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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit gets a surprise new update

New environments, new karts and more.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, the curious and enjoyable AR-offshoot for Nintendo's much-loved racing series that first released in October last year, has just got a substantial new update that introduces a whole new cup and various other elements.

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The 1.1.0 update, which went live yesterday, introduces the all-new Mario Cup, and upon its completion you're given access to new environments and gates to use in your course creations. There's also new kart elements, with 'Super Yoshi' and 'Yoshi Horn' up for grabs.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit was the work of Velan Studios, who've gone on to find further success with this year's Knockout City. Home Circuit wasn't without its limitations, but it was still a fascinating and frequently charming thing. "A neatly crafted gizmo, and a fresh reminder that Nintendo remains a toymaker at heart," we wrote in our Mario Kart Live Home Circuit review.