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Nintendo Miis coming to Mario Kart Tour

Mi amore.

The fan favourite Miis from the Nintendo Wii era are not done yet, as the bobble-headed avatars are now coming to Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo released a new trailer for its latest Mario Kart Tour update which shows off the Miis in all their racing glory. Players will have a new selection of racing suits to choose from when this update goes live, including (but not limited to) Peach, Donkey Kong and Mario inspired outfits. But looking sharp is not all these suits are good for. Each outfit also comes with a special skill that can utilised while racing.

Cover image for YouTube videoMario Kart Tour - Mii Racing Suits Wave 1

This first wave of Mii characters and their new suits goes live on 9th March (CET).

Following this update, more suits will be added in a second wave, which will be going live on 23rd March (also CET). These suits remain a mystery for now, but given their crown adorned outlines, there is plenty of room for fans to make an informed guess as to who these suits are inspired by.

Many Nintendo fans were left disappointed when it looked as though the classic Miis would not be making a return when Nintendo Switch Sports releases this April. Eurogamer's Christian Donlan also felt this way, writing, "they've done something to the Miis and they look a bit weird now" following the upcoming sports game's reveal.

However, Nintendo mercifully confirmed after its reveal that in addition to Switch Sport's 'Sportsmates' (so that's what they're called), players will "still be able to select and play as your Mii character". Phew!