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Nexon announces Combat Arms beta

Closed beta runs for a week from May 30th.

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Nexon America, the US publisher of free-to-play 2D MMORPG Maple Story, has announced a week-long closed beta for its next MMO - Combat Arms.

Making a fairly major technical leap ahead of Maple Story, Combat Arms is actually an MMOFPS - a first-person shooter with persistent characters that can be customised as you progress. Accumulating in-game currency and experience points will let you improve your guns and equipment, as well as your appearance, and you'll be able to directly track your progress compared to other players.

Despite being an online FPS game, though, Combat Arms is hoping to attract a pretty broad audience - partially because of its low minimum specs, and partially due to being free to play. It's not clear how the game will make money, actually, but we assume that it'll allow you to buy items for real cash, like Maple Story did.

The beta period is being run with FilePlanet, and will be available to selected players for a week beginning from May 30th. We expect that the game will be available to everyone shortly afterwards - and Nexon is promising regular content updates after launch, ranging from new maps and gear to entire new game modes.

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