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October 2010 Archive

    1. Face-Off: Fallout: New Vegas
    2. Can Rock Band Save Music Games?
    3. What Makes Horror Games Scary?
    4. Phone Home
    1. No Demon's Souls 2 planned
    2. No Christmas price cut for Wii
    3. Nintendo not interested in smartphones
    4. Lay-offs rumoured at IO
    5. Huge XP boost for Gears 2 this weekend
    6. Nintendo hints at 3DS launch line-up
    7. Tokyo Jungle confirmed for EU PSN
    8. XBL sees audience bump for TV/movies
    9. New 3DS Store shown off
    10. Euro LOTRO free-to-play relaunch dated
    11. Keiji Inafune quits Capcom
    12. Take-Two boss quits to go travelling
    13. Download Games Roundup
    14. Deadly Premonition
    15. Harmonix: People were waiting to buy RB3
    16. Sales currently "sluggish", says SEGA
    17. PS3 global total snaps at 360's heels
    18. Game of the Week
    19. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg
    20. Kotick makes list of most influential men
    21. Halo: Reach bloats global 360 count
    22. Booting up Kinect games early blocks Live
    23. Scribblenauts dev unveils new shooter
    1. Fresh MAG DLC announced
    2. Super Mario All-Stars on top in Japan
    3. Monday Night Combat gets free DLC
    4. Killzone 3: Helghast Edition revealed
    5. No UMD for PSP2?
    6. First Enslaved DLC detailed
    7. Battlefield: BC2 PC patch incoming
    8. Ghost Trick release date confirmed
    9. No Euro date for Sly Collection
    10. Universal Studios lends monsters for MMO
    11. Rare's New Boss Reveals His Vision
    12. Cave creation coming to Europe
    13. Rock Band 3
    14. Specific UK F.E.A.R. 3 date nailed
    15. Nintendo Wii and DS sales down
    16. Make own Star Trek Online missions
    17. Super Mario Galaxy 2 sells loads
    18. Capcom enjoying Dead Rising sales
    19. Dragon Age II gets its own Cerberus
    20. Valve unveils first TF2 boss
    21. FIFA 11 Ultimate Team dated
    22. Hot Pursuit PS3/360 demo showdown
    23. Black Ops gets online split-screen MP
    24. PlayStation Phone is "definitely real"
    25. EA layoffs hit NBA Elite and Skate 3 dev
    26. Ready at Dawn Says Goodbye To PSP
    27. THQ: no need for new consoles
    28. Blacklight dev defends Tango Down
    1. Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev
    2. Xbox veteran takes charge of Rare
    3. Super Scribblenauts
    4. Angry Birds sells a million in six days
    5. Days of Thunder cruising onto XBLA
    6. Team Ninja not missing Itagaki
    7. 2K backtrack on PC BioShock DLC
    8. More multiplayer DLC for Medal of Honor
    9. New Blizzard MMO won't replace WoW
    10. Double Red Dead XP this weekend
    11. Sony announces PlayStation Rewards
    12. PS Phone images "definitely fake"
    13. Microsoft thought Rare was Activision's
    14. Greenpeace dumps on Nintendo
    15. Four demos on PSN Store today
    16. Medal of Honor
    17. How Castlevania Nearly Didn't Happen
    18. Nottingham's GameCity festival this week
    19. Pokémon Black & White
    20. Back to the Future not for Wii
    21. Shank and DeathSpank out on PC
    22. Epic Yarn has "potential" beyond Kirby
    23. Ex developer: Apple nearly bought Bungie
    24. Zynga valued at whopping $5.51 billion
    25. PlayStation Phone pictures in wild
    26. Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops
    1. Spider-Man: SD gets first DLC pack
    2. New MK is for tournament fighters
    3. AC: Brotherhood post-beta tweaks detailed
    4. No More Heroes PS3 gets US release
    5. Pac-Man Party gets dated
    6. Apple boss furious at MS Bungie buy-out
    7. Vanquish
    8. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
    9. No Super Meat Boy 2 planned
    10. EA Sports MMA "dead on arrival"
    11. Xbox Live policy slows 360 KUFII release
    12. Podcast #43
    13. RDR standalone DLC disc dated
    14. Xbox 360 Majin demo out now
    15. Champions Online going free-to-play
    16. Sony proclaims PS3's VidZone a success
    17. F1 2010 patch in submission
    18. Xbox HD remakes unlikely
    19. PSPgo price cut "too meagre, too late"
    20. First Lara Croft DLC detailed
    21. "Xbox 2" game WarDevil canned
    22. Blizzard: PC gaming "super healthy"
    23. MS: New PC Marketplace not like Steam
    24. 65.3 million Wii remotes sold in US
    25. Telltale's Back to Future for December
    26. Sony: Kinect-style control is "cumbersome"
    27. SEGA encouraged by Vanquish sales
    28. MS: Kinect games will span all genres
    29. John Lennon's "Imagine" coming to RB3
    30. Fable III
    1. Indie at the Expo
    2. Sony slashes UK PSPgo price
    3. GOW PSP dev making new, original IP
    4. Out This Week
    5. Out This Week
    6. Out This Week
    7. Get Games stabs prices for Halloween
    8. NFS: Hot Pursuit demo tomorrow
    9. Linkin Park's Phoenix Farrell
    10. Fable III UK launch night plans
    11. APB patch notes reveal hope
    12. No Shaun White Blu-ray mishap here
    13. Homefront novel detailed
    14. PSP2 screen an "inch larger" than PSP's
    15. UK chart: Fallout: New Vegas wins big
    16. Ninja Theory hiring for unannounced game
    17. Hi-Rez will resurrect Tribes IP
    18. Nintendo: Apple is our greatest threat
    19. Agent 47 voice actor confirms Hitman 5
    20. Blizzard excited for fourth WOW expansion
    21. Mafia 2's Joe's Adventures dated, priced
    1. SCII: Heart of the Swarm due after 2011
    2. Fallout dev focusing on 360 save bug fix
    3. iPhone/iPad ChuChu Rocket! "very soon"
    4. Is Vanquish a four-hour game?
    5. Hard Numbers
    6. Diablo III's Demon Hunter in detail
    7. More StarCraft II leagues, seasons coming
    8. Blizzard DOTA SCII mod shown at BlizzCon
    9. Valve shouldn't trademark DOTA - Blizzard
    1. Old WOW dungeons revamped in patch 4.1
    2. BlizzCon 2010 Conference
    3. Final Diablo III class is Demon Hunter
    4. Pre-order Cataclysm direct from Blizz
    5. Rockstar details RDR's Land Grab Mode
    6. David Cage: Horizon was a ruse
    7. Bizarre's James Bond: Blood Stone dated
    8. Game of the Week
    9. A Challenge to Freedom
    10. Face-Off: Vanquish
    11. Free The Doors songs for Rock Band 3
    12. Over 60,000 join in Fable III: Kingmaker
    13. Download Games Roundup
    14. Guild Wars 2 paid-for dungeons are TBC
    15. Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012
    16. Sony US can't make enough Move
    17. Atlus profit down to Demon's Souls
    18. Super Meat Boy save fix on the way
    19. Battlefield 3 will be just as good on PC
    20. Minecraft hit by DDOS attack
    21. Microsoft to relaunch Steam rival
    22. Jonathan Blow asks fans to "have faith"
    23. Team Fortress 2 made modders $$$$$s
    24. Boxleitner to star in TRON videogame
    1. New Fable IIIs unlock exclusive DLC
    2. Time Crisis PS Move game dated
    3. NBA Jam PS3/360 gets UK date, price
    4. Blacklight: Tango Down gets PSN date
    5. Blitz predicts digital-only PS4/Xbox 720
    6. MMO storytelling: "more isn't better"
    7. Costume Quest
    8. Rock Band 3 instruments priced
    9. THQ augments reality on Kinect
    10. Marvel Pinball outed by ratings board
    11. Just Dance 2
    12. EA buys out Angry Birds publisher
    13. GAME reveals Black Ops midnight openings
    14. COD: Black Ops ditches drop-shots
    15. Lucas explains Force Unleashed II tech
    16. KZ3 Collector's Ed has Helghast goggles
    17. Section 8: Prejudice beta incoming
    18. Kinect/Move MJ game delayed
    19. John Romero behind new Facebook game
    20. Blizzard: Anonymity suspends reality
    21. 50m Facebook gamers "addicted" – report
    22. Arcania: Gothic 4
    23. Inafune surprised Layton/Wright happened
    1. Capcom planned Dante controversy
    2. Mac gets dedicated App Store
    3. Medal of Honor gets patched up
    4. Miyamoto: Mario originally had a gun
    5. New PlayStation 2 bundle announced
    6. GoW Collection for PlayStation Store
    7. WoW: Cataclysm specs released
    8. Fallout: New Vegas patches inbound
    9. Halo: Reach biggest US game of 2010
    10. Lara Croft PC/PS3 must wait for co-op
    11. Fallujah dev's next in London soon
    12. Squeenix quiet on EU 3rd Birthday date
    13. EA Sports MMA
    14. Console Witcher 2 now just a "potential"
    15. Trion talks Rift
    16. Rift: Planes of Telara
    17. Costume Quest beautifies PSN update
    18. SEGA confirms HD Dreamcast ports
    19. Sony hiring for a "futuristic racer"
    20. Blue Toad Murder Files coming to PC
    21. Control Method
    22. Guess what percentage finished ACII
    23. Mobile Games Roundup
    24. "80% willing to game with 3D glasses"
    25. MS: Batman AA 3D a "science experiment"
    26. Layton VS Phoenix Wright only for Japan
    27. How much money did MOH make?
    28. Face-Off: Medal of Honor
    1. Original Twisted Metal for PS3/PSP?
    2. Violent games edited for Middle East
    3. Most expensive game merch ever detailed
    4. Man makes game in 24 hours, is ace
    5. LotR Online F2P delay explained
    6. Homefront: "I promise you it competes"
    7. gets a revamp
    8. Medal of Honor gets free multiplayer DLC
    9. DJ Hero 2
    10. Black Ops PC specs released
    11. Alan Wake dev hiring for AAA 360 game
    12. Super Meat Boy gets early price drop
    13. Fantasy Life on a 3DS
    14. Podcast #42
    15. Level-5's Time Travelers for 3DS
    16. DS version of Deathly Hallows detailed
    17. 360 Fist of the North Star demo released
    18. Podcast #41
    19. Prof. Layton VS Phoenix Wright is real
    20. Sony suggests fix for broken PS3 RDR DLC
    21. Level-5 DS football RPG dated
    22. Daily puzzles for 3DS Prof. Layton
    23. Level-5's DS Ni no Kuni detailed
    24. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    25. THQ extends UFC license to 2018
    26. Ex-Assassin's Creed dev joins THQ
    27. Study links violent games to aggression
    28. Fable de-make to revive promised ideas
    29. Dino Crisis, Onimusha not forgotten
    30. Trine 2 confirmed for PC/PSN/XBLA
    31. Get Commandos Complete for two quid
    32. Finish Demon's Souls in an hour
    33. Fallout: New Vegas
    34. Hacker denies COD: Black Ops leak reports
    35. Apple posts record $20 billion quarter
    36. Digging for Victory: Minecraft Explored
    1. Facebook games shut for privacy breach
    2. Halo: Reach level cap going up
    3. 40% of all sales digital in three years
    4. Civ V DLC dated, detailed
    5. Kinect gets $500m marketing spend
    6. Bonk, Tetris, Omega Five for 3DS
    7. Games industry obsessed with complexity
    8. Telltale's BTTF game free with Blu-ray
    9. Meat Boy dev: Games are too easy
    10. What is Kinect's launch line-up?
    11. PS3 denied Fallout: NV DLC for now
    12. Steam has over 30 million accounts
    13. Practice DJ Hero 2 online now
    14. Try Football Manager 2011 this week
    15. Ubisoft Kinect trio are launch titles
    16. PlatinumGames' Atsushi Inaba talks Vanquish
    17. Xbox Live Arcade "past tipping point"
    18. Visceral making new Command & Conquer
    19. EA's arcade shooter MicroBot revealed
    20. Resistance 3 won't be the last
    21. MGS, PES and Contra 3DS confirmed for EU
    22. Konami dates Kinect DanceEvolution
    23. "State" of FFXIV leads to trial extension
    24. FFXIII: Mistakes, conflict, standstill
    25. Blizzard suing StarCraft II hackers
    26. Blacklight heading to US PS3s this month
    27. Reach campaign matchmaking goes live
    28. Super Meat Boy
    29. Kojima holds first meeting on new game
    1. Xbox user hits 500,000 Gamerscore
    2. When Small Means Big
    1. King of Fighters hits up XBLA
    2. Guitar Hero series in trouble
    3. THQ sketch out uDraw launch plans
    4. Bit.Trip Fate dated for WiiWare
    5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PS3/360 demo showdown
    6. New StarCraft II update goes live
    7. XBL launches in nine new countries
    8. Namco hails Chilean miners, causes offence
    9. Dead Space heading to iPad
    10. Kinect's sitting down woe finally over
    11. UK Two Worlds II delay confirmed at last
    12. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
    13. XBL Game Room dev dead on Monday
    14. The EGTV Show: The Videogames Election - Episode 3
    15. Pachter sets record straight on Steam row
    16. Red Dead zombie DLC dated
    17. Game of the Week
    18. Eurogamer wins Games Media Award
    19. "Unethical" Langdell booted from IGDA
    20. Game of the Week
    21. Wii Remote/Motion Plus combo dated
    22. Download Games Roundup
    23. Ferrari The Race Experience
    24. How many hidden Vaults in Fallout: NV?
    25. "Someone's got to be the Taliban"
    26. Civilization V gets release date
    27. Red Dead standalone DLC disc bundle
    28. WOW mouse took two years to make
    29. Dark Void dev making "triple-A" games
    30. Pirates Caribbean action-RPG cancelled
    31. Shinji Mikami explains Vanquish demo
    32. Greenberg: 360 sold 484k in September
    33. Okamiden
    34. Move sales exceed Sony's forecasts
    1. SEGA narrows down The Conduit 2 release
    2. Valve: no plans for Steam trade-ins
    3. Xbox 360 sales boom in the US
    4. Microsoft to up Xbox 360 friend limit?
    5. Disc release for 360/PS3 NBA Jam
    6. Dragon Age 2 pre-orders get free content
    7. Red Dead Redemption a hit in Japan
    8. GT5 delay due to PS3 hack?
    9. BioWare leak row gathers pace
    10. Castlevania dev teases 3D Contra pitch
    11. Force Unleashed maker on why he walked
    12. ChampMan 11 the best on iPhone?
    13. First Halo: Reach map pack revealed
    14. Rock Band 3
    15. PS3 Castlevania save patch "incoming"
    16. EA reveals its Windows Phone 7 games
    17. Just Cause
    18. Steam Borderlands buyers get DNF demo
    19. Visceral grows, working on four new titles
    20. Cave's XBLA Guwange in November
    21. Eurogamer Expo 2010 Top 10
    22. EA: MOH "exceeding" US shop forecasts
    23. Fan-made Duke Nukem gets the go-ahead
    24. SCII single-player bans explained
    25. Civ5 patch kills resource multiply bug
    26. Black Ops may be "biggest game ever"
    27. First Crysis 2 beta only on Xbox 360
    28. Steam to offer trade-ins – analyst
    29. SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model
    30. GT5 delayed to "iron out kinks"
    31. Football Manager 2011
    1. Suda51 recruits Harvest Moon creator
    2. EA dismisses poor MOH review scores
    3. Axed Fable III Kinect content detailed
    4. Atari revives Star Raiders
    5. Laid-off EA dev: Old Republic "is a joke"
    6. Full Dance Central tracklist confirmed
    7. Strategy guides heading to PSN
    8. Valve making DotA 2
    9. GT5 still set for "astronomical sales"
    10. New Rune Factory for PS3, Wii
    11. Gran Turismo 5 delayed again
    12. Willing and Able?
    13. Killzone 3 beta heads PS Store update
    14. Blue Toad Murder Files half price
    15. Making Dead Space 2
    16. LOVEFiLM confirmed for PlayStation 3
    17. A Shadow’s Tale
    18. Dead Space 2 CE has a Plasma Cutter
    19. Crazy Taxi HD port in November
    20. Moon dev asks fans to help secure sequel
    21. Disney reveals Euro PSP Split/Second date
    22. Nathan Fillion wants to be Nathan Drake
    1. Tony Hawk: Shred team axed
    2. PSPgo getting a price cut?
    3. Mario and Sonic for London Olympics?
    4. F1 driver uses videogame for practice
    5. Visceral unsure on Dante's Inferno sequel
    6. EVE gets noob-friendly special edition
    7. OutRun Online Arcade taken off PSN
    8. Kinect sold out at GAME
    9. NPD to stop publishing US sales figures
    10. Killzone 3 beta theme goes live tomorrow
    11. Rare: We should have scrapped Kameo
    12. Free Guitar Hero pack on XBL today
    13. TriOviz 3D joins Unreal Engine 3
    14. MOH: Frontline HD tech analysis
    15. Pay for SmackDown 2011 DLC upfront
    16. Marine dislikes MOH Afghanistan depiction
    17. Cataclysm bonus DVD detailed
    18. Assassin's Creed Facebook game launches
    19. Zoë Mode working with Matsuura on Haunt
    20. MS mock-up infuriates Angry Birds
    21. SEGA to focus on Sonic, FM and Total War
    22. Konami details X-Men Arcade
    23. Japan weighs in on 3DS price debate
    24. Tenacious D to rock BlizzCon 2010
    25. Activision shrinks Singularity dev Raven
    26. MOH dev: Try it before you judge us
    27. Treyarch: "We are a PC developer"
    28. Force Unleashed II demo on Xbox Live
    1. EA's Spielberg collaboration binned
    2. Gray Matter delayed yet again
    3. Sonic redesigned to appeal to Mario fans
    4. Mobile Games Roundup
    5. Windows Phone 7 launch detailed
    6. Red Wii confirmed for UK
    7. Mega Man 9 still hides secret content
    8. Limbo team unveils its next project
    9. EVE player loses 30 billion ISK
    10. Guild Wars loot carries over
    11. Out This Week
    12. No SingStar Dance bundle for Europe
    13. Serkis: Games need a "unified concept"
    14. Castlevania: LOS sequel confirmed
    15. EA giving Dead Space Ignition for free
    16. MODOK and Magneto for MVC3
    17. Tron Evolution
    18. Langdell loses his Edge trademarks
    19. Call of Duty DS dev "down but not out"
    20. Two new MVC3 fighters confirmed
    21. The Darkness 2 still on the cards
    22. Prinny 2 heading to western PSPs
    23. NBA Jam dev calls out hateful gamers
    24. New Xbox dashboard updates unveiled
    25. No Minerva's Den for PC BioShock 2
    26. Harmonix: Rock Band can go on and on
    27. Nintendo: piracy not behind poor sales
    28. Bulletstorm dev denies Duke Nukem nod
    29. More Capcom arcade classics for Wii
    30. Bon Jovi DLC for Rock Band 3
    31. Lovefilm app heading to PlayStation 3?
    32. UK chart: FIFA 11 holds lead
    33. Vote for Mega Man Legends 3 heroine
    34. Disney "hugely supportive" of Epic Mickey
    35. MS helping with Gears 3 "server farm"
    36. How the Wii Vitality Sensor works
    37. Gearbox: PC distributors should play nice
    38. 3DS price fair because you don't need TV
    39. Old X-Men game for PSN and XBLA
    40. Duke Forever demo for "everybody"
    41. Reach campaign matchmaking next week
    42. Prof. Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises
    1. Face-Off: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
    2. Breaking Up
    1. TFUII UK date pinned down
    2. LEGO Universe
    3. Capcom talks Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    4. Download Games Roundup
    5. Gaikai live in mid-December - Perry
    6. Resi 5 Alternative to be DLC in spring
    7. GOG adds Icewind Dale
    8. Borderlands GOTY out next Fri in UK
    9. Wii and DS Harvest Moons out in Nov
    10. H.A.W.X. 2 dated on PC and Wii
    11. Free PES 2011 update on Tuesday
    12. WRC FIA World Rally Championship
    13. Miyamoto: Evolving tech kept Mario fresh
    14. Front Mission Evolved
    15. Free-to-play LOTRO doubles revenue
    16. One-to-one chat with AI "five years off"
    17. Too Human dev making new X-Men game
    18. Duke Nukem pre-orders to be honoured
    19. StarCraft II patch rebalances Zerg
    20. SCII: Heart of the Swarm in early 2012?
    21. Charge cradle confirmed for 3DS
    22. MS tested pre-Kinect motion controllers
    1. Spielberg goes shopping for Halo novels
    2. Wii Remote Plus gets Japan date
    3. Will Wright unveils new TV show
    4. World of Warcraft movie on hold
    5. Killzone 3 beta only for PS+ subs
    6. Kratos' brother soon added to GOWIII
    7. World of Warcraft hits 12m subscribers
    8. The Shoot dated for PS3
    9. Online co-op confirmed for Dead Nation
    10. Levine rejected collab with film director
    11. Bethesda parent gets more money
    12. Gears of War 3 beta announced
    13. Face-Off: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    14. Kirby's Epic Yarn was Fluff's Yarn first
    15. Langdell war "not over yet" - Mobigame
    16. Activision reveals X-Men: Destiny
    17. Capcom told NT to "go crazy" with Dante
    18. Darkfall gets a massive makeover
    19. Force Unleashed III back on
    20. 25th Anniversary Mario All-Stars dated
    21. "Average" Sonic games de-listed
    22. Free Realms Mac soon, PS3 "still coming"
    23. iPhone Sonic 4: Episode 1 released
    24. BlizzCon schedule hints at Diablo focus
    25. UK release date revealed for Nail'd
    26. New Shenmue game coming to mobiles
    27. Dragon Age 2 imports DAO world
    28. Nintendo unveils Mario Red Wii
    29. DeathSpank for PC/Mac this month
    30. US Kinectimals bundles include stuffed toy
    31. How PS3 Facebook integration may work
    1. Dead Rising 2 DLC announced
    2. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded dated for EU
    3. Get DJ Hero free with DJ Hero 2
    4. Call of 3D
    5. DJ Hero 2 leads PSN Store dash
    6. EVE: CCP Gives A Damn
    7. Wii games cause "bystander injuries"
    8. Black Ops more lenient with XBL chat
    9. Wii Party
    10. Castlevania Collector's Ed pulled – GAME
    11. del Toro disses games-as-art deniers
    12. Rock Band library to top 2000 tracks
    13. Livetext beta test: Q&A with Tom!
    14. Dead Space 2 prequel revealed
    15. Dead Space Ignition out next week
    16. Visceral wants to make Dead Space 3
    17. Force Unleashed II demo next week
    18. SEGA making Cap America "fans deserve"
    19. Forza fans turn on Turn 10
    20. Ubi's Detoc compares Kinect to iPad
    21. Buy Borderlands, try out Duke Nukem
    22. New Ferrari game cheaper for loyal fans
    23. US Army bases still won't stock MOH
    24. Halo: Reach updated
    25. POP Trilogy an EU PS3 exclusive
    1. Free costumes for Red Dead next week
    2. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
    3. HMV on game-traders: "It's up to them"
    4. PC, PS3 and 360 Black Ops runs in 3D
    5. Podcast #40
    6. Champions Online gets new stuff
    7. NeverDead
    8. PS3 connectivity forced LBP2 delay
    9. Neverwinter Wonders
    10. Naughty Bear DLC out now
    11. Lost Planet and Dead Rising cost Capcom
    12. Metascores alone do not impact sales
    13. Second place for UK at WCG
    14. Freemium Capcom Arcade for iPhone
    15. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dated
    16. New Panasonic MMO handheld inbound
    17. DC Universe delayed until early 2011
    18. SSFIV dev pitches Yun & Yang for console
    19. Bangai-O HD delayed until spring
    20. EA beats "nuisance litigator" Langdell
    21. GTA IV: Complete Edition out this month
    22. GoldenEye Classic Edition unlocks mode
    23. Castlevania Facebook game unveiled
    24. FIFA 11 biggest sports game launch ever
    25. Spooky DLC due for Sports Champions
    26. Costume Quest dated, priced
    27. TrackMania
    1. Castlevania: LOS XBL demo out now
    2. Explosionade dev says XBLM is "broken"
    3. Record attendance at EG Expo
    4. FIFA 11 makes over £28m in UK alone
    5. Daily Star pays out for false GTA story
    6. "Oh no, what's Bobby said now?"
    7. Epic: Future Xbox, PS could be mobile
    8. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
    9. Square Enix hints at FFXIII-2
    10. PG: Bayonetta 2 "when the time is right"
    11. Fallout: New Vegas PC specs revealed
    12. Mobile Games Roundup
    13. PC Medal of Honor open beta live
    14. FIFA 11 scores UK number one
    15. IO: K&L2 is a "love or hate" game
    16. Kojima wanted game to emit blood smell
    17. US shops date Duke Nukem Forever
    18. Just Cause film rights optioned
    19. Takahashi forms new freelance company
    20. Nintendo: 1 in 3 UK homes has a Wii
    1. CA wants Shogun II: TW to "ham it up"
    2. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Mike Simpson presents Shogun II
    3. Story is Witcher 2's "ultimate feature"
    4. "Bollocks" does 3D hog CPU - Evolution
    5. Witcher 2 dev: RPGs not in competition
    6. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: CD Projekt presents The Witcher 2
    7. Antoniades: DmC wouldn't stop Enslaved 2
    8. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Ninja Theory presents Enslaved
    9. No unfair edge with 3D - MotorStorm dev
    10. MS: XBL the "hook" for Windows Phone 7
    11. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Evolution presents MotorStorm Apocalypse
    1. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Guerrilla Games on Killzone 3
    2. LBP2 will have 10-level Move demo
    3. Yuji Naka: Sonic & Mario "was my idea"
    4. Hello Games: design docs are "insane"
    5. KZ3 campaign co-op? "Who knows?" - GG
    6. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Media Molecule presents LBP2
    7. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Hello Games looks back at Joe Danger
    8. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Yuji Naka presents Ivy the Kiwi?
    9. Nintendo mulls auto 3DS firmware updates
    10. New SSFIV costumes priced, dated
    11. Analysts criticise EA's MOH Taliban cut
    12. LBP2 dev hails fan reaction to delay
    13. Blizzard smashes StarCraft II cheaters
    14. Tony Hawk: Shred dated
    15. Bungie bans 15,000 Halo: Reach cheaters
    16. Tech Comparison: Dead Rising 2 PC
    1. Legacy of Joy
    2. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Tim Willits presents RAGE
    3. SP mulling inFamous 2 multiplayer
    4. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Sucker Punch presents inFAMOUS 2
    5. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Maxx Kaufman presents Hunted
    6. EA axes Taliban from Medal of Honor
    7. Gears of War 3 delayed
    8. Doors open on Eurogamer Expo 2010
    9. Does Eidos want to make Deus Ex 4?
    10. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Eidos Montreal presents Deus Ex
    11. Fable III has "huge decision" at start
    12. Free Fable III mobile game revealed
    13. Codies: "Phoney" F1 2010 AI claims false
    14. Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Peter Molyneux talks Fable III
    15. Molyneux explains son's plea to Valve
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