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I am Bread adds free space combat with Starch Wars

Flan Solo.

In honour of the embarrassingly pun-based Star Wars Day ("May the fourth be with you"), I am Bread developer Bossa Studios has parodied George Lucas' beloved franchise with a new free update entitled Starch Wars.

A space combat game set in the I Am Bread universe, Starch Wars: A New Loaf tasks players with blasting nefarious Rye Fighters.

"Following the destruction of the petrol station, the remaining crumbs of the rebellious fleet have been intercepted as they head to the planet of All-dough-naan. A lone freedom fighter with the call sign Bread Leader picks up the distress signal and speeds to their aid," the add-ons' prologue goes. "And yep, you guessed it, he's their only hope."

To access Starch Wars, players must complete I Am Bread's Kitchen tutorial level then click on the Starch Wars fridge magnet.

Here's how it looks in action:

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