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Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality launches for consoles and PC in September

Cyber me up.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality will arrive for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox on 30th September.

This is a new and expanded version of the Jodie Whittaker-starring Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which originally launched in 2019.

The Edge of Reality "reimagines and expands" the VR experience with new story, new enemies and - perhaps most notably - a meeting with the fan-favourite Tenth Doctor, voiced again here by David Tennant.

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"In this thrilling first-person adventure, a 'reality virus' is wreaking havoc across the universe, causing time glitches that distort the past, present and future," the game's blurb reads. "Players will face an entirely new antagonist - The CyberReaper, an ominous foe with a terrifying purpose."

The Edge of Reality is the latest Doctor Who project from British studio Maze Theory, which developed the original Edge of Time VR game and the recent found-footage mobile spin-off of Blink, The Lonely Assassins.

Ian played the original version of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time back in 2019, some of which you can watch below:

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