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Mario Kart Tour adding "new ways to play" in September

Battle on.

Smartphone spin-off Mario Kart Tour will receive a multiplayer update in September which will add "new ways to play".

This seems likely to be the game's Battle Mode update, after files hinting to its inclusion were found a couple of months ago.

"With the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer update at the end of September, we're adding new ways to play multiplayer," Nintendo wrote, "and removing Gold Races (available only to Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers; see in-game notification for more details). Look for more info in early September!"

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Back in June, files relating to a Battle Mode for Mario Kart Tour were uncovered by dataminers. These included sounds for GCN Cookie Land, DS Twilight House, Tour Paris Promenade, New York Minute and GBA Battle Course 1.

September's update will coincide with Nintendo's mobile Mario Kart turning three years old and, as of yet, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Fuelled by gacha-style microtransactions, Tour still receives new courses, karts and characters on a regular basis.

The game's development is also linked to the ongoing rollout of DLC courses for Nintendo Switch entry Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, whose recently-added Sky-High Sundae map is coming to Tour next.

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