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July 2021 Archive

    1. Halo Infinite's bots aren't messing about
    2. Impressive-looking Esports Boxing Club delayed, but it's got Tyson Fury
    3. The Ascent dev says it's on the case as players discover PC version lacks DLSS and ray tracing on Game Pass but not Steam
    4. Age of Empires fans are having their say on Age of Empires 4's ships and water
    5. Death's Door review - wonderfully honed Zelda-like with a soulful edge
    6. More Activision Blizzard allegations emerge as former dev calls for industry unionisation
    7. 343 issues Halo Infinite spoiler warning after "unintentionally" including campaign files in the preview build
    1. Horizon Forbidden West reportedly delayed into Q1 2022
    2. Two Point Hospital celebrates Sonic's birthday with free in-game items and outfits pack
    3. PS5 SSD expansion upgrades explained: Compatible SSDs and other external storage options explored
    4. DayZ creator Dean Hall's sci-fi survival game Icarus delayed until November
    5. Valheim's Hearth and Home update will make it easier to store treasure
    6. Dissecting the Dead Space remake
    7. Sekiro speedrunner completes game blindfolded
    8. Five years on, we remember Pokémon Go's remarkable first summer
    9. Ubisoft staff say company "continues to protect and promote known offenders and their allies"
    10. New FIFA 22 trailer gives us a first taste of gameplay
    11. What we've been playing
    12. Forza Motorsport 7 will be delisted after just four years
    13. This week's best deals on Razer, Corsair and Logitech PC gaming accessories
    1. Adorable avian skateboarding game SkateBird delays release to September
    2. Everything shown in Annapurna Interactive's showcase
    3. Hyper Light Drifter dev's acrobatic action-adventure Solar Ash gets October release date
    4. Rock opera adventure The Artful Escape sparkles onto Steam and Xbox in September
    5. Outer Wilds' "first and only expansion" launches September
    6. Brilliant 14th century stealth adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence is next week's Epic Store freebie
    7. Black Panther heading to Marvel's Avengers in August
    8. Fortnite seems to have killed off a fan-favourite character
    9. Flight Simulator camera views and 'photo mode' explained: How to go to third-person and use Active Pause
    10. Naraka: Bladepoint is coming to consoles
    11. The Ascent: an Xbox Series showcase - but how well does it run on Xbox One?
    12. Flight Simulator speeding up time explained: How to increase the sim rate and 'fast travel'
    13. New Pokémon Snap gets a new update
    14. Fortnite confirms three-day concert starring "record-breaking superstar"
    15. Sony recommends well-lit room, screwdriver and probably a flashlight to add PS5 SSD
    16. Chernobylite Review - a haunting and atmospheric Stalk-'em-up
    17. Hell Let Loose is a hardcore WW2 shooter with an RTS twist, and it's carnage
    18. Destruction AllStars' July update fixes "ghost hits"
    19. PlayStation 5 system beta now shows PS4 and PS5 versions of same game separately
    20. Award-winning Skyrim mod The Forgotten City launches as standalone game
    21. Blizzard confirms former Warcraft boss fired for "misconduct in his treatment of other employees"
    22. There's a real buzz about Amazon's New World MMO
    23. Kena: Bridge of Spirits delayed until September
    24. James Bond's Aston Martin is now in Rocket League
    25. Ubisoft employees sign open letter slamming management's "empty promises" following last year's toxic work culture allegations
    1. Activision Blizzard employees press ahead with walkout, say Kotick statement "fails to address critical elements"
    2. There's an official Mega Drive and Master System themed Picross game on the way
    3. Flight Simulator autopilot explained: How to activate AI Control and autopilot controls explained
    4. Microsoft Flight Simulator tech review: a brilliant port to Xbox Series X/S
    5. Nintendo pulled out of Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony, report claims
    6. Sony just did a better job of convincing me Xbox Game Pass is viable than Microsoft has so far
    7. Xbox Games with Gold for August announced
    8. Ex-Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica devs working on new AAA single player adventure
    9. Microsoft says Xbox Series X/S are its "fastest-selling consoles ever"
    10. NEO: The World Ends With You review - a DS classic gets a charmer of a sequel
    11. Hitman 3's Season of Lust is out now
    12. As PS5 hits 10m sold, Sony says "improving inventory levels remains a top priority"
    13. PUBG's burning planes will spice up the start of matches
    14. GTA2 meets Cyberpunk game Glitchpunk launches on Steam Early Access in August
    15. You can get yourself an Xbox doughnut this August
    16. People think that new hill in London looks like Super Mario 64
    17. Nintendo is killing off Dr. Mario World after just two years
    18. Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview confirmed for this weekend
    19. Last night I played Microsoft Download Simulator
    20. Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick tells staff company's initial response to discrimination lawsuit was "tone deaf"
    21. Nintendo Switch Online's next three SNES games revealed
    22. "They didn't want super anime reads"
    23. Bloodborne modder restores shortcut door cut from final game
    24. What's behind Final Fantasy 14's surge in popularity?
    25. Facebook temporarily halts Oculus Quest 2 sales, recalls foam inserts following reports of skin irritation
    1. Activision Blizzard employees planning walkout following company's "abhorrent" response to discrimination lawsuit
    2. Over 2000 current and former Activision Blizzard employees sign petition calling company response to discrimination lawsuit "abhorrent and insulting"
    3. Okami's Amaterasu heading to Monster Hunter Rise this week
    4. Acclaimed puzzler A Monster's Expedition heading to Switch, getting "major" free expansion next week
    5. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion out February 2022
    6. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla skills list and best skill recommendations explained
    7. Flight Simulator planes list: Aircraft manufacturers and every Standard, Deluxe and Premium aircraft in Flight Simulator listed
    8. Flight Simulator airport list: every Standard, Deluxe and Premium hand-crafted airport in Flight Simulator listed
    9. Flight Simulator Achievements list
    10. Flight Simulator weather explained: How to change weather, time of day, and enable live weather conditions
    11. Flight Simulator multiplayer: How to play online, invite friends, and other multiplayer modes explained
    12. What's the best controller for Flight Simulator?
    13. DF Direct Weekly on The Coalition's UE5 demo and Intel CPUs and Graphics at GDC 2021
    14. Flight Simulator liveries: How to change and download new liveries explained
    15. Destiny 2 Synthstrand sources, drop rate, and how to get Synthcord and Synthweave explained
    16. A Total War Saga: Troy launches on Steam in September alongside new Mythos expansion and free Historical mode
    17. Destiny 2 transmog: Armor Synthesis cost, cap and upcoming changes to transmog in season 15
    18. Apex Legends' Caustic and Fuse getting buffs in Emergence patch
    19. Nintendo says it hasn't forgotten Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    20. A deep dive into the lore of Horizon Zero Dawn
    21. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 the latest game to get a PS5 update
    22. Get a Razer Blade 17 gaming laptop for £735 off, plus £700 of free Razer gear
    23. Fortnite countdown sets stage for live event next Friday
    24. Forza Horizon 5's biomes shown off in gorgeous new screenshots
    25. Makers of 14-year-old GTA San Andreas mod were so worried about a takedown, they pulled it offline themselves
    26. Pokémon Go developer battling to overturn false ban wave
    27. It looks like Netflix has commissioned a live-action Pokémon series
    28. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S is the cheapest it's ever been
    29. Final Fantasy 7 Remake for £25, Skyward Sword HD for £35 and more top game deals
    30. Skate City has added Tokyo and it's a dream
    31. Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox edition review - occasionally clunky port can't dull the magic
    32. Splitgate's open beta was so popular the dev has delayed launch to August
    1. Warzone best MAC-10 loadout: Our MAC-10 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the MAC 10 explained
    2. Warzone best Swiss K31 loadout: Our Swiss K31 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the Swiss K31 explained
    3. Pokémon Go Ultra League Remix - Banned list and alternative recommendation explored
    4. Resident Evil Village PC is fixed - but players still deserve better
    5. Destiny 2 Corrupted Key Code explained: How to get Corrupted Key Codes and increase loot from Corrupted Conflux Chests
    6. Mortal Kombat 11 sells more than 12m copies
    7. The Last of Us Part 2 fan discovers unused dialogue on Ellie's tattoo
    8. What we've been playing
    9. Assassin's Creed Valhalla adds level scaling this week
    10. Stadia exclusive Submerged: Hidden Depths set to launch on PC
    11. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles review - more history lesson than comedy
    12. Final Fantasy 16 cutscenes filmed first in British English
    13. Red Dead Online's horses have "gone wild" since update, players say
    14. Pokémon Unite fans are enjoying this naked Machamp glitch
    15. You can now fight this knock-off Terminator in GTA Online
    16. We tumble down a Far Cry 6 theory rabbit hole
    17. Death Stranding has sold 5m copies
    18. Amazon's New World hits 200,000 concurrent players
    19. F1 2021 review - old dog, new tricks
    20. Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - a cloud-bound romance
    21. It looks like Assassin's Creed Valhalla's upcoming Siege of Paris DLC will release in August
    1. Bungie is tweaking Destiny 2's transmog system
    2. Genshin Impact's next update takes us fishing and visiting Watasumi
    3. Sony renews PlayStation Home trademark again
    4. Motive's Dead Space remake may use content cut from the original game
    5. Most games "consistently met or exceeded" 30 FPS on Steam Deck during testing
    6. People are now speedrunning that Google Doodle game
    7. Video: "Kingdom of Death", Auday Hussein's Gilgamesh-inspired Amiga game
    1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets surprise update that adds 4k support in 60fps on PS5
    2. Sniper Elite 4's free next-gen upgrade out now for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S
    3. New World: EVGA says it will replace all failed RTX 3090s
    4. 343 details Halo Infinite's first bot-focused technical preview
    5. Splitgate dev "blown away" as "Halo meets Portal" FPS explodes in popularity
    6. Blizzard developers criticise corporate statements on recent allegations
    7. PlayStation website reveals PS Plus August games
    8. Ex-Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime on allegations: "I am ashamed"
    9. Jurassic World Evolution 2 dev video talks dino behaviours, habitat enhancements, and more
    1. Warzone best FFAR 1 loadout: Our FFAR class setup recommendation and how to unlock the FFAR explained
    2. Darkly atmospheric Slavic folklore adventure Black Book gets August release date
    3. Warzone best PPSh-41 loadout: Our PPSh-41 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the PPSh-41 explained
    4. Warzone best AMAX loadout: Our AMAX class setup and how to unlock the AMAX explained
    5. Warzone best FARA 83 loadout: Our FARA 83 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the FARA 83 explained
    6. Max Payne turns 20 years old today
    7. Tokyo Olympic Games opening features suite of game music
    8. The Witcher Pokémon Go-like game is out, but is it any good?
    9. Red Dead Redemption 2 finally gets buyable properties thanks to modders
    10. Google's Olympics-inspired RPG is way better than it needed to be
    11. World of Warcraft players stage sit-in protest following Blizzard allegations
    12. Save 30% on gaming accessories, tech and more from Amazon Warehouse
    13. Respawn working on "brand new single-player adventure"
    14. Looks like a new Overwatch map reveal was pulled
    15. Now you can drive a Ferrari in Fortnite
    16. Pokémon Go Ultra Unlock Part 1: Time research quest - How to complete each quest task and field research explained
    17. eBay clamps down on Steam Deck scalpers
    18. Seven Borderlands veterans leave Gearbox
    19. The Double-A Team: Tyranny's greatness shouldn't be so much of a secret
    20. Final Fantasy 14 boss says 'don't show so much restraint you stop having fun' following pleas to help ease server woes
    1. New report details shambolic leadership decisions behind Blizzard's disastrous Warcraft 3 remake
    2. EA makes rumoured Dead Space remake official and shares first teaser trailer
    3. Football Manager is finally getting women's football
    4. Ratchet & Clank heading to Fall Guys for a pair of limited-time events
    5. Everything announced during EA Play Live 2021
    6. Codemasters announces Grid Legends, due out 2022
    7. New Apex Legend Seer is "all about tracking enemies"
    8. Bad Company is back and plenty more besides in Battlefield 2042's bold new mode
    9. Can the Playdate live up to its joyful premise?
    10. PS5 owners can get stuck in to Apple TV+ with a six months free subscription
    11. Steam Deck's updated specs are promising for gaming performance and storage options
    12. Battlefield 2042's 'love letter to its fans' leaks ahead of tonight's reveal
    13. Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy heading to Genshin Impact
    14. Save 10% on the LG CX OLED and more of the best 4K gaming TVs
    15. Konami will sell Master League and other offline modes as eFootball DLC
    16. Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality launches for consoles and PC in September
    17. Fans unearth Battlefield Bad Company 2 map remaster tease for Battlefield 2042
    18. Amazon Prime Gaming signs shirt sponsorship deal with… Stevenage FC
    19. PS5 restock sells out at Game
    20. Long-time Assassin's Creed art director Raphael Lacoste exits Ubisoft to join Haven Studios
    21. Amazon responds after reports its MMO New World is bricking pricey RTX 3090 cards
    22. Battlefield 1 is free on PC through Prime Gaming
    23. State of California sues Activision Blizzard over "frat boy" culture
    24. Mini Motorways review - a city builder that balances precision and beauty
    25. Netherrealm's DC superhero fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us is now an animated movie
    26. "Trolls need kind words the most"
    1. Fortnite - Hatchery locations: Construct a wooden hatchery explained
    2. Netflix's animated Witcher movie gets its first proper trailer ahead of next month's release
    3. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad shuts down a year after launch
    4. Ghost of Tsushima's Iki Island expansion gets new trailer and more details
    5. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is actually very fun
    6. EA to bring women's golf into next-gen PGA Tour game
    7. Humankind dev pulls controversial Denuvo DRM from game before launch
    8. Pokémon Go Fest 2021 earned £15m in two days
    9. Warzone best Krig 6 loadout: Our Krig 6 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the Krig 6 explained
    10. One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows multiplayer servers will shut down after two years
    11. Steam Deck UI will replace Big Picture mode on Steam
    12. Samsung's T5 Portable SSD drops to a great low price
    13. Fallout 76 getting custom servers as part of Fallout 1st subscription
    14. Netflix wants to focus on mobile games first
    15. Goldlewis Dickinson is the first Guilty Gear Strive DLC character
    16. Nintendo leak reveals early Wii Remote ideas
    17. PES renamed eFootball, goes free-to-play, digital-only
    18. Someone should make a game about: Cold Comfort Farm
    1. There's a Player Unknown's Battlegrounds animated adaptation in the works
    2. Procedural road trip adventure Road 96 gets August release date
    3. Fortnite Fish Collection locations - Where to find all 33 fishes and best fishing spots in Fortnite explained
    4. Ready at Dawn's Oculus-exclusive zero-gravity sci-fi sequel Lone Echo 2 out in August
    5. Square addresses Final Fantasy 14 server issues following "staggering and unexpected" surge in popularity
    6. FIFA 22 on next-gen plays nice on the pitch
    7. Alex Scott is a commentator in FIFA 22
    8. Here's what's new in FIFA 22 gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC
    9. Fallout 4 horror mod The Wilderness will leave you feeling spooked and afraid
    10. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is working on a video game
    11. Why Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart's 40fps support is a potential game-changer
    12. Fortnite announces Rainbow Royale event with free Pride cosmetics
    13. Helicopters "planned" for Microsoft Flight Simulator next year
    14. There's a follow-up to the acclaimed My Child Lebensborn in the works
    15. Blinx and Microsoft Flight Simulator round out Xbox Game Pass in July
    16. Looks like Dying Light will get a Switch port
    17. F1 2021 patch pulls ray-tracing on PS5 "to aid stability"
    18. Nexus Mods removing lifetime membership option
    19. Huge Fortnite leak points to upcoming Ariana Grande concert
    20. Hunting for map fragments in Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City
    1. EA reassures fans it's still working on new Skate as promised "a little something" drops
    2. Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division merge in Ubi's 6v6 free-to-play FPS XDefiant
    3. DF Direct Weekly revisits RE Village DRM, Skyward Sword HD and 120Hz modes
    4. Apex Legends' next character is microdrone-wielding legend Seer
    5. Pokémon Go levelled up its storytelling at a memorable Go Fest
    6. Amazon "definitely heard the feedback" about New World's paid in-game boosts
    7. GTA Online will have faster vehicle upgrades on PS5, Xbox Series X/S
    8. Sackboy developer Sumo set to be bought by Tencent
    9. Fall Guys' fifth season has a jungle theme and Spelunky crossover
    10. Don't expect to see Skate at this year's EA Play
    11. Nintendo: "no plans" to launch any other model than Switch OLED
    12. A new "Tom Clancy's universe" game will be announced tomorrow
    1. GTA parent company Take-Two is issuing takedown notices to GTA modders
    2. Microsoft Flight Simulator will take up around 100GB on your Xbox
    3. Yuki puts VR bullet hell in the palm of your hand
    4. Pokémon Go Raikou counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    5. Pokémon Go Thundurus counters, weaknesses and moveset, including Therian Forme Thundurus explained
    6. Pokémon Go Zekrom counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    7. HBO's The Last of Us TV show "well exceeds the eight-figure per episode mark"
    8. Former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aimé is releasing a new book
    9. Pokémon Go Suicune counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    10. Pokémon Go Regice counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    11. Pokémon Go Kyurem counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    12. Celebrate 12 months of Ghost of Tsushima with these "re-enabled" PlayStation-inspired Legends outfits
    13. Pokémon Go Regirock counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    14. Pokémon Go Entei counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    15. Pokémon Go Reshiram counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    16. Warframe players will get cross-play and cross-save later this year
    17. Pokémon Go Tornadus counters, weaknesses and moveset, including Therian Forme Tornadus explained
    18. Pokémon Go Strange Rings special research quest tasks and rewards explained
    19. Pokémon Go Ho-oh counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    20. Ghost Trick and the joy of the ridiculous
    1. Ukraine warehouse packed with thousands of PS4s was actually a FIFA Ultimate Team bot farm
    2. 2K soft-launches unannounced XCOM Legends mobile game
    3. Steam Deck scalpers are trying it on - despite Valve's anti-scalping efforts
    4. Steam Deck expected order availability now Q1 2022 (64GB), Q2 2022 (256GB) and Q3 2022 (512GB)
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players come up with quick-fire way to complete the new OTs 9 SMG unlock challenge
    6. War Thunder player posts classified military documents to try to convince the dev to make a virtual tank more realistic
    7. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is more than just a remaster
    8. Pokémon Go Deino counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    9. Pokémon Go Fest 2021 start time, ticket price and Go Fest 2021 activities explained
    10. Pokémon Go Global Challenges: Timed bonus rewards and the Global Challenge Arena for Go Fest 2021 explained
    11. The Melody Pokémon research tasks and rewards: How to get Meloetta, Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Pop Star in Pokémon Go
    12. Spec Analysis: Steam Deck - can it really handle triple-A PC gaming?
    13. As Call of Duty: Warzone cheating complaints ramp up, Raven issues first anti-cheat update in over two months
    14. Pokémon Go Cave Pokémon incense spawns and Collection Challenge list: How to find Sableye and Vanillite explained
    15. Pokémon Go Ocean Beach Pokémon incense spawns and Collection Challenge list: How to find Feebas and Tympole explained
    16. Pokémon Go Desert Mountain Pokémon incense spawns and Collection Challenge list: How to find Shieldon and Fennekin explained
    17. Pokémon Go Jungle Pokémon incense spawns and Collection Challenge list: How to find Snivy and Chespin explained
    18. Ubisoft delays Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic
    19. There's a line of dialogue in Life is Strange I can't stop thinking about
    1. All-women speedrunning event Flame Fatales unveils schedule
    2. HBO's The Last of Us casts original Tommy actor but not as Tommy
    3. Pokémon Go Fest leak points to surprise Mythical tease
    4. How to pre-order Steam Deck, Valve's handheld gaming PC
    5. 3D animated Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild film hits Netflix in August
    6. Dicebreaker Recommends: Specter Ops, the closest we're getting to a Metal Gear Solid board game anytime soon
    7. April Fool's mode Path of Exile: Royale is back at weekends only
    8. Steam Deck's £349 price point was "painful", Gabe Newell says
    9. Guilty Gear Strive passes half a million copies sold
    10. Valve announces Steam Deck, a £349 handheld PC
    11. Win an incredible Zelda package by sharing your memories of Nintendo's series
    12. What we've been playing
    13. Nintendo Zelda Free Prize Draw Terms and Conditions
    14. Don't expect any new Star Wars games at EA Play Live
    15. Tetris Effect: Connected launches on Steam 18th August
    16. Raven forced to pull Call of Duty: Warzone's new pre-match lobby loadout selection feature the same day it was added
    17. Bethesda confirms all-digital QuakeCon 2021
    18. Pokémon Go Mewtwo counters, weaknesses and moveset, including Armoured Mewtwo counters, explained
    1. A Plague Tale: Innocence's 60fps upgrade tested - and there's a bonus for Xbox Series owners
    2. GTA Online update reveals "gigantic" shared social space to show off your cars
    3. Pokémon Go fans find hidden mechanic behind catching raid bosses
    4. Warhammer 40,000 Darktide delayed to spring 2022
    5. Call of Duty: Warzone's High Alert perk will soon hear Dead Silent footsteps
    6. Pokémon Unite launches for Nintendo Switch next week
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PC quietly adds PS5 DualSense adaptive triggers support
    8. Super Mario Bros. speedrunner sets new blindfolded world record
    9. Raven just released "the biggest balance update in the history of Warzone"
    10. PowerA controllers and accessories are now on sale at Amazon
    11. Resident Evil Re:Verse delayed to 2022
    12. The stories are true - the pirate version of Resident Evil Village improves performance
    13. The mystery of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas' mass grave
    14. Game Builder Garage gets a boxed version in September
    15. Minecraft's new cheese and spaghetti caves are seriously impressing fans
    16. YouTube introduces three very Twitch-inspired features
    17. Netflix reportedly plans to add first games in the next year
    18. Today a game taught me how to crack an actual safe
    1. Battlefield 2042 PC and console cross-play detailed
    2. Red Dead Online's PlayStation Plus requirement dropped for two weeks to coincide with new Blood Money update
    3. The Dell Black Friday sale comes early with massive discounts on a wide range of products
    4. Naughty Dog designer reveals how Tommy and Abby sequence was made
    5. Stadia announces new revenue schemes to try and tempt more developers
    6. Bloodborne PSone demake project shows off full boss fight
    7. FIFA 22 PC does not have a one machine limit, EA inists
    8. Tencent obtains patent for digital asset inheritance
    9. Xbox app now lets you set spending limits for child accounts
    10. The Mafia Titanic mod is really looking ship-shape
    11. Someone should make a game about: architectural salvage
    12. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's hidden nuke scorestreak expands to the rest of multiplayer
    13. Maker of machine learning cheat says "my intent was never to do anything illegal" after Activision clampdown
    14. Spongebob, Rugrats star in Smash Bros-style fighting game
    1. Company of Heroes 3 is coming - and it feels like the original, but bigger
    2. Call of Duty: Warzone hackers appear to be boosting high-profile streamers to level 1000 and unlocking all weapon camos
    3. Black Ops: Cold War, Warzone Reloaded update release time: Everything coming in the mid-Season 4 update explained
    4. Rebranded version of PUBG Mobile hits 2.4m concurrent players in India
    5. PS5 timed exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo delayed to early 2022
    6. Pride Week: Dicebreaker recommends Monsterhearts 2 - an RPG about being queer and loving demons
    7. The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection PC port now has some graphics options
    8. Save 15% on games, consoles and accessories with the latest eBay discount code
    9. Four years later, Nier: Automata finally gets some Steam improvements
    10. Frontier delays Elite Dangerous Odyssey on consoles to fix the PC version
    11. Five years after launch, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 gets a surprise patch on PC
    12. Tag Heuer announces $2k Super Mario smartwatch
    13. Out of Line - a chilled platformer that can feel a bit lacking
    14. Call of Duty: Warzone gets its first ever objective-based mode this week
    15. Minecraft Dungeons' sixth DLC and Ultimate Edition get release date
    16. Pokémon Go postpones release of new Pikachu in Japan
    17. Whatever happened to City of Metronome, the missing game by Little Nightmares developer Tarsier?
    18. Xbox E3 2021 Sale: Save up to 50% on over 500 digital games
    19. Nintendo Switch bundles on offer in Currys Epic Deals sale
    1. Here's LeBron James in Fortnite
    2. Work on Apex Legends cross-progression slowed by recent hacking problems
    3. DF Direct Weekly takes on Switch OLED, Dark Souls 3 FPS Boost and more
    4. What the Golf's A Whole New World update adds 1000 new holes
    5. Kojima disagrees with Death Stranding: Director's Cut title
    6. EA's decision to make FIFA 22 on PC the last-gen version isn't going down well
    7. Monster Hunter Stories 2 review - charming blend of hunting and RPG mechanics
    8. Wildermyth review - a proper RPG marvel
    9. PlayStation website references Gran Turismo 7 beta test
    10. Summer Games Done Quick raises over $2.8m for charity
    11. FIFA 22's next-gen upgrade only available to those who buy the £90 Ultimate Edition
    12. Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for record-breaking $1.56m
    1. There's a Final Fantasy 14 cookbook coming out later this year
    2. Psychonauts 2 will feature an invincibility toggle to enable "all ages, all possible needs" to enjoy the game
    3. Here's some Marvel's Avengers Wakanda concept art
    4. Bloober Team says Silent Hill "leak" is based on "outdated or incomplete" information
    5. This Warzone glitch lets players parachute into other people's Gulag matches
    6. Capcom's anti-tamper measures might be causing Resident Evil Village's poor PC performance
    7. 36 US states sue Google over its alleged Play Store monopoly and antitrust practices
    8. Japanese police arrest man selling modified Zelda: Breath of The Wild save files
    1. Modders are recreating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's 1997 Space World demo
    2. Don't expect Final Fantasy 16 at the Tokyo Game Show
    3. Ambitious mod aims to turn Fallout: New Vegas into Star Wars
    4. Battlefield 2042's unannounced new mode adds fan-favourite maps
    5. Genshin Impact gets cross-progression with 2.0 update later in July
    6. Sealed 1987 copy of The Legend of Zelda for NES sells for world record $870,000 at auction
    7. France star Kylian Mbappé returns as FIFA 22 cover star
    8. PS5 timed console exclusive Deathloop won't hit Xbox until at least September 2022
    9. Witcher 3 is getting DLC inspired by the Netflix show
    10. Emotional texture: in praise of naturalism in games
    1. Season 2 of Netflix's The Witcher series arrives this December
    2. Here's the first teaser trailer for Netflix's animated Witcher movie, Nightmare of the Wolf
    3. Call of Duty: Warzone at 120Hz - has PS5 back-compat evolved?
    4. Video game collector believes he's found evidence of unreleased SNK Millennium console
    5. Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City comes to Apple Arcade on 16th July
    6. Adventures in Pokémon Go
    7. Call of Duty: Warzone pro streams with five cameras in bid to refute cheating allegations
    8. Oddworld: Soulstorm developer details list of "major fixes" following rocky launch
    9. New machine learning cheat threatens competitive console play
    10. What we've been playing
    11. Baldur's Gate 3's next big patch out 13th July
    12. PlayStation pulls advert with upside-down PS5
    13. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 Reloaded kicks off next week
    14. The Double-A Team: We made our own multiplayer game out of a movie tie-in for The Incredibles
    15. Death Stranding Director's Cut adds a racing mode
    1. Everything shown in PlayStation's State of Play broadcast
    2. Here's nine minutes of gameplay from Arkane's recursive stealth shooter Deathloop
    3. Moss: Book 2 announced for PlayStation VR
    4. Arcadegeddon is a PS5 and PC multiplayer shooter from the developer of Predator: Hunting Grounds
    5. Lonely Mountains: Downhill's new Daily Ride modifiers add Mirrored Mode and more
    6. Sam & Max's VR adventure This Time It's Virtual arrives on Oculus Quest today
    7. Rockstar has started removing GTA Online jobs
    8. Frostpunk's three expansions finally coming to PlayStation and Xbox at the end of July
    9. Watch tonight's PlayStation State of Play here
    10. Destiny 2 Path of the Splicer quest steps: How to complete the weekly seasonal quest
    11. Destiny 2 Expunge missions: Locations and how to start Expunge: Delphi explained
    12. Surgeon Simulator 2 launches for Steam, Xbox in September
    13. Destiny 2 Elemental Orbs: How to make Orbs and Elemental Empowered Buffs and Prism Day explained
    14. Battlefield developer DICE LA renamed to Ripple Effect Studios
    15. "Decensor" mod restores Guilty Gear Strive's original China-related lore entry
    16. Silent Hill and Siren devs on their return to horror
    17. Nintendo reveals upgraded OLED Switch, due October
    18. Nintendo Switch OLED costs £309 in UK
    19. Resident Evil Village sales pass 4.5m
    20. Among Us Irish localisation "a cultural win for a thriving minority language"
    21. Dark Souls 3 now runs at 60fps on Xbox Series X/S thanks to FPS Boost
    1. Wadjet Eye's acclaimed urban fantasy adventure Unavowed is now on Switch
    2. Doom Eternal's next-gen patch tested on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles
    3. Spec analysis: Switch OLED model - new display, old tech
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    14. Warpips is a real-time tactics delight
    15. Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong delayed into next year
    1. Young fan sent PS5 by Marcus Rashford for fundraising work
    2. Greedfall dev shares first gameplay footage of its 18th century automaton RPG Steelrising
    3. There's a new RoboCop game in the works from the team behind Terminator: Resistance
    4. Star Trek: Discovery's Michelle Yeoh cast in Netflix's upcoming live-action Witcher prequel
    5. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's location is finally revealed
    6. Tunic still lacks a release date, but already has speedrunners interested
    7. King of Fighters 15 now also coming to Xbox Series X and S
    8. Pokémon Go is five years old today
    9. Microsoft announces games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass
    10. Atari moves away from free-to-play and mobile to focus on premium PC and console games
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    1. PlayStation Now games for July 2021 announced
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    7. US military withdraws from Afghanistan base, leaves Pokémon behind
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    12. A hacker has hacked Apex Legends to complain about Titanfall hackers
    1. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt's PC system requirements have been updated
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    7. Getting physical with Virtual Realms
    1. The System Shock remake gets seven minutes of new gameplay
    2. Guild Wars 2 expansion End of Dragons delayed, but senior devs return to ArenaNet
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    11. Xbox and Kojima reportedly in talks for publishing deal
    12. The LG BX OLED - one of the best TVs for PS5 and Series X - is on offer again
    13. Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting another expansion
    14. Dragon Age and Mass Effect will skip this month's EA Play Live
    15. Digital PSP games will live on via PS3 and Vita, Sony clarifies
    16. Nintendo's developer interview series returns
    17. Mario Kart Live Home Circuit gets a surprise new update
    1. Microsoft Flight Simulator set to receive massive performance boost in next PC update
    2. The Sims 4's new Cottage Living expansion is all about the rural life and arrives this month
    3. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is official, out in August on PS4 and PS5
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