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EA beats "nuisance litigator" Langdell

Edge Games' "trolling" denied.

Timothy Langdell has been beaten: EA has won its court case against Edge Games.

Langdell's motion for injunction was denied by a US court, Industry Gamers reported. The court ruled that Langdell was "suspect" after his "trolling" of the videogames industry. His "fraudulent" statements to the US patent office could result in "criminal proceedings".

An EA rep said the company was "pleased" with the outcome and hoped it would serve as a "milestone" of protection against "nuisance litigators".

EA had counter-filed against Edge Games, challenging each and every one of Langdell's claimed trademarks. There's no mention of whether EA has been entirely successful on that front.

Langdell attacked EA for use of the word Edge in DICE's free-running action game Mirror's Edge. But EA were by no means the first of Langdell's targets. The most widely publicised of them has been Edge Games' battle against mobile developer mobigame and its iPhone title EDGE.

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