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Cities: Skylines getting four new bits of paid DLC alongside Airports expansion this month

Content creator packs, radio stations incoming.

What would a Paradox Interactive game be without a ceaseless avalanche of accompanying paid DLC? Well, today is not the day to find out as the publisher has announced Cities: Skylines' upcoming Airports expansion - which comes to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on 25th January - will be accompanied by a four-strong batch of supporting paid DLC.

Up first is a new Content Creator Map Pack, costing £3.99/€4.99/$4.99 USD and introducing eight new terrain maps created by Sanctum Gamer - as featured in the announcement trailer.

Sharing that same price point is DLC number two, known as Content Creator Pack: Vehicles Of The World, which introduces 21 new vehicle assets - all created by bsquicklehausen - including a new Police Supercar. In total, it'll add two new ambulances, two police cars, four buses, two fire engines, two garbage trucks, two hearses, four metros, and three trains - all of which get an airing in the new pack trailer.

Cities: Skylines Airports expansion trailer.Watch on YouTube

In addition to the above, 25th January brings two new radio station packs, both costing €3.99/$3.99 (a UK price point is still to be confirmed). Calm The Mind Radio is described as a relaxation-focused radio station intended to bring "chill vibes into your architectural workflow", while On Air Radio brings new jazz beats "for building the smoothest cities around".

As for the Airports expansion itself, it'll cost $12.99 (or your local equivalent), and will give players the tools needed to create and manage their own air-focused transportation hubs, adding modular airport building options that expand through successful progression, cargo terminals, and connected public transport. All that is set to be detailed more thoroughly in a gameplay livestream tomorrow, 11th January, at 2pm GMT should you be eager to learn more.

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