for Guitar Hero III
    4. 'F*** casual gaming,' says Rockstar boss
    5. EA talks about Tiger Woods '09
    6. GTA2 site not counting to re-release
    7. Miyamoto wins Time's Top 100 poll
    8. PSP still top of the pops in Japan
    9. The end of "First Impressions"
    10. Sierra Spring Break Roundup
    11. Sony quiet on LBP beta date
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. State of MMOs "bleak", say developers
    14. Virtual Console gets interesting
    15. PlayStation Day LiveText plans
    16. Virtual Console Roundup
    17. Haze
    18. Metal Gear Online
    19. EA Casual Roundup
    20. Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer review
    21. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    22. Clover removed from Okami Wii credits
    23. No-show for Activision at this year's E3
    24. Bay denies agreeing to box Boll
    25. NASA banking on MMO longevity
    26. Mario Kart Wii tournaments begin
    27. Obama speaks out on GTA IV
    28. GTA 2 available for download this month?
    29. Valve releases Steamworks SDK
    30. GTA IV boosts PS3 sales in US
    31. PSN PSone Roundup
    1. LOTRO: Book 13 goes live
    2. Majesco shows off new DS puzzler
    3. Guitar Hero DS tracks revealed
    4. Square Enix dates FFXI 2008 bundle
    5. Wii and DS getting Rubik's game
    6. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
    7. Win Frontlines and an Xbox 360!
    8. Mark Kart still atop podium in Japan
    9. God of War III to have multiplayer?
    10. Sony PlayTV delayed?
    11. New skiing game for Wii balance board
    12. Echochrome out in US today
    13. Turbine gets USD 40 million funding
    14. Edited version of Prototype coming
    15. Gears of War 2 keynote at GC 2008
    16. Stargate Worlds beta sign-ups begin
    17. GTA IV: Most expensive game ever made?
    18. Age of Conan pricing confirmed
    19. Drunk-driving group cross with GTA IV
    20. GTA IV sales hit 600k on day one
    21. Infogrames to acquire Atari