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April 2019 Archive

    1. Ghost Recon Wildlands' Operation Oracle adds free new story content later this week
    2. Breath of the Wild mod does a better job of making Zelda VR
    3. Wolfenstein 2, Wargroove headed to Xbox Game Pass in May
    4. The best jobs for each character in Final Fantasy 12
    5. Final Fantasy 12 Elite Hunts and Marks - list of Elite Marks, locations and strategies
    6. Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Spear location and Hunt Club prey locations explained
    7. Final Fantasy 12 Espers - locations, strategies, hidden Espers and battles explained
    8. Final Fantasy 12 Trial Mode - enemies list, rewards, and strategies
    9. Final Fantasy 12 - Omega Mk XII location, requirements, strategies, and how to defeat it
    10. Final Fantasy 12 LP farming - how License Points work, how to earn LP, and where to farm LP and EXP fast from the Jelly grinding exploit
    11. Final Fantasy 12 - Hell Wyrm location, requirements, strategies, and how to defeat it
    12. Pokémon Go stuns fans by releasing legendary Pokémon in the wild for the first time
    13. Forager's cute and uncanny in that way that only clicker games can be
    14. May looks a quiet month for Xbox Games with Gold
    15. 10 amazing digital board games for under £10 at Humble
    16. The best of Green Man Gaming's Spring games deals
    17. Notch will not be included in Minecraft's 10-year anniversary plans, says Microsoft
    18. League of Legends studio staff reportedly planning walkouts as company blocks gender discrimination lawsuits
    19. Aggelos review - a brilliant if brief 2D platformer
    20. Katana Zero review: It's Groundhog Day with a sword
    1. You can win Borderlands 3 in-game loot by watching Wednesday's gameplay reveals
    2. Stardew Valley's next big update brings new farm map, separate funds in multiplayer
    3. Nintendo pulls Switch eShop game after dev reveals he sneaked in basic code editor "Easter egg"
    4. The Switch's latest Sega Ages entry puts an old classic up for reassessment
    5. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a ray of silly sunshine
    6. Fortnite's now being sued over a saxophone emote
    7. Speedrunning Sekiro
    8. Eye-catching Mortal Kombat 11 mod adds 60fps menus, intros and fatalities
    9. Pokémon Go Holiday Christmas event 2018: end date, Snover, Delibird, Santa Hat Pikachu and all other new Pokemon added in the Holidays Christmas event
    10. Nothing can stop Minecraft villagers from invading player beds
    11. Days Gone is the biggest physical sales launch of the year so far in the UK
    1. This dementia-detecting game has already generated the equivalent of 15,000 years of lab-based research
    2. These mods bring stunning improvements to the PC version of Silent Hill 2
    3. This PC mod replaces Sekiro's Great Serpent with Thomas the Tank Engine
    4. Riot counters sexual discrimination lawsuits by insisting some plaintiffs have waived rights to sue
    5. AMD board leak hints at next-gen 'Navi' graphics tech
    6. World War Z performing "way above expectations" on PC "thanks to support from the Epic Games Store"
    7. Mojang donates $100K to charity after Minecraft players download charity pack 100K times
    8. World of guffaw craft: meet the man behind gamer sitcom Dead Pixels
    1. Days Gone tech analysis: Bend Studios' Unreal world under the microscope
    2. Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC revealed
    3. Epic on Fortnite's "unique balancing act" - and why Siphon made 90% of players play less
    4. NetherRealm to give disgruntled Mortal Kombat 11 players in-game currency as it vows to tweak controversial Towers of Time mode
    5. Step aside, Activision - the inevitable Crash Bandicoot remake in Dreams is here
    6. Fallout 76 is getting backpacks
    7. More games need their own rooms full of blood
    8. Watch eight minutes of gameplay from rat-infested 'solo co-op' adventure A Plague Tale
    1. Rogue-like co-op shooter Risk of Rain 2 lays out full early access roadmap
    2. Atlus' mysterious Persona 5 S is a Warriors-style action game for PS4 and Switch
    3. There's a Peaky Blinders VR game in the works
    4. Mario Tennis Aces is currently free to play for a week, includes seven days of Nintendo Online
    5. 9.8 million accounts subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online
    6. Warhammer Underworlds Online is a faithful recreation of the great board game
    7. From handheld to 4K: Mortal Kombat 11 delivers on all consoles
    8. Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows guide
    9. PlayStation 5 won't launch before April 2020, Sony says
    10. US politician banned from Eve Online for corruption was innocent after all
    11. How to play Zelda in VR mode, step-by-step
    12. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's VR update isn't really VR, but it is a fun new way to play
    13. World War Z review - a schlocky, slim Left 4 Dead-a-like
    14. Imperator: Rome review - a smart grand strategy that lacks the spark of Paradox's other efforts
    15. Apex Legends sticking to seasonal content updates, because Respawn 'doesn't want to overwork the team'
    1. Bloober Team's classic-cinema-inspired horror sequel Layers of Fear 2 is out next month
    2. A Hat in Time's next DLC adds a neon-hued underground world and 50-player online
    3. Persona 5's much-expanded Royal edition is heading west on PS4 next year
    4. A group of Rare veterans have reunited for a cute platformer
    5. BlizzCon 2019 dates and collectibles announced
    6. Days Gone review - a shallow copy of many better open-world action games
    7. P.T., Guitar Hero, RPGs: people are making some cool games in Dreams
    8. What do we want from PS5 and the next Xbox?
    9. Overwatch battle royale? People are already having fun with the new Workshop tool
    10. Nintendo Switch has now sold more than N64
    11. Mario Kart Tour closed beta next month on Android
    12. Check out ShockRods with a free beta key
    13. Fortnite's new Endgame mode gives you Avengers weapons
    14. Super Mario Maker 2 limited edition includes year's Switch Online subscription
    15. The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a reliable joy
    16. Ubi's sci-fi shooter Starlink gets its sizeable free Crimson Moon expansion next week
    17. Subnautica: Below Zero introduces series' first land vehicle in new Snowfox Update
    1. Sony outlines zombie adventure Days Gone's first batch of free post-launch content
    2. Sekiro ending steps: How to get best ending Return, Purification ending, plus Shura and Immortal Severance endings
    3. SteamWorld Quest review - indie's mechanical masters triumph with yet another genre
    4. BioWare delays major Anthem features to prioritise fixing game
    5. Cheaper Nintendo Switch model to launch "by end of June" - report
    6. Planet Zoo will feature "the most realistic animals in any game"
    7. This year's Call of Duty hasn't been announced, but some footballers have played it
    8. Epic under fire as report says Fortnite teams facing "endless" 70-hours-a-week-plus crunch
    9. Exploring the vast mythology of the Persona series
    10. Puyo Puyo Champions is bringing budget-priced blob-matching to the west next month
    1. Sea of Thieves' major new Shores of Gold story campaign revealed in latest trailer
    2. Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii finally has a release date
    3. Walmart Canada embraces memes with leaked Rage 2 pre-order bonus
    4. Square Enix dates E3 2019 show
    5. China bans blood, poker and imperial history in latest video game crackdown
    6. Kingdom Hearts 3 gets Critical Mode later today
    7. Nintendo squashes Super Mario Commodore 64 port which took seven years to make
    8. Fortnite fans finally make progress in puzzling rune event
    9. Super Smash Bros Ultimate tips, from the basics to more advanced strategies
    10. Making our own adventures in Dragon's Dogma
    11. My copy of Drop7 has broken - and it's drawn me back in
    1. Final Fantasy 15, roti canai and the new PS4 game that harks back to rhythm action greats
    1. Heaven's Vault review - a rich web of possibility
    2. Let's take a moment to #ThankKonami
    1. In Theory: is PS5 powered by an AMD Gonzalo processor?
    2. Spider-Man PS4 dev reveals cool Easter egg no-one noticed
    3. Epic has already banned thousands of Fortnite World Cup participants for cheating
    4. Nintendo is deleting what it deems inappropriate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages
    5. Assassin's Creed Unity players review-bomb Steam page with positivity
    6. Leaked Days Gone gameplay doesn't reveal much, but does give us a good idea of what to expect
    7. Warner Bros. is trying to plug Mortal Kombat 11 leaks after street date is broken
    8. The mysterious world of Las Meninas
    1. The man behind 1080° Snowboarding is working on a spiritual successor
    2. Falcon Age and Stranger's Wrath: animals go to war
    1. After 11 years of online antics, Burnout Paradise's servers are shutting down
    2. Sega unveils ten more games included in September's Mega Drive Mini
    3. Cult cel-shaded shooter XIII is getting the remake treatment this November
    4. Here's everything included in next month's Castlevania Anniversary Collection
    5. Fortnite Clay Pigeon locations - Where to find Clay Pigeon shooting at different locations
    6. Fortnite Streetlight Spotlight locations - Where to dance under Streetlight Spotlights in Fortnite
    7. The official Nintendo Switch app is packed with penises thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage creators
    8. Cuphead on Switch is a stunning conversion
    9. Spec Analysis: Sony's surprise PlayStation 5 tech reveal
    10. Shao Khan's infamous "You Suck!" taunt is back for Mortal Kombat 11
    11. Joker from Persona 5 hits Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today
    12. Islanders is a city-builder with new ideas
    13. Netflix says its Witcher television series will be out at the end of this year
    1. Assassin's Creed Unity is currently available to download for free on PC
    2. Don't Starve dev's space colony sim Oxygen Not Included leaves early access in May
    3. Showtime's Halo TV series has cast its Master Chief
    4. Warframe's expansive Plains of Eidolon "remaster" out now on PC, on consoles soon
    5. Fortnite Clown Board locations - Where to find different Carnival Clown Boards
    6. One Finger Death Punch is the greatest two-button kung fu game ever made
    7. Ubisoft creates shortcut to access the new Assassin's Creed: Odyssey DLC
    8. Yakuza spin-off Judgment reveals new-look for crime boss Kyohei Hamura
    9. Two Point Hospital is adding a free co-operative challenge feature later this month
    10. Microsoft reportedly plans Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
    11. Something solid in a world of liars: The Tattooed Potato and the most haunted address in New York City
    12. Speaking with Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet for the first time since the lay-offs
    1. Microsoft formally unveils the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, out in May
    2. Sony patent sparks PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility rumours again
    3. Sony reveals first PlayStation 5 details
    4. Sony is working with AMD's Ryzen CPU tech - and PS5 is the most likely target
    5. Gamescom is getting its own announcement show
    6. An hour after Sony details PS5, Microsoft dates Xbox E3 briefing
    7. Capcom takes on the mini console craze with a massive £200 stick
    8. Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 just got a release date
    9. The big Amy Hennig interview
    10. Here's how Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks using Nintendo Labo VR
    11. Forza Street announced, available now
    12. Sea of Thieves is currently half price ahead of this month's massive Anniversary Update
    13. Square Enix's celebrated Switch RPG Octopath Traveler coming to Steam in June
    14. Voez dev's rhythm-actioner Cytus Alpha coming to Switch later this month
    15. Nintendo Switch update adds ability to transfer save data between systems
    1. Mario Tennis Aces' big 3.0 update adds new Ring Shot mode, new Yoshi variants
    2. Hands on with Oculus' two big evolutions: Quest and Rift S
    3. New Lego Star Wars game in development
    4. Amy Hennig reacts to Jedi: Fallen Order announce, reveals more of her cancelled single-player Star Wars game
    5. Dangerous Driving review - a pared-back thrill
    6. Celebrate God of War's anniversary with some freebies
    7. Lovely puzzley skymindedness wins the day in Jetstream
    1. From Fernando Alonso to Alfa Romeo, the esports team looking to change the face of motorsport
    2. A new expansion, Onslaught, is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic
    3. Sony's latest PSVR patent wants to put an avatar of you in your friends' games
    4. Ray tracing now runs on older Nvidia GPUs - but how fast is it?
    5. Sony no longer bans accounts for having offensive PSN IDs
    6. Report: Sony stopped Bungie's plans to add cross-platform character transfer to Destiny 2
    7. Final Fantasy 15 director's first independent game is an RPG about the Paralympics
    8. DCHDMI review: Dreamcast gets a digital video upgrade - and it's stunning
    9. Report: Microsoft's Xbox One S All Digital will be officially revealed next week
    1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a single-player story game with no multiplayer - and no microtransactions
    2. D'Vorah's Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11 is maybe the most disgusting (best?) yet
    3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order release date leaked via pin badges
    4. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team players in uproar after EA makes some cards virtually "extinct"
    5. Hellblade on Switch: just how close can it get to the PS4 experience?
    6. This handmade leather Nintendo Switch bag costs £130
    7. Review bombs can't stop big player count surge for Borderlands games on Steam
    8. Of course there's a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel
    9. No-one looks good playing VR
    1. Petroglyph details more of its "survival RTS" Conan Unconquered in latest dev video
    2. Celeste's extra-tough free DLC is "on the home stretch" but won't arrive this month
    3. Save up to 67% on Logitech accessories
    4. Disney+ headed to PS4, and hopefully Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order T-shirt leak shows main character, droid sidekick
    6. Surviving in the wild: Assassin's Creed maker Patrice Désilets on Ancestors, his first game in nearly a decade
    7. Here are the Digital Foundry highlights from Amazon's Spring Sale, Day 5
    8. Darkly adorable horror platformer Little Nightmares is getting a prequel on iOS
    9. Acclaimed survival city-builder Frostpunk is heading to Xbox One and PS4 this summer
    10. Hitman 2 gets a bank level this summer
    11. Ubisoft apologises for homophobic slur found on multi-storey street art in The Division 2
    12. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has already sold more than two million copies
    1. Nintendo Labo VR is VR at its simplest - but also its most magical
    2. Yakuza Kiwami 2 gets a May release date on PC
    3. Why people love the Ace Attorney games
    4. Devil May Cry 5's Bloody Palace is the perfect counterpoint to Sekiro
    5. Robert Yang's The Tearoom appeals to censors by swapping cocks for glocks
    6. Activision Blizzard pays employees $1 per day to share their pregnancy data
    7. Gamer Network is now hiring!
    8. Elite Dangerous' next update out this month, focussed on easing in new players
    9. Shenmue 3 confirms the return of forklifts
    1. Monster Hunter World's Witcher crossover finally comes to PC next month
    2. Recompile is a Metroidvania that makes hacking look beautiful
    3. Monster Hunter World and Prey headline a strong April for Xbox Game Pass
    4. You can finally change your PlayStation ID, but Sony warns of potential issues
    5. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is surprisingly good fun
    6. Sea of Thieves' slick, sizeable first story campaign is a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Goonies
    7. Sea of Thieves' new competitive Arena mode is 24 minutes of glorious, consequence-free PvP carnage
    8. Bungie to pull access to Destiny 2's beautiful PS4-exclusive gun accidentally released on PC and Xbox One
    9. Fortnite Reboot Van locations and how Fortnite respawns work
    10. Nintendo accidentally confirms Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder
    1. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered comes out in May
    2. Timelapse of a Watch Dogs 2 player walking across the entire map is strangely mesmerising
    3. Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty locations and how to get Lord of Wolves
    4. Destiny 2 Thunderlord quest steps: All Journal of the Reef Cryptarch quest steps explained
    5. Guild Wars 2 reveals a second flying mount: a dragon, the Skyscale
    6. Real-life US politician banned from Eve Online for alleged corruption
    7. Capcom's selling a Resident Evil 2 all in-game rewards unlock for £4
    8. Endo story: in praise of Trials Rising's outliers
    1. Dangerous Driving's sublime action and handling works best at 60fps
    2. Firaxis dev releases mod that makes Civ 6 look like Civ 5
    3. Kitana confirmed for Mortal Kombat 11
    4. Borderlands 3 gives co-op players their own loot stream
    5. Borderlands GOTY improves on the original, but consoles need more polish
    6. Developers say accessibility and difficulty options are no threat to artistic vision
    7. Six months after launch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 finally gets a Combat Record
    8. Our 20th birthday celebrations continue at Rezzed today with a panel on the games of our lifetime
    9. EGX Rezzed 2019: The best games from this year's show
    10. The weird and wonderful voids of video games
    1. Ubisoft investigates reports signature ammo isn't dropping in The Division 2
    2. Respawn tackles Apex Legends PC cheaters with hardware ID bans
    3. A documentary about the development of For Honor is now available on Netflix
    4. Microsoft admits it "must do better" to combat company-wide sexist behaviour
    5. Early-quit penalties are coming to Apex Legends
    6. Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered delivers more than just a resolution boost
    7. Gearbox is "actively working on a solution" for Borderlands GOTY Edition matchmaking issues
    1. Fallout 76 players say incoming Repair Kits break Bethesda's no pay-to-win promise
    2. Fortnite unveils respawn system almost identical to Apex Legends'
    3. It looks like Octopath Traveler is coming to PC
    4. Newly discovered The Division 2 easter egg points to Viking-themed next Assassin's Creed
    5. Look closely and you'll spot Mortal Kombat 11's The Kollector has a creepy third pair of arms
    6. Steam counters Borderlands 1 and 2 review-bombing
    7. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo online services being investigated by UK government
    8. Sometimes it's the context beyond the screen that makes a game great
    1. Super Meat Boy Forever delayed, now launching "not too far after April"
    2. Up to 75% off all Total War this weekend at Humble Bundle
    3. New video shows the rise and fall of AMD, Intel and Nvidia graphics cards
    4. Darksiders Warmastered Edition on Switch: high res or 60fps - it's your choice
    5. How does the original Borderlands hold up today?
    6. The Eurogamer Summer Internship is back
    7. Fab tabletop-RPG roguelike For The King gets a May release date on consoles
    8. Breath of the Wild is getting full VR support later this month
    9. iOS classic Rolando is back!
    10. Ubisoft says no more physical toys for Starlink following lower-than-expected sales
    1. BioWare's Casey Hudson tells staff that solving studio's problems is "top priority"
    2. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions getting a price hike in UK from next month
    3. Sony details 3dRudder foot-based motion controller for PSVR, out in June
    4. Apex Legends reportedly wiping player progress after latest update
    5. Swindle dev's Ben and Dan Adventures will continue in new game Lair of the Clockwork God
    6. Hob's clockwork world is beautiful and bittersweet
    7. ShockRods is a thrillingly old school arena shooter
    8. Hands (and head) on with all the big upcoming PSVR releases for 2019
    1. Nintendo Switch Online's NES games for April include Punch-Out!!, Star Soldier
    2. Battlefield 5 introduces premium currency tomorrow
    3. R-Type Final 2 is real and very much not a joke
    4. Pokémon Go Metal Coat - evolve Scyther into Scizor, Onix into Steelix, and how to get the Metal Coat
    5. The Switch is getting its first controller that supports in-game chat
    6. The five best things we played at PAX East
    7. Jackbox Party Pack 6 announced in weird but on-brand trailer
    8. Civilization 6 gets cross-platform cloud saves for PC and Switch
    9. Borderlands 3 PC is an Epic Games store exclusive until April 2020
    10. After seven days, Pokémon Go's new field research tasks offer a legendary reward
    11. Jesus Christ, look at the Borderlands 3 box art
    12. Mortal Kombat 11 custom variation scaled back for online ranked play
    13. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice releases on Switch next week
    14. Anthem's PC performance is improved by up to 65 per cent with Nvidia DLSS
    15. Toca Kitchen Sushi is video game cooking at its most delicious
    16. Sekiro, Samsara and From Software's cycles of death
    1. Destiny 2 The Last Word quest explained and how to complete The Cleansing step quickly
    2. Destiny 2 Last Wish raid guide, loot and how to prepare
    3. BioWare admits there's "room to improve" after new report reveals worrying impact of crunch during troubled development of Anthem
    4. John and Brenda Romero working with Paradox on new strategy IP
    5. No Man's Sky is absolutely stellar in VR
    6. EGX Rezzed is this week!
    7. Devil May Cry 5 patch pulls lens flare butt cover-up on PS4 - but not in Europe
    8. Auditioning with live ammo in Obsidian's The Outer Worlds PAX demo
    9. The voice of NBA Jam is a Rage 2 pre-order bonus
    10. It looks like Borderlands 3 PC will launch as an Epic Games store exclusive
    11. Deep Silver deactivates Metro Exodus Steam keys stolen from a factory
    12. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is getting new Alcatraz-inspired Blackout map tomorrow
    13. Pre-owned game sales are in freefall in the UK
    1. Valve targeting June launch for new Index VR headset, pre-orders starting in May
    2. r/Games subreddit shuts for April Fool's to highlight toxicity in game communities
    3. DF Retro: What links Bubsy the Bobcat with Days Gone?
    4. Dangerous Driving represents the road not taken by Burnout 4
    5. Skyrim grandma will be an Elder Scrolls 6 NPC thanks to fan petition
    6. Secrets and lies: unearthing the ambitious follow-up to Her Story