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GTA IV sales hit 600k on day one

All sorts of records broken in the UK.

Shopwatchers Chart-Track have revealed Grand Theft Auto IV broke a raft of records on its first day of sale, to the surprise of no one at all.

Day one UK sales stood at 609,000 units, beating the previous record for the fastest-selling game set by GTA: San Andreas (501,000 units).

GTA IV is officially Better Than Halo, at least in sales terms. Rockstar's latest epic is now the fastest-selling Xbox 360 title, with 335,000 units sold on the first day. Halo 3 previously held the record with 266,000 units.

It's a similar story for PS3 - no longer is Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, which sold 80,000 copies on day one, the fastest-selling game for the console. GTA IV has eclipsed that figure by shifting 274,000 copies.

Chart-Track has said these figures may change once it's analysed the data fully, which it'll be doing for the rest of this week.