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Nintendo Switch Online gets new Splatoon 2 custom icons

An inkling of things to come?

Splatoon 2 icons have come to Nintendo Switch Online.

Last month saw Nintendo add a new missions and rewards section to its Switch Online service. Included here were a series of new icon elements from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Odyssey.

Now, these icons have been refreshed for April, with NSO users now able to get their hands on a different selection of Animal Crossing themed icons (all based around islanders with April birthdays) as well as ones from Splatoon 2.

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This particular series of icon elements will be refreshed each week, up until 1st May.

I wonder if this is a hint we will be hearing more about Splatoon 3 soon?

Splatoon 3 is currently set to be released in mid 2022, but Nintendo has remained very quiet on this front for a while now.

Meanwhile, in addition to these new icons, Nintendo has also released a new update for the Switch.

Version 14.1.0. adds new "platinum point notification settings" under the notifications in the Switch's system settings.

Last month also saw the Nintendo Switch Online app getting its own shiny new update.

This update saw changes being made to the app's overall design, as well adding as the ability for users to see which of their friends are online. In addition to this, version 2.0.0 also now allows app users to change their online-status settings and view their friend code without having to turn on your Nintendo Switch.

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