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Mario Kart Tour Battle Mode content unearthed

You're the bob-omb.

Someone has been rootling about in the files of Mario Kart Tour, and as a result has come across information pertaining to some Battle Mode content.

The content in question was found by Koopavocelot (via kart_tour), and reveals new battle courses with sound files for GCN Cookie Land, DS Twilight House, Tour Paris Promenade, New York Minute and GBA Battle Course 1.

Mario Kart Tour celebrates its second anniversary.Watch on YouTube

This, of course, may not mean a Battle Mode is coming to Mario Kart Tour, but its an interesting thought.

However, if this is going to be the case, Nintendo will need to make some (or even many) server improvements before a frenzied multiplayer experience like Battle Mode can become a reality on its free to download mobile game.

And, while this all sounds very fun, what I really want to know is when the next series of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC courses are going to be headed our way. My girl Rosalina is ready for a new challange.

Anyway, back to Tour. Earlier this year Nintendo added Miis to the game in a series of waves. This introduction of Miis also gave players a new selection of racing suits to choose from including (but not limited to) Peach, Donkey Kong and Mario inspired outfits.

But looking sharp was not all these suits were good for. Each outfit also came with a special skill, or some pretty handy tricks up their sleeves (as it were), that could be put into action while racing. Nice.

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