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A Boy and His Blob 3DS canned?

E3 reveal was a mistake, apparently.

The studio behind cute Wii platformer A Boy and His Blob is not working on a 3DS version of the game, despite the game appearing on a Nintendo release schedule after the platform holder's E3 conference this year.

A spokesperson for developer WayForward Technologies told Eurogamer, "The Blob announcement at E3 was incorrect... We're not developing blob for any systems currently."

We've contacted original publisher Majesco to see if it has a different studio working on the project. We'll update if it chooses to comment.

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead wrapped his arms around the Wii version, squeezed and slapped an 8/10 on its cheek when the game launched late last year.

Sad news then, but 3DS owners will have plenty to be getting on with when the system launches next year. Nintendo showed off an array of forthcoming titles earlier this week.