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One of Doctor Who's best episodes is getting a mobile game sequel

Blink and you'll miss it.

Blink, one of Doctor Who's best ever episodes, is getting a mobile game sequel.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins launches for iPhone and Android on 19th March, and has been designed as a "found phone" game with new live-action performances from Doctor Who characters.

UNIT expert Osgood is investigating the events of the legendary Blink episode, and the subsequent disappearance of Larry, one of its characters. (Blink star Finlay Robertson returns as Larry, alongside Ingrid Oliver as Osgood.)

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The Lonely Assassins is developed by "found phone" genre regulars Kaigan Games, which previously made similar apps such as Sara is Missing and Simulacra. In short, the game mimics giving you control of an entire phone which you're able to snoop through for clues, and receive calls from other characters.

Doctor Who video games have been hit and miss over the years, but new story clips and a developer experienced in this type of game may make this one worth paying attention to. Also, it's the Weeping Angels! I'm guessing there'll be some cool use of the camera to keep an eye on those.