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Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's second-highest grossing mobile game

Estimated $293m globally.

Mario Kart Tour has made Nintendo an estimated $293m globally to become the company's second highest grossing mobile game.

That's according to data from reliable app store analytics company Sensor Tower, from across both the App Store and Google Play store.

The estimates follow the recent news that Nintendo will remove gacha elements from Mario Kart Tour, which allow players to spend money on randomised rewards. This will be replaced by a rotating item shop.

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That $293m isn't just from gacha payments, however, but from monthly subscriptions to the game's Gold Pass costing $4.99.

Nintendo's highest grossing mobile game is, easily, Fire Emblem Heroes, which has an estimated lifetime revenue of $1bn.

Mario Kart Tour exceeds the $287,600,000 of revenue from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and $168,500,000 from Dragalia Lost, both of which include gacha elements.

Dragalia Lost is set to be shut down soon.

Rounding out the top six are Super Mario Run ($88,100,000) and Dr. Mario World ($13,900,000).

Many of Mario Kart Tour's tracks are being reused as DLC in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, though they've been criticised for a lower visual quality.

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