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EVE gets noob-friendly special edition

Commissioned Officer Edition detailed.

A special edition of popular MMORPG EVE Online has been announced, aimed at making the game more accessible for new players.

EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition offers an exclusive in-game item – the Cerebral Accelerator – which boosts a new player's stats for a 30 day period while they get up to speed with how the game works.

The Cerebral Accelerator will not be available via any other means and will only be delivered to the first character created on the account.

The package also includes a CD key for starting a new account, a 30 days paid game subscription and an EVE poster featuring tips and advice for new pilots.

The special edition will only be available as a boxed product - not as a digital download.

All you EVE novices be careful out there though. One poor soul just lost $1200 worth of micro-transactions thanks to a vicious gang of opportunistic gamers.

EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition will be available for PC from 19th October.

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