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April 2015 Archive

    1. Threes developer releases "optimistic peasant simulator" Royals
    2. The Escapists' PS4 port gets a release date
    3. Watch Dogs 2 spotted on Ubisoft programmer's LinkedIn
    4. Child of Light gets free illustrated storybook
    5. Tekken / Galaga crossover is real
    6. Cheating death in Diablo 3's Hardcore mode
    7. Video: Watch Battletoads return in Shovel Knight on Xbox One
    8. Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor revealed as Yooka-Laylee
    9. Ex-Rare veterans tease Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor
    10. First in-engine screenshots of Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor
    11. Banjo-Kazooie's spiritual successor is no longer happening
    12. Ex-Rare staff rally up Twitter support for Banjo-Tooie spiritual successor
    13. Pre-order Splatoon at GAME, get exclusive Inkling beanie
    14. Dead Island 2 delayed to 2016
    15. Steam developers can now permanently ban you from their games
    16. Video: What happens if you delete P.T. from your PS4?
    17. PlayStation 4 lifetime sales pass 22.3m worldwide
    18. Block N Load launches today with free Steam Weekend
    19. Skullgirls 2nd Encore gets new features on PS4, Vita
    20. Minecraft adds female player avatars to all console versions
    21. Microsoft demos Windows 10 hologram support
    22. House of Wolves gives Destiny PvP an endgame worth investing in
    23. Overkill's The Walking Dead confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC
    1. Far Cry 4 developer is donating up to $100K to aid Nepal
    2. Double Fine offers Broken Age Vita online bug workaround
    3. Metamorphabet is out now on Steam
    4. Bloodborne glitch creates top-down camera
    5. PlayStation Plus in May adds Ether One and Guacamelee! STCE
    6. May Games with Gold titles include Mafia 2, F1 2013
    7. Official Total War: Attila Assembly Kit mod tools released
    8. World of Warcraft and the battle against black market gold
    9. Watch this AT-AT mod invade Arma 3
    10. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets Game of Year Edition
    11. Video: The doors in Bloodborne are horrible and brilliant
    12. Ouya seeks quick sale as debts mount
    13. Ultima 8: Pagan currently free via Origin
    14. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes turns VR into a local multiplayer riot
    15. eSports betting site Unikrn is now live
    1. Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is out now on Steam
    2. More Star Wars titles are available on GOG
    3. This War of Mine now has scenario and character editors
    4. Steam to receive its first AO-rated game in June
    5. Mighty No. 9 gets a September release date
    6. The £33 Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass
    7. Here's our first look at Just Cause 3 in action
    8. What lies beneath the charming exterior of Yoshi's Woolly World?
    9. Sofa-nerfing Battlefield Hardline patch out now
    10. The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one
    11. Huge Dota 2 update adds nod to Terry Pratchett
    12. Loads more European Heroes of the Storm beta keys
    13. Killer Instinct gets Cinder
    14. The Final Fantasy 15 demo is getting an update
    15. Goodbye, P.T.: Inventive, brilliant, and troubled
    16. Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter announced
    17. Bethesda removes paid mods in Skyrim
    1. Hitman GO sneaks on Windows 8, Windows Phone
    2. Call of Duty Black Ops 3: side-stepping the inevitable comparisons with Titanfall
    3. Broken Age Act 2 review
    4. New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer shows off Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman
    5. The next Dirt is PC only, Early Access and out today
    6. Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim
    7. Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms
    8. Halo: The Master Chief Collection problems force official tournament cancellation
    9. Amiibo Touch & Play: Nintendo Classics Highlights free download on Wii U this week
    10. Gabe Newell responds to paid mods controversy
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC requirements revealed
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 features co-op campaign, augment-fuelled multiplayer
    3. The twin tales of Forge, Loom's forgotten follow-up and its fan-made sequel
    4. Remembering Loom, the adventure game designed to be completed
    5. P.T. is being pulled from PSN on Wednesday
    1. How Neverending Nightmares diminished its creator's nightmares
    2. Watch over an hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay
    3. In Theory: Nintendo GameCube remasters on Wii U
    4. Video: The Elder Scrolls Online looks like this on Xbox One
    5. Chris Donlan on: Closed doors
    6. Axiom Verge dated for PC next month
    7. Gears of War remaster set for Xbox One - report
    8. A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 November release date leaked - report
    2. Video: Paying for mods, Returning to Skyrim, and Conker's Big Reunion - The Eurogamer Show #5
    3. Warcraft movie slips 3 months to June 2016
    4. Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing DLC review
    5. Bloodborne's mysterious closed door solved
    6. Bloodborne's 1.03 patch tested
    7. Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work
    8. The Elder Scrolls Online PS4/Xbox One requires 15GB day-one patch
    9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teaser goes all Deus Ex on us
    10. Resident Evil HD remaster sells 1m copies
    11. The Evil Within: The Assignment and The Consequence review
    12. Mortal Kombat X to Jason in May
    13. Telltale is making a Marvel game due in 2017
    1. Xbox sales decreased 20 per cent year-over-year in Q1
    2. Final Fantasy 4: The After Years is coming to Steam next month
    3. Not a Hero gets a demo
    4. Performance Analysis: Bloodborne
    5. Video: Video game sequels you'll never get to play
    6. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 gets a release date
    7. Bloodborne patch 1.03 released
    8. Square Enix announces its own E3 press conference
    9. Powerplay update makes Elite: Dangerous a lot more interesting
    10. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer
    11. New gameplay video shows Mad Max game has a Thunderdome
    12. PlayStation 4 UK price cut to £299 this weekend
    13. Trine 3: Can Early Access iron out some of the series' kinks?
    14. Batman: Arkham Knight PC system requirements detailed
    15. Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets announces Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
    16. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and the particular joy of the British apocalypse
    17. Watch nine minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt footage
    18. Microsoft apologises for using PC footage in Xbox One Witcher 3 trailer
    19. Infinite Crisis review
    20. Decrypting the new Destiny: House of Wolves trailer
    21. Could Bloodborne work as an eSports title?
    1. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty free on PS3, Vita for PS4 version owners
    2. Xbox One update will let you turn on the console with your phone
    3. Video: Those unscripted moments in State of Decay
    4. Total War: Warhammer the first title in a trilogy
    5. The Elder Scrolls Online PS4, Xbox One closed beta invites sent out
    6. Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?
    7. Gradius 5 downloadable today on PlayStation 3
    8. NBA 2K15 unlocked on Xbox One this weekend
    9. Bill Paxton to play Jack Thompson in BBC GTA drama
    10. Accidentally-released Happy Wars Xbox One version breaks game on Xbox 360
    11. The Escapists Alcatraz DLC out today for £2
    12. Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets new 1.6GB patch
    13. Party Hard lets you slay everyone at an obnoxious shindig
    1. Don't Starve Together adds Reign of Giants content for free
    2. Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills
    3. Metal Gear Online supports 16 players on PS4, Xbox One and PC
    4. New Adventure Time game coming in November
    5. Watch Game of Thrones star Charles Dance record his Witcher 3 lines
    6. Mad Catz co-publishing Rock Band 4
    7. The Evil Within DLC The Consequence released with new trailer
    8. Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC
    9. War for the Overworld review
    10. Look at League of Legends-maker Riot's new office
    11. Shovel Knight tunnels to Xbox One next week
    12. Footage released of canned Alan Wake 2 prototype
    13. Kerbal Space Program is finally getting a v1.0 launch
    14. Assassin's Creed's move to two dimensions doesn't quite convince
    15. New Mad Max screenshots surface
    1. Sonic-esque speedrunning platformer Action Henk release date set
    2. Godus co-creator Jack Attridge leaves 22Cans, opens up about Molyneux
    3. Borderlands creator departs from Gearbox
    4. WoW Tokens launch tomorrow in Europe
    5. World of Warcraft Tokens are arriving today in the Americas
    6. Probing the latest Mass Effect 4 leak
    7. Heroes of the Storm gets release and open beta dates
    8. Mortal Kombat X review
    9. Watch Dota 2's third-person shooter mod in action
    10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D review
    11. Firefly TV show actors reprise roles for online game
    12. Mortal Kombat X enjoys biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat game in UK
    13. Dungeons 2 review
    1. HTC One M9 review
    2. Grand Theft Auto 5 review
    3. Artoo detour: the original Star Wars Battlefront had anarchy and soul
    1. Video: Life lessons we learned in GTA Online
    2. Face-Off: Mortal Kombat X
    3. Star Wars Battlefront is more than just a big budget Battlefield mod
    4. Rich Stanton on: Skill and the random element
    5. What does it take to run GTA 5 at 1080p60?
    6. Man conquers Bloodborne with a guitar controller
    1. Prey dev's survival horror game Lost Within hits iOS and Amazon Fire devices
    2. Watch 2.5 minutes of Housemarque's Alienation in co-op
    3. Grand Theft Auto 5 PC's first patch is out
    4. Crypt of the NecroDancer gets a full release next week
    5. Dark Souls 2 patch will fix weapon degradation bug
    6. Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign
    7. Pixeljunk PC game Nom Nom Galaxy adds loads more content
    8. Report: Phil Harrison is leaving Microsoft
    9. Video: The Eurogamer Show - Tim Schafer, GTA 5 Editor and Streetpass Zombies
    10. Ultra Street Fighter 4 gets PS4 release date
    11. Super Mega Baseball review
    12. Modders turn 3DS into PC remote desktop
    13. Goat Simulator herded to Xbox consoles
    14. Mojang fix Minecraft vulnerability that allowed players to crash servers
    15. Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars
    16. Postal 2 expansion Paradise Lost announced, out today
    17. Mortal Kombat X modder makes unplayable characters playable
    18. Flower, FlOw and Journey headed to PS4 on disc
    19. Carmageddon: Reincarnation delayed a month to May
    20. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood physical editions out the week after download versions
    21. Grand Theft Auto 5 played on omni-directional treadmill and Oculus Rift
    22. Top-down shooter Halo: Spartan Strike hits Steam, iPhone, iPad
    23. Battlefield: Hardline trumps Bloodborne in March US retail sales
    1. Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked
    2. Check out playable Shuhei Yoshida in Super Time Force Ultra
    3. Trine 3 is due next week on Steam Early Access
    4. Screencheat is coming to PS4 in Q3
    5. Tale of Tales' Sunset reveals May release date
    6. Bossa Studios is making an Apple Watch game
    7. New StreetPass Plaza 3DS games discounted for owners of previous DLC
    8. UK PlayStation Store lists inFamous for PS Now
    9. Eerie new Everybody's Gone to the Rapture trailer, screenshots
    10. The new Shadow of the Beast is one man's dream come true
    11. Video: Hands-on with Mario Kart 8's next DLC Pack
    12. New Bitmap Brothers book from Sensible Software book bunch
    13. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be completely ghostable
    14. Nintendo nerfs Diddy Kong in Smash Bros. Wii U patch
    15. F1 2015 injects a little more drama into Codemasters' series
    16. Namco's Godzilla fights Mothra in new gameplay footage
    17. Apple Watch gets first exclusive game, Watch Quest
    18. Project Cars on PS4 and Xbox One has PC-like graphics settings
    19. Project Cars gets a new, final release date
    20. Australian 2K Borderlands Pre-Sequel dev to close
    21. Blizzard announces Timewalking feature for World of Warcraft
    22. UK launch for free-to-play shooter Ghost in the Shell Online
    23. Ziggurat brings procedurally-generated first-person shooting to PS4 next week
    24. F1 2015 will be 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One
    1. EA shutting down four F2P PC games
    2. GameStop to experiment with retro game and console trade-ins
    3. New Samorost 3 trailer is stupidly beautiful
    4. Killing Floor 2 system specs detailed
    5. Invisible, Inc spies May release date
    6. Xbox One The Witcher 3 bundle revealed for £309.99
    7. Digital Foundry vs extreme frame-rate gaming
    8. Hearthstone is now on iPhone and Android phones
    9. BEEFER: Saving old games from the attic
    10. Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing DLC track list and footage
    11. Video: What's happened to Silent Hills?
    12. The Escapists coming to PS4, says PEGI
    13. Mortal Kombat X release date set for April
    14. Mortal Kombat X Quitalities explode rage quitters' heads
    15. You can buy Mortal Kombat X Easy Fatalities
    16. Project Cars technical details confirmed
    17. Costume Quest 2 finally out in Europe on PS4/PS3 today
    18. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft review
    19. Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces
    20. GTA 5's weird endgame
    21. Insomniac's Slow Down, Bull is out next week on Steam.
    1. Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 2 heading to 3DS
    2. Oddworld Inhabitants confirms Abe's Exoddus remake is on the docket
    3. Video: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises taser hand, gold nanoshield
    4. EA Humble Bundle offers Dragon Age and Dead Space 2
    5. Video: We have a bit of play with the GTA 5 video editor
    6. WoW: Warlords of Draenor's next patch adds ship-building
    7. How to add your music to GTA 5 PC's radio stations
    8. Bloodborne sales pass 1m in under two weeks
    9. Guitar Hero Live skips backwards compatibility as it reboots series
    10. Yoshi's Woolly World Amiibo now available to pre-order
    11. Mortal Kombat X's dumbly enjoyable story puts other fighting games to shame
    12. Cities: Skylines soars past 1m sales mark
    13. Nipples removed from The Order: 1886 in Japan
    14. Dying Light developer tools now available via Steam
    15. Star Ocean 5 in development for PlayStation 4, PS3
    16. Guitar Hero Live has redesigned controller with six black and white notes
    17. Windows usernames causing GTA 5 PC installation issues
    18. Ubisoft developing "new projects" set in Child of Light universe
    19. Star Wars Battlefront playable "first on Xbox One"
    20. Videos show Grand Theft Auto 5 running at max settings on PC
    21. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate passes 1m shipped milestone in West
    22. Legacy of the Void makes changes that won't appeal to all StarCraft 2 players
    23. Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms
    24. Elder Scrolls Online offers £12.99 PC-to-console migration deal
    25. BMX XXX
    26. Titan Souls gets an April release date
    27. Titan Souls review
    28. Titan Souls rolls some of the greatest games into one
    1. New Fortnite video debuts upcoming weapons, enemies and traps
    2. Songbringer aims to be a procedurally-generated Zelda-like
    3. PewDiePie is starring in his own game
    4. The Order: 1886 now has a Photo Mode
    5. Destiny House of Wolves expansion release date
    6. Tomb Raider autorunner mobile game launches in the Netherlands
    7. GTA 5's PC version gets a movie editor tomorrow
    8. Video: Modern games inspired by the ZX Spectrum
    9. The MMOne is a three-axis Virtual Reality chair attached to a crane
    10. Amazon listing points to PS4 release for Broken Sword 5
    11. Xbox One UK price now £299.99
    12. Descent is being rebooted as a MOBA on Kickstarter
    13. Strategy RPG mash-up Project X Zone 2 headed West
    14. Monster Hunter Stories is a new RPG spin-off due in Japan next year
    15. Infinite Crisis and the fight to stay relevant
    1. An afternoon with Torment: Tides of Numenera's DM
    2. What made Super Mario 64 so special?
    1. Jon Blyth on: Bloodborne
    1. How Bloodborne honours the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft
    2. Rockstar Games up to 80 per cent off in Humble Sale
    3. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming to Vita this summer
    4. Video: The Eurogamer Show - Rainbow Six Siege, Titan Souls and eSports doping
    5. Total War Battles: Kingdom enters open beta
    6. "We tell Sega what our release dates are"
    7. Affordable Space Adventures review
    8. New Witcher 3 trailer has a bit of it all
    9. Bound by Flame dev announces cyberpunk RPG The Technomancer
    10. Debut trailer for Farming Simulator 15 on PS4 and Xbox One
    11. 9 minutes of gorgeous Trine 3 gameplay footage
    12. Team Ninja making Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game
    13. Touch Tone exposes the strange landscape of Spook Country
    14. How to play Resident Evil 5 in splitscreen via GFWL version on Steam
    15. First 10 minutes of Conker's Bad Fur Day recreated in Project Spark
    16. Destiny patch will let you lock up your gear
    17. Surprise Call of Duty Black Ops 2 update sparks Black Ops 3 reveal
    18. Driver Speedboat Paradise is out now on mobile devices
    19. Interloper is an RTS game where matches last five minutes
    20. Procedurally-generated high seas adventure Windward sets sails for May release
    1. Jet Set Radio spiritual successor Hover now on Early Access
    2. Ori and the Blind Forest turned a profit in a week
    3. League of Legends World Championships comes to London
    4. I am Bread rises out of Early Access next week
    5. Video: When will eSports grow up?
    6. Face-Off: Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
    7. Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future
    8. Magicka: Wizard Wars out of Early Access later this month
    9. Resident Evil 5 Steam edition "ripped out" code needed for splitscreen mod
    10. Titan Souls' demo is out now
    11. Code Name: STEAM update speeds up enemy turn times
    12. Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide
    13. Game of Thrones opening meets Legend of Zelda
    14. 80 Days dev gives Sorcery! 3 iOS and Android release date
    15. iPhone and iPad space game Rogue Star out now
    16. $20 WOW Token gold value drops nearly a third in a day
    17. Boxboy! review
    18. Conker's Big Reunion drops fresh gameplay trailer
    19. New Age of Empires 2 expansion in the works
    20. Mario Kart 8 comparison footage shows off 200cc speed
    21. Daniel Radcliffe in talks to play GTA producer Sam Houser
    22. Don Mattrick leaves Zynga
    1. EA is hoping to make a Need for Speed movie sequel
    2. Postal rejected from Google Play due to "gratuitous violence"
    3. Visceral Games' VP Steve Papoutsis departs EA after 15 years
    4. Killing Floor 2 due on Steam Early Access in two weeks
    5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets a debut trailer
    6. Layton dev Level-5 shows off new 3DS game The Snack World
    7. Video: We very almost speedrun the Titan Souls demo
    8. Diablo 3 patch 2.2 out, turns Legendary items up to 11
    9. Does Scholar of the First Sin make Dark Souls 2 worth returning to?
    10. New 3DS StreetPass games coming as part of International StreetPass Week
    11. Football Manager Classic out on tablets tonight for £14.99
    12. Are Pokémon Rumble World's microtransactions a shakedown?
    13. Watch Hearthstone's resident record breaker smash two new challenges at once
    14. Dead or Alive 5 Shenmue mod does what Sega won't
    15. Winners might use drugs
    16. Looks like Square Enix is revealing the new Deus Ex
    17. Five Nights at Freddy's is being adapted into a movie - report
    1. Bloodborne soundtrack goes on sale later this month
    2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to receive two major expansions
    3. Introducing Stick Shift: a game about having sex with your car
    4. Video: Ian gets tactical with Rainbow Six Siege's alpha
    5. Bastion out on PS4 in Europe this spring
    6. Bloodborne director reveals his favourite boss from the "Souls" series
    7. Professor Layton 7 and Fantasy Life 2 announced for smartphones
    8. The Wii U games confirmed for release in 2015
    9. Gold Mario Amiibo going for £100 each on eBay
    10. The Legend of Zelda Wii U will not launch in 2015
    11. Ni No Kuni and Layton dev's Yo-Kai Watch headed to UK
    12. Video: Ready player two - the best unexpected co-op games
    13. Run, Sackboy! Run! review
    14. £70 Star Wars movie bundle launches on Xbox this week
    15. EA Rory McIlroy PGA Tour golf omits The Masters
    16. Camelot Unchained coming together in new alpha video
    17. See Cities: Skylines' unofficial SimCopter mod
    18. Mad man in Wyoming: The voice behind one of this year's most fascinating games
    19. Square Enix tones down Mobius Final Fantasy's "too sexy" leading man
    1. Crytek makes a deal with Amazon - report
    2. Watch the first 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    3. Tomb Raider reboot has sold 8.5m copies
    4. Bloodborne bug makes game easier if left running too long
    5. Microsoft details Xbox One April system update
    6. Sony rewards after class action Vita lawsuit are now available
    7. How Slender gave gaming its Blair Witch moment
    1. Video: The childish Easter Eggs we laughed at anyway
    2. Hands on with the Recreated ZX Spectrum
    1. Tech Analysis: Splatoon
    2. Chris Donlan on: Bloodborne, Montauk, and travels beyond genre
    3. Smart Boy will turn your iPhone 6 Plus into a Game Boy Color
    1. Gen Con responds to Indiana amending its discriminatory "religious freedom" bill
    2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate now has a Sonic Palico costume
    3. Watch this Bloodborne player conquer From's latest without leveling up
    4. Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows
    5. Video: The Eurogamer Show - Nintendo Direct, Bloodborne and PlayStation Home
    6. Dead Rising Watchtower movie review
    7. Cloud gaming company OnLive shuts down this month
    8. Ride review
    9. This War of Mine adds War Child charity DLC
    1. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth confirmed for Xbox One, Wii U and New 3DS
    2. F2P Vita RPG Destiny of Spirits ends service in June
    3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance delayed until summer 2016
    4. DuckTales Remastered is now on mobile devices
    5. Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?
    6. Performance Analysis: Dark Souls 2
    7. Surprise! Elite: Dangerous is now on Steam
    8. Redeem old S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Gamespy keys on GOG and Steam
    9. Grand Theft Auto 5 PC 60fps gameplay footage
    10. Codemasters boss Rod Cousens leaves for Runescape developer
    11. Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes
    12. Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break leaps to 2016
    13. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin's PC upgrade priced
    14. "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"
    15. Dungeon Keeper-inspired War for the Overworld out today
    16. A Command & Conquer: Generals mod these many years later?
    17. The Long Dark's Early Access delivers some quality alone time
    18. Visceral nerfs Battlefield Hardline couch
    19. Battlefield Hardline has a drivable couch
    20. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 announced for PS3, PS4, Vita
    21. Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U Mewtwo DLC release date, price
    22. Mario Maker due September, next Fire Emblem not until 2016
    23. What's going on in Asteroids Outpost?
    24. Silent Hills/P.T. page removes Kojima Productions' logo
    25. Dirt 3 PC makes all DLC free in Steamworks transition
    26. Pokémon Rumble World spotted via ratings board listing
    1. Nintendo introduces Amiibo Cards with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
    2. N64, DS games launch on Wii U Virtual Console
    3. Mario Kart 8's Animal Crossing DLC brought forward
    4. Splatoon inks in a May release date
    5. Fatal Frame U coming to Wii U this year
    6. Yoshi Woolly World gets release date, wooly Amiibo
    7. CoD: Advanced Warfare's DLC has exploding hamburgers
    8. DeNA aims to make $25m a month with Nintendo games
    9. How to avoid Bloodborne's game-breaking glitch
    10. The best and worst of April Fools' Day 2015 in gaming
    11. Bloodborne tops Japan sales chart
    12. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void beta invites go out
    13. Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project
    14. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review
    15. Demon's Souls was "a failure" before Miyazaki stepped up
    16. Batman: Arkham Knight-themed PS4 revealed
    17. It's over: PlayStation Home has closed
    18. Microsoft mulled idea of giving away original Xbox free
    19. Looks like MotorStorm buggies are coming to DriveClub