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Free Fable III mobile game revealed

Earn gold and transfer it to the main game.

A free Fable III Android/iPhone/Windows 7 Phone game that allows players to earn in-game gold that can then be transferred to the main game will release on Monday 4th October, Microsoft has announced.

It's called Fable III: Kingmaker, and allows players to take ownership of land for their faction by tagging their location and planting a virtual flag using the GPS facility on their smart phone.

The faction with the most flags in a territory will conquer it, changing its allegiance to the Rebels or the Royals. Your reward is in-game gold, which can be transferred to the Xbox 360 version of Fable III when it's released on 29th October.

Fable III gold can be spent on player customisation and in-game products, such as crystal swords and manor houses. The idea is that you build up your bank account ahead of the game's release.

Creative director Peter Molyneux, who's just finished his star turn presenting Fable III at Eurogamer Expo 2010, said: "To be able to earn gold you can use in your Fable III game, and to check-in and claim land for your side is brilliant for both Fable III and Xbox 360. We all love the innovation and feeling of being connected that Kingmaker brings to gamers."

The app will launch on 4th October for Android, 6th October for iPhone and this Christmas on Windows Phone 7.

To see if your phone makes the grade, head over to the official site.