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April 2022 Archive

    1. Valve confirms "blocked" Steam Deck installations are just a "technical issue"
    2. Warzone Season 3 leads to Virgin Media's "biggest gaming traffic spike on record"
    3. It looks like FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042 are on their way to Xbox Game Pass
    4. The Long Dark's first paid content will drop later this year and follow a "season-pass type approach"
    5. "It's almost time" to see The Callisto Protocol
    6. Genshin Impact Update 2.7 has been indefinitely delayed
    7. A quick look at the Playdate games on
    1. Sifu breaks down its upcoming difficulty settings in new preview trailer
    2. Viva Piñata Party Animals and Yoku’s Island Express lead May's Xbox Games With Gold
    3. Warzone best M1916 loadout, class setup and how to unlock the M1916
    4. Warzone best Nikita AVT loadout, class setup and how to unlock the Nikita AVT
    5. Animal Crossing May Day maze 2022: How to complete the May Day tour and restart the maze explained
    6. Monster Hunter Rise promising "exciting reveals" at next Sunbreak stream in May
    7. Lego Builder's Journey: the ray tracing showcase hits PS5
    8. Get Sky Broadband's new Gigafast full fibre service for just £52 per month
    9. Rogue Legacy 2 best class choice and how to unlock classes explained
    10. How to read Memory Fragments in Rogue Legacy 2 with the ‘thousand whispers’ puzzle
    11. Skull & Bones test footage appears online
    12. Where to buy Nintendo Switch Sports: price, bundles and deals
    13. Sony confirms ability to extend active PlayStation Plus subscriptions blocked until Premium launch in June
    14. Stardew Valley modders compete over grandpa's bed
    15. Upcoming indies Stray and Cult of the Lamb get new release windows
    16. MythForce's wonderful cartoon co-op nostalgia is held back by skeletal action
    17. Former Blizzard Versailles employees win appeal over redundancies
    18. Final Fantasy 16 producer hopes it will bring back lapsed players
    19. Bungie faces setback in legal bid to punish Destiny cheaters
    20. Pokémon Go A Mega Moment research steps, best Choose Path choice and rewards
    21. Tales of Arise sells 2m copies worldwide
    22. Get a free gift card when you buy one of these Razer mice, keyboards or headsets
    23. Latest Guardians of the Galaxy fridge stat shows how house proud we all are
    24. Here's a look at Pokémon Go's official trading cards
    25. Spider-Man swings in to the Matrix's UE5 megacity via mod
    26. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 officially announced
    27. It looks like the first batch of PS Plus Premium tier classic games has leaked on PSN
    28. What we've been playing
    1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 reportedly out 2023 for PS5, Series X/S and PC
    2. Activision Blizzard stockholders vote in favour of Microsoft acquisition
    3. Rogue Legacy 2 review - more of the brilliant same in this impressive sequel
    4. Terraria gets Don't Starve crossover in its latest update
    5. Microsoft announces Xbox and Bethesda showcase for June
    6. Sonic creator Yuji Naka says he was removed as director of Balan Wonderworld before disastrous launch
    7. WRC 10 on Switch: is it really that bad?
    8. Halo Infinite livestream interrupted by secret teaser
    9. The past, present and future of Dorfromantik
    10. Climate Replay starts pledge against the use of NFTs in games
    11. Dragon Age game testers seek unionisation
    12. Rainbow Six Siege's Rengoku event lets you play as a samurai
    13. Sony looks to have disabled PlayStation Plus subscription stacking
    14. Xbox gets a Scottish twist with its own new tartan controller
    15. Reggie Fils-Aimé says he's a believer in blockchain and play-to-own technology
    16. Elden Ring player meets Jesus for holy duel
    17. Nintendo issues Switch Sports safety warning to avoid children hitting each other
    18. Blizzard celebrates Overwatch's highest day ever on Twitch
    19. Sony's new games preservation engineer addresses his job role
    20. Sonic Speed Simulator review - a free, good-looking Roblox game that's fast and fun in short spins
    1. Adorable dinosaur theme park sim Parkasaurus makes console debut on Switch tomorrow
    2. Disney unveils free-to-play village life sim starring a bunch of classic characters
    3. Pokémon Go Fest 2022 includes option to set the event's difficulty for the first time
    4. This War of Mine: Final Cut heading to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in May
    5. Stanley Parable all endings and how many endings there are explained
    6. Call of Duty's anti-cheat system is now preventing cheaters from seeing opponents in-game
    7. Devil May Cry 5 sales pass 5m worldwide
    8. PlayStation Plus and Now owners get Plus Premium for the longer of their two subscriptions
    9. Looks like FIFA 22 is coming to PlayStation Plus
    10. Twitch may reduce the revenue split for its partnered streamers, according to reports
    11. Dead By Daylight reveals first openly LGBT+ character in new Archive story content
    12. The sad lore hidden within Elden Ring's song of the bats
    13. The Last of Us 2 fan uses mods to try and change the game's story
    14. Letter from the editor: When nostalgia ain’t what it used to be
    15. Final Fantasy creator calls out Square Enix for price of $11.6k FF6 statue
    16. The effortless joy of Nintendo Switch Sports
    17. British Gas tells customers to turn off "vampire" consoles, laptops to save some money
    18. The Quarry will have an astounding 186 unique endings
    19. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory available on Steam 19 years after original release
    20. Final Fantasy 14 producer asks players to stop trolling each other in PvP
    21. Sniper Elite 5 sets its sights on the Hitman franchise
    22. Gears 5's map builder is being removed, but its achievements will be unlocked
    23. GTA5 update adds motion blur slider on PS5, Xbox Series X/S
    24. Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops times, streamer list, sign up access and end date explained
    25. Sifu to receive difficulty options this spring
    26. There are no plans for Cortana AI in Halo Infinite's multiplayer
    27. Xbox Series X/S have "taken share globally" in console market for past two quarters
    28. Elden Ring's Malenia is now fixed in latest update
    29. Kaiju Wars review - a gigantically clever strategy spoof
    30. PS5 stock drops at Amazon for the first time in ages
    1. New Elden Ring datamine video sheds further light on those mysterious colosseums
    2. 2K Games reportedly working on Rocket League rival with bikes instead of cars
    3. Netflix reportedly aiming to offer 50 games to subscribers by the end of 2022
    4. Sega delisting standalone versions of Sonic 1, 2, 3, and CD ahead of Sonic Origins' arrival
    5. Elden Ring Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent tips and strategy
    6. Sony reportedly now requires some PlayStation developers make time-limited game demos for Plus Premium
    7. Fortnite Recon Camera locations and how to set up Recon Cameras explained
    8. New Starfield video takes closer look at game's music and sound design
    9. Activision lost a third of its active players in past year
    10. Call of the Sea developers reveal new game American Arcadia
    11. Cherrim 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Sunshine Form Cherrim in Pokémon Go
    12. Fortnite dead drop intel locations and how to secure insider intel from a dead drop
    13. Latest Steam Deck update adds lock screen and windows switching
    14. PlayStation 3 emulation tested: revisiting Metal Gear Solid 4 at 4K 60fps with RPCS3
    15. Beautiful gardening sim The Garden Path is like Animal Crossing without the hustle
    16. Pikmin Bloom is getting weekly challenges
    17. Naughty Dog remake listing spotted, following The Last of Us project report
    18. Save 15% on a Nintendo Switch Sports pre-order with this promo code
    19. BBC Proms to include first video game concert
    20. Xbox had best March US hardware revenue for over a decade
    21. Online services for 90 older Ubisoft games ended
    22. Pokémon Go Mega Evolution overhaul now live in Australia, New Zealand
    23. Call of Duty QA testers getting closer to unionisation, regardless of Activision Blizzard wishes
    24. Pokémon Go Season of Alola end date and everything you need to know
    25. The A500 Mini: Where to buy the new Amiga retro console
    26. How games imagine the past and future of solar energy
    27. Off Topic: On the subtle mystery of Sam & Dave Dig a Hole
    28. Super Mario Bros. film delayed to 2023
    1. PlayStation 5 finally getting Variable Refresh Rate support this week
    2. There's a live 20th anniversary Ace Attorney concert streaming in May
    3. Telltale's The Walking Dead started life as a Left 4 Dead spin-off
    4. Newcastle takes centre stage in Apex Legends' newly revealed 13th season
    5. Warzone Season 3 release time, and what's new in the Season 3 update
    6. Uncharted Legacy of Thieves PC release date listed on Epic Games Store
    7. Elden Ring dataminer finds out what happens when you wake up the game's giants
    8. DF Direct Weekly: has the next-gen era actually started yet?
    9. Dying Light 2 gets New Game Plus mode this week
    10. A first play of Dune: Spice Wars feels like a first read of the books
    11. Valheim passes 10m sales, as development on the Mistlands continues
    12. New Call of Duty Warzone to be revealed later this year
    13. Gran Turismo 7's first proper content drop brings new cars and a new(ish) track
    14. Diablo Immortal launches in June for both mobile and PC
    15. Pokémon Go maker's Peridot begins its soft launch
    16. Return to Monkey Island will have its own take on an easy mode
    17. Ukrainian developer Stalker 2's website blocked by Russia
    18. Upgrading your PS Plus subscription tiers will be a doddle, according to Sony
    19. Ubisoft attracting acquisition interest, reports suggest
    20. Playable Elden Ring Game Boy demake on the way
    21. We Were Here Forever is the co-op experience I didn’t know I wanted
    1. Borderlands 3 will welcome back PlayStation cross-players in the "spring"
    2. Apple says apps that haven't been updated in two years will be "removed from sale"
    3. It's official - Baldur's Gate 3 definitely won't get a full release until 2023
    4. Sony's looking for a PC director to "bring the best of PlayStation to channels around the world"
    5. Koei Tecmo boosts its basic Japanese salary by 23 per cent
    6. Ubisoft confirms that its upcoming PvP battle arena game "Project Q" is real
    7. "The Spectrum was bigger than all of us": the people behind the legend celebrate its 40th anniversary
    1. Eve Online to increase monthly subscriptions because of "global trends"
    2. Infinity Ward goes dark ahead of a rumoured Modern Warfare 2 announcement
    3. God of War Ragnarok is still on track for 2022 release
    4. A500 Mini review: a great intro to the world of Commodore Amiga
    5. Save on ASUS, Samsung, MSI and Horizon products this weekend at CCL Computers
    6. CD Projekt is considering rolling out menstrual leave following GOG's new initiative
    7. This new range of Silent Hill collectable figurines includes the Bubble Head Nurse and Heather
    8. Halo Infinite's co-op campaign is now expected to release in August
    9. Call of Duty: Mobile's new season Wild Dogs drops next week - here's what's coming up
    10. VR allows the dancing side of boxing to come to life
    11. The question that must be answered: Steam Deck - can it run Crysis?
    1. An official Lego Atari 2600 is reportedly launching this August
    2. Nintendo US reportedly received "thousands" of faulty Joy-Cons each week at height of drift issues
    3. PlayStation Plus revamp targeting 22nd June launch in Europe
    4. Dying Light 2 has surpassed 5m copies sold since launching in February
    5. Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest, rewards for all Lady Tanith assassinations
    6. Two Point Campus will feature wizard duels and potion making
    7. Ink dries on Splatoon 3 September release date
    8. Four Syphon Filter games get new PS5 and PS4 ratings ahead of PlayStation Plus' remodel
    9. Devolver pokes fun at Sonic Origins' bizarre DLC and pre-order bonuses
    10. Kao the Kangaroo hops back onto consoles with his trusty boxing gloves next month
    11. Metal Gear and Death Stranding art director wants to design a car
    12. PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit falters
    13. COD-Zilla is officially coming, and he's bringing King Kong along for the ride
    14. How to evolve Usaring into Ursaluna in Pokémon Legends: Arceus
    15. Erica studio hopes new FMV game Crane can kickstart crime anthology
    16. Gearbox publishing new "roguelight" game Eyes in the Dark
    17. Gearbox making new Tales from the Borderlands, out this year
    18. Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball and other Sega Genesis games come to Nintendo Switch Online
    19. Activision blames Microsoft acquisition for failure to hire another woman to its board
    20. One of Elden Ring's most notorious bosses is now even more difficult
    21. What we've been playing
    1. Klonoa 1 & 2 remasters coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC alongside Switch version
    2. Skate 4 will reportedly let players create skateparks together in real-time
    3. Stellaris' empire-focused Overlord expansion gets May release day
    4. Overwatch 2's Sojourn is great and its hero reworks are transformational
    5. House of the Dead remake heading to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC next week
    6. Are adverts in free-to-play console games a sadly inevitable future?
    7. Square Enix announces Worldslayer, a massive expansion to Outriders
    8. Nintendo hit by worker complaint over right to unionise
    9. Here's how Rockstar got Dr Dre to star in GTA Online
    10. Returnal's Jane Perry on women in games and embodying psychological trauma
    11. F1 2022 gets a release date - and VR is finally on the menu
    12. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One coming to PS4 but cancelled on Xbox One due to war in Ukraine
    13. Here's an early look at Halo Infinite's Season 2 game modes
    14. The Shadowrun Trilogy gets Switch, PlayStation, Xbox release
    15. Battlefield 2042's latest update finally brings voice chat
    16. Borderlands developer Gearbox continues to grow following Lost Boys acquisition
    17. Capcom games are selling so well it has revised earnings forecast
    18. eFootball 2022 season 1 review - too little, too late
    19. Digimon Survive goes up against Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on same release date
    20. Netflix Exploding Kittens game out next month
    21. EA rushes to pull leaked Skate 4 footage
    22. Quake's enhanced edition adds accessibility options, 26 years after original release
    23. Moon Knight is now in Fortnite
    24. Bluehole's MMO TERA is shutting down
    25. Save up to 75 per cent off on Ubisoft's DLC sale
    26. CCL Computers is offering 5 per cent off MSI products today
    1. It Takes Two movie enters development at Amazon, Dwayne Johnson may star
    2. Crusader Kings 3 sets its sights on Spain and Portugal in new Fate of Iberia DLC
    3. Sony reportedly considering putting ads in free-to-play PlayStation games
    4. New Saints Row trailer shows extent of the game's customisation options
    5. Elden Ring Patches location, quest steps and what to do with Patches's chest
    6. Here's everything announced during tonight's Meta Quest VR game showcase
    7. Resident Evil 4 VR developer on expanding Mercenaries mode and those campaign cuts
    8. RimWorld ban overturned in Australia following successful appeal
    9. Horizon Forbidden West's latest patch will stop players getting stuck in the bathroom
    10. Nintendo didn't want an open world Metroid Prime 3 because it didn't know what bounty hunting was
    11. Unreal Engine 5 hands-on: the cost of next generation rendering
    12. Sonic Origins remasters four classics, out in June
    13. "We don't think it's possible to capture every queer experience with a single work": The philosophy of Unsighted
    14. Destiny fans hunt for hidden clue to Bungie's next game
    15. Save an extra 5 per cent on Samsung products at CCL today
    16. Kim Kardashian threatened to sue Roblox over "sex tape" clickbait
    17. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga adds even more characters today
    18. How to get Oranguru in Pokémon Go
    19. Marty O'Donnell and Microsoft's Halo music lawsuit "amicably resolved"
    20. Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her immortalised as a mod
    21. Save on some recent hits in The Game Collection's Easter sale
    22. Mass Effect and Advance Wars demake mash-up looks adorable
    23. Gwent spinoff Project Golden Nekker not coming to consoles
    24. You no longer need a PlayStation 5 to update a DualSense controller
    25. Elden Ring's fake wall fixed in latest patch
    26. Jet Set Radio's unique world is why it can never be Fortnite
    1. Lego Builder's Journey brings gorgeous diorama puzzling to PS5 and PS4 today
    2. Marvel's Avengers' next playable hero is Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor
    3. Fight a fishy old god in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' first DLC Coiled Captors
    4. World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion heading to Dragon Isles with new race-class hybrid
    5. Nolan North discusses Amy Hennig's Uncharted 4 departure
    6. Amy Hennig working on new "richly-cinematic" Star Wars game
    7. Fortnite direct relay locations and how to set up a direct relay with the Paradigm explained
    8. Oddish 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Oddish in Pokémon Go
    9. Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle solution
    10. Where to plant Wiretaps in Fortnite
    11. Elden Ring's tutorial is now unmissable
    12. Fortnite data drive locations and how to recover a data drive explained
    13. Assassin's Creed Valhalla's second year of free content continues very soon
    14. Humble's Hack and Slash sale is offering up to 90 per cent off games
    15. Transphobic content has been removed from the GTA 5 remasters
    16. Bugsnax leads late April Xbox Game Pass line-up
    17. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gets new summer release date
    18. How to unlock the Prowler skin and the Prowler challenges in Fortnite
    19. Valve needs to make Portal 3 soon, writer says
    20. Return to Monkey Island will start at an amusement park, new screenshots revealed
    21. Elden Ring players banned for obtaining pants from other players
    22. Save an extra 5 per cent off ASUS products at CCL today
    23. Streets of Rage movie in development
    24. Jason Momoa reportedly joining cast of Minecraft live-action film
    25. Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio big budget reboots in works at Sega
    26. New update for Elden Ring brings further balance changes
    27. Returnal director says game's difficulty and narrative are inseparable
    28. Off Topic: Severance and The Crowd - back in 1928 it was already clear that work is weird
    29. Activision Blizzard not working on NFTs, despite reports
    30. Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy emulator reportedly leaked
    31. Get big savings on Razer gaming chairs and laptops in the Chroma Mania sale
    1. Playdate review - a fascinating puzzle in itself
    2. Save £200 on this Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop with an RTX 3060
    3. Discussing reviews with reviews editor Chris Tapsell
    4. Blood West is a spooky Western with great ideas
    5. A publisher perspective with No More Robots' Mike Rose
    1. Square Enix president still thinks the company's future lies in blockchain technology
    2. Final Fantasy 14 apologises for its broken housing lottery system
    3. Babylon Fall's concurrent global player count drops below 10 on PC
    4. Activision Blizzard wants your views about NFTs in games
    5. This dataminer has uncovered a deleted NPC quest in Elden Ring
    6. It looks like Among Us VR may release in December
    7. Flashpoint is back in Apex Legends' latest time-limited event
    8. The Spectrum wasn’t just a computer - it was a family
    1. No More Heroes 3 is coming to console and PC later this year
    2. Hunt Easter eggs as well as ghosts in Phasmophobia for a limited time only
    3. Another Ubisoft veteran leaves the company after almost 20 years
    4. China cracks down on livestreams of "unauthorised" games
    5. Ghost of Tsushima dev has stopped "actively working" on patches
    6. Try The Elder Scrolls Online for free right now
    7. Kojima insists Kojima Productions is "independent" after posting a PlayStation Studios banner that suggests otherwise
    8. Microsoft is reportedly considering adding ads to free-to-play games
    9. Oculus climbing movie The Soloist VR is utterly breathtaking
    1. Save £70 on this 240Hz Alienware gaming monitor from Amazon
    2. Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between offers ‘a space to reflect on the state of the world and on yourself’
    3. What we've been playing
    4. Chinatown Detective Agency review - a striking, neon-drenched setting, but mechanics come up short
    1. Monster Hunter Rise showcases Sunbreak expansion's Citadel map in new video tour
    2. Netflix's The Witcher casts its Gallatin, Milva, Mistle, and Prince Radovid
    3. New Need for Speed reportedly combining photo-realism with "anime elements"
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 expansion will launch next year - and more DLC is in the works
    5. What we've been playing this year so far
    6. Elden Ring Haligtree Secret Medallion locations, where to find Haligtree Secret Medallion left and right halves
    7. Elden Ring Commander Niall tips and strategy
    8. Elden Ring Millicent quest, how to get Unalloyed Gold Needle and Miquella’s Needle
    9. Desert horror Amnesia: Rebirth is next week's free Epic Store game
    10. How to catch and collect Thermal Fish in Fortnite
    11. Looks like Godzilla is heading to Call of Duty Warzone
    12. Scarlet Nexus has gained 1m players from Xbox Game Pass
    13. Using Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters' Space Marine Death Star gets you told off by Andy Serkis
    14. Saints Row is getting a new showcase next week, focusing on customisation
    15. Three people arrested for Club Penguin copyright infringement
    16. Deep Rock Galactic unveils second season plans
    17. No Man's Sky creator says next game is "pretty ambitious"
    18. Dead Space developers change Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle sounds following feedback
    19. Halo Infinite's Steam player count falls below Halo: The Master Chief Collection for first time
    20. New Overwatch 2 character Sojourn leaks in gameplay video
    21. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp playable for one Nintendo Switch user
    22. There's a new Sonic the Hedgehog game
    23. Fez at 10 years old: Phil Fish resurfaces for a rare interview
    1. Next week's Battlefield 2042 update brings "400+" fixes and improvements
    2. Sate your word game cravings with Scrabble's free new official web version
    3. CD Projekt delays Witcher 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S "until further notice"
    4. Pokémon Go maker Niantic's next project Peridot is a social Tamagotchi-style game
    5. California governor accused of interfering to support Activision Blizzard in state discrimination lawsuit
    6. Steam Deck vs next-gen gaming - is Valve's handheld future-proof?
    7. How to evolve Hisuian Growlithe into Hisuian Arcanine in Pokémon Legends Arceus
    8. Cook Serve Forever announced, arriving early 2023
    9. QuakeCon will be digital-only again this year
    10. Beamdog's MythForce is a first-person fantasy dungeon-crawler inspired by 80s cartoons
    11. Nintendo, Sony to update subscription guidelines following UK investigation
    12. Evil Dead's Ash Williams comes to Resident Evil Village in unexpected but brilliant fan crossover
    13. No Man's Sky's new Outlaws update lets you become a fearsome space pirate
    14. Final Fantasy creator's love for EverQuest inspired series move into MMORPGs
    15. Oddworld: Soulstorm PlayStation Plus deal "devastating" for developer
    16. Lego Star Wars scalpers target Blue Milk Luke minifigure
    17. The universal appeal of Chicory: A Colorful Tale and its nuanced take on mental health
    18. Chernobylite developers "heartbroken" at events in Ukraine
    19. Blizzard is asking World of Warcraft fans about Lich King Classic
    20. Skyrim's skeletons are basically grumpy cavemen
    21. How to get Jetpacks in Fortnite and use Jetpacks explained
    22. Bungie commits to remote work for "most current and future" jobs
    23. Bandai Namco working with Nintendo on mystery remaster
    24. Halo Infinite battle royale rumours swirl as Certain Affinity confirms "deepening" 343 relationship
    25. Weird West team reveal Plague community event and future roadmap
    26. Upgrade your Switch storage with a 400GB SD card for less than £40
    27. 10 years later, Fez still doesn't need a sequel - it never did
    1. Blizzard sets time for next week's World of Warcraft expansion reveal
    2. Sony's Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation names its writer
    3. Elden Ring's latest battle of the bosses mod pits Malenia against Maliketh
    4. Bunnelby 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Bunnelby in Pokémon Go
    5. Skylanders dev Vicarious Visions is officially renamed Blizzard Albany
    6. The Ascent hits PlayStation 5 - and it's as beautiful as ever
    7. Fortnite drone locations and how to transmit data to drone explained
    8. Fortnite Aquatic Communication Relays locations: How to deploy Aquatic Relays near Logjam Lumberyard
    9. Bugsnax coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam this month, new DLC revealed
    10. Save £70 on this Acer Predator monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate
    11. Your Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes protagonist is called Shez
    12. The creators of Unpacking on developing a "weird", queer, BAFTA-winning game
    13. Activision Blizzard appoints new diversity chief
    14. New Halo Infinite mod lets you play in third person
    15. What would Elden Ring look like as a CRPG?
    16. Elden Ring completed with just a butt stomp
    17. Nacon's new game Hell is Us looks like Death Stranding with a sword
    18. Halo: Master Chief Collection adds cross-platform co-op
    19. Nintendo purchasing $40m plot to expand Kyoto headquarters
    20. Pokémon Go An Ula’ula Adventure quest steps and rewards explained
    21. Pokémon Go Tapu Bulu counters, weakness and moveset explained
    22. Off Topic: The cascading pleasure of a card flourish
    1. Bird-themed digital board game adaptation Wingspan's European Expansion out in May
    2. Capcom's Arcade Stadium retro compilation officially getting a sequel in June
    3. DF Direct Weekly on Microsoft's Series X ray tracing 'leak', Unreal Engine 5 and Max Payne's return
    4. Battlefield 2042 Steam concurrent players fall below 1000 for first time
    5. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is UK's second-biggest boxed launch this year
    6. Sony, Lego group invest $1bn each in Fortnite maker Epic Games
    7. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga includes creepy nod to one of the franchise's darkest legends
    8. Elden Ring speedrun record now below 10 minutes
    9. Catchee, the earworm game that might just save its designers from bankruptcy
    10. Snake originally befriended rats in Metal Gear Solid
    11. How Returnal's DLC music creates rising tension
    12. The colours and shadows are the real source of Tunic's nostalgia
    13. Watch Dogs Tokyo is a new manga series
    14. Elden Ring once had dream collecting
    15. Elden Ring basics for everything you need to know
    16. Elden Ring boss can be easily defeated thanks to this amusing cheese
    17. Looks like Kingdom Hearts 4 teases possible Star Wars crossover
    18. There's buzz building around card trick game Card Shark
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has the best opening weekend of any video game movie ever
    2. CD Projekt Red is "still improving" Cyberpunk 2077
    3. A new Subnautica game is in "early development"
    4. Phasmophobia’s VR overhaul update makes virtual ghost hunting a little less clumsy
    5. Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially on the way
    6. Sega says it is a "natural extension" for future games to include "cloud gaming and NFTs"
    7. RimWorld gets a chance to reverse its Australian ban
    8. Elden Ring is massively imbalanced, but balance is overrated anwyay
    1. Here's the winning shot from London Games Festival's Virtual Photographer of the Year competition
    2. Digital games on PS3 and Vita are reportedly "expiring" and becoming unplayable
    3. Konami acknowledges eFootball's "incompletion" and says it's taking fan feedback "very seriously"
    4. The new Chrono Cross remaster runs worse on PS5 than the original on PS1
    5. Shiny Mudkip, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Swampert best moveset in Pokémon Go
    6. Valve marks Steam Deck's first month with a round-up of upcoming changes and improvements
    7. YouTube and Ali-A announce a new competition to find the next "big gaming content creator"
    8. Here's someone completing Elden Ring in less than 13 minutes
    9. Crytek apologises for Hunt: Showdown's "issues and bugs" in its recent time-limited event
    10. How VR games trick you into thinking objects have weight
    1. Warframe's hefty Angels of the Zariman update arrives 27th April
    2. Supermassive's summer camp horror The Quarry has a non-interactive Movie Mode
    3. Fortnite fans think Epic Games is teasing Darth Vader
    4. Criterion's new Need for Speed will reportedly launch this November
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy developer addresses Square Enix sales expectations, how it wanted to create a new Marvel IP
    6. Doom's ray tracing upgrade launched on April Fool's Day - but this is no joke
    7. Bandai Namco replaces Ms. Pac-Man with Pac-Mom in ongoing rights dispute
    8. Halo Infinite trailer gives glimpse at Season 2, due next month
    9. Final Fantasy 14 players are debating the best way to eat an egg
    10. Returnal voice actress discusses importance of having an older woman "kicking butt"
    11. After revealing Master Chief's face, the Halo TV series has now shown his nude bum
    12. New Resident Evil 3 concept art shows Umbrella making Nemesis in a lab - and he's wearing socks?
    13. Save £400 on this MSI Katana gaming laptop with an RTX 3070
    14. Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett wants Lara to have fewer father issues in next game
    15. Football Manager 2022 now free-to-play on Steam and Xbox until Monday
    16. Square Enix trademarks Tactics Ogre: Reborn
    17. Housemarque boss hopeful Returnal will find a new audience on PS Plus
    18. Metroid Dread boss rush modes now available
    19. Activision Blizzard converting all game-testing temps into full-time employees
    20. MultiVersus gameplay leaks online, looks a lot like Smash Bros.
    21. What we've been playing
    22. Fortnite Ascender locations: Where to use Ascender at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern
    23. Moss Book 2 review - a fairy-tale goodbye for the PSVR
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