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Cities: Skylines soars past 1m sales mark

33,000 mods created, and counting.

Sandbox construction sim Cities: Skylines has broken through the 1m sales barrier.

Positive word of mouth has helped the game continue to sell even a month after launch. At least 21,000 players have been online continuously since the game's release.

Another fan-favourite feature is the game's focus on mod support. 33,000 mods have been created so far and made available via Steam Workshop.

Some of our favourites have included the work-in-progress SimCopter mod and a full-blown attempt at first-person multiplayer.

"We continue to be amazed at just how players have embraced Cities: Skylines," exclaimed Fredrik Wester, boss of publisher Paradox. "The game is still selling at a steady pace, which is remarkable for a game that has been on sale for well over a month.

"Once again, we want to thank everyone that has supported and continues to support this game."

Or, as he put it via Twitter:

In Eurogamer's Cities: Skylines review, Daniel Starkey wrote that the game is "a competent city-builder that lacks a vision of its own - though it leaves space for its community to fill in the gaps" - something that has indeed taken place.

Regardless, the game has benefitted from avoiding some of the problems faced by EA's own SimCity - something which our own Chris Bratt argued was simply enough:

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