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Skyrim's skeletons are basically grumpy cavemen

That's the bones of it.

One scientist has answered the question surely on everyone's minds since The Elder Scrolls 5 released over a decade ago – just what would Skyrim's skeletons look like if they were alive today? Well, it turns out, they would look like disgruntled cavemen.

Thanks to facial reconstruction technology, Twitter user Sulkalmakh from the Ancestral Whispers cranial reconstruction research team brought Skyrim's bony boys to life, as it were.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Trailer

In a playful tweet from April Fool's Day (via IGN), the user shared their "Facial reconstruction of an ancient Atmoran from Saarthal, dated to the late Merethic Era". This may well have gone over the heads of many, but eagle-eyed fans were soon quick to realise that the face staring back at them on the screen was indeed that of a (now fully fleshed) Skyrim Skeleton.

In fact, it even caught the eye of the Skeletons' creator, Jonah Lobe.

"Ha! I literally designed the skeletons from Skyrim - you did an AWESOME JOB with the reconstruction," he wrote. "I wanted them to look thuggish, thick-jawed, thick-browed and sort of Neanderthal-like. This is THAT."

In a further exchange with Sulkalmakh, Lobe revealed he wanted his version of fantasy skeletons to be "intimidating" but not cliché, with those "meanie-eyes" seen elsewhere.

"The answer, for me, was to go heavy with the brows and BIG with the teeth, and just thicc overall!"

Elder Scrolls fans were soon to pick up on Lobe engaging with the chat, and as such, things soon turned to the series' next installment. Unfortunately, Lobe gave a swift "nope" when asked if he was working on The Elder Scrolls 6. He did, however, point fans to his Skyrim documentary on YouTube.