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I am Bread rises out of Early Access next week

UPDATE: Out now. New features detailed, "hidden secret" teased.

UPDATE 09/04/2015: I am Bread is out now on Steam. Developer Bossa Studios has detailed a few of its new additions in this official release.

There are three new environments, consisting of a gas station, car and tutorial. The car is an especially intriguing notion because not only will it allow our noble slice of bread to drive, but it's described by the developers as an epilogue with a "hidden secret". What could it be?

There's also a new "Magic Marmalade" mode that disables the edibility and grip meters, effectively making it a free-roam mode.

Here's a new launch trailer celebrating I am Bread's official release:

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ORIGINAL STORY 03/04/2015: I am Bread, the sentient toast simulator by the folks behind Surgeon Simulator, is coming out of Steam Early Access on 9th April, developer Bossa Studios has announced.

This full version will complete this slice of bread's saga and "add all the bells and whistles you expect from a full game."

Upon its launch I am Bread will go for £9.99 / €12.99 / $12.99 with a 25 per cent discount during launch week. But you can pick up its pre-heated version for £6.99 on Steam Early Access if you want to save a few quid.

Watch our Ian Higton fail at getting baked in the Early Access build of I am Bread.

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