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Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are May's PlayStation Plus games

April's offerings still available until Monday.

As April prepares to collapse imperceptibly into May, Sony has cracked its knuckles and wrenched back the curtain of mystery to reveal the next duo of games being made available as part of its PlayStation Plus subscription service - which next month look an awful lot like Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 19.

Cities Skylines, developer Colossal Order's much-loved city management sim, has been around the block more than a few times by this point, initially launching on PC back in 2015. It immediately managed to capitalise on the less-than-stellar reception of 2014's SimCity, with its more robust set of city building options, and has received a teetering pile of expansions and DLC content in the years since.

It finally made its way to PlayStation 4 in 2017 and, despite the inherent complexity of its construction and management systems, made the transition to console admirably, with a control scheme and interface that make tinkering away to forge your own metropolis a pleasure.

Cover image for YouTube videoCities: Skylines - Playstation®4 Edition - Release Trailer

As for Farming Simulator 19, it's the 2018 instalment of the long-running - and rather self-explanatory - series. Once again, it's a game of open-air pleasures and agricultural pursuits, introduces a variety of new farming activities, crops, and animals - including horses - not seen in previous iterations. Its announcement trailer also featured a very handsome farmer.

As you might have guessed, I've not played it, and have very little functional knowledge of the experience, so I guess May's the perfect time to remedy that, thanks to PlayStation Plus.

Cover image for YouTube videoFarming Simulator 19 - Reveal Trailer

Both games will be available to download as part of the subscription service from Tuesday, 5th May until Monday, 1st June, and you've still got until Monday, 4th May to grab last month's offerings: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and DIRT Rally 2.0.