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Nintendo Switch Online app gets huge update

Enter version 2.0.

The Nintendo Switch Online app got a huge update this morning.

This new update sees changes being made to the app's overall design, as well as the ability to see which of your friends are online.

In addition to this, version 2.0.0 will also allow you to change your online-status settings and view your friend code without having to turn on your Nintendo Switch. On the App Store, Nintendo stated "other minor changes have also been implemented".

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The update is the app's biggest one yet, and will hopefully make that bit more user friendly.

This app update follows on from Nintendo Switch Online's own update, which introduced a new missions and rewards section to the service.

This new section on NSO offers users the chance to earn 'My Nintendo Platinum Points', which can then be redeemed for exclusive items, both physical and digital.

Elsewhere, Nintendo's Miis are also back with their own new upgrade, this time in Mario Kart Tour.