Super Mario Odyssey

One of the most daring and influential game designs of all time makes a long overdue comeback in Mario's most madcap adventure yet.


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Super Mario Odyssey passes 10m sales milestone

Nintendo has sold an eye-opening 10.41m copies of Super Mario Odyssey since the game's launch last October. Odyssey is now Nintendo Switch's best-selling game - well over half the console's entire userbase now owns a copy.

As of 31st March this year, Nintendo has sold 17.79m Switch consoles - an impressive figure for a console just one year old.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe now stands at 9.22m sales, Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 8.48m sales, and Splatoon 2 on 6.02m. These figures include bundled copies and downloads.

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Hellblade leads BAFTA game nominations with nine nods

Horizon and Edith Finch not far behind.

Ninja Theory's self-published gamble, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, leads the nominations for the BAFTA video game awards 2018, with nine nods including Best Game. It's been a tremendous success for the British studio, with Hellblade winning both critical acclaim and bringing in more than half-a-million sales.

Super Mario Odyssey free update adds a new mini-game

UPDATE 22/2/18: Super Mario Odyssey's free update is now available, adding a new mini-game, two snapshot filters (Coin and Neon) and three outfits as promised.

Provided you've finished the story, Luigi will show up in each world (use your map if you can't spot him) with the offer of finding or hiding balloons with other real world players.

Successful attempts give you Coins as a reward, with rankings and win streaks that give you even more earnings, possibly making it a nice earner as you grind for those final pricey costumes from the Crazy Cap store.

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Nintendo finally confirms the truth about Toad's head

Nintendo has finally confirmed that Toad's head is indeed his head - and not, as some had recklessly speculated, a hat - settling an issue that's been hotly debated for decades.

The shocking revelation (shocking for those poor, misguided souls on Team Hat, at least) comes courtesy of Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, who took the time to answer a few Mario-related fan questions in a new - and, need I remind you - officially sanctioned video from Nintendo.

"I'm going to have to leave it to all of you to figure out exactly how that works out", said Koizumi after his megaton head-reveal, "Maybe there's something inside..."

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Nintendo confirms Mario movie

Nintendo confirms Mario movie

From the studio behind Minions.

Nintendo has confirmed it is working on a Mario movie with Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio behind Minions and Despicable Me.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is listed as a co-producer on the film, alongside Illumination boss and Minions creator Chris Meledandri.

There's no word yet on a release date.

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We all know about Usain Bolt and his ludicrous speed over 100 metres. He currently holds the record with 9.58 seconds. Paula Radcliffe set the fastest women's marathon at 2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds. In sports, world records mean acclaim and the chance to be recognised as the best in the business. But human obsession over world records isn't limited to the track or the sportsfield. Tony Glover is a name you won't likely be aware of unless you're into horticultural endeavours; he holds the record for growing the world's heaviest onion at 8.5kg. You maybe haven't heard of Silvio Sabba, an Italian man who aims to hold as many records as possible. He currently has around 70 titles to his name, including most clothes pegs attached to his face in one minute (51), most AA batteries held in one hand (48) and most CDs balanced on one finger (255).

Nintendo's next amiibo is a breakfast cereal box

UPDATE: Unlock rewards detailed, but Mario won't be milked in UK.

UPDATE 29/11/17 10.20am: There's one final update on the Super Mario Cereal saga, as Nintendo has finally detailed what the cardboard box amiibo will now unlock in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch.

Halfway through every Mario game I have the same revelation, and it always comes as a shock, as a total surprise. Halfway through every Mario game I suddenly realise that it's not about where Mario takes you from one adventure to the next, it's about what he encourages you to become along the way. Mario games aren't just great because they're imaginative and generous and precision-made. They're great because, in being all these things, they prod you towards becoming an ideal kind of player - a player who's inventive when it comes to problem-solving, who's able to wield a complex move-set with real accuracy, and who's sufficiently engaged in what's going on right now to hunt down every available secret in a world that's thrillingly dense with them. Mario forces you back into the moment. He encourages you to be playful. For me, every Mario game is like taking a holiday. It's like taking a holiday from the kind of game player that I usually am.

Super Mario Odyssey sells 2m copies in three days

Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Mario Odyssey has shifted 2m copies in just three days, according to Nintendo's estimate.

That figure includes bundles and digital sales.

It's an extraordinary achievement, and one which means more than a third of Switch's seven million owners have already picked up a copy.

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Assassin's Creed Origins physical sales roughly on par with Syndicate's

Assassin's Creed Origins physical sales roughly on par with Syndicate's

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo Switch's biggest launch yet.

Assassin's Creed Origins has taken the UK chart top spot with physical sales roughly equal to that of Assassin's Creed Syndicate.

Physical sales on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were just a few copies lower than Syndicate's equivalent total back in 2015, although the rise of digital sales since then will likely push Origins' overall result comfortably higher.

(UK numbers company Chart-Track does not count digital console or PC sales.)

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Super Mario Odyssey review

EssentialSuper Mario Odyssey review

Highway 64 revisited.

In a year when Nintendo has launched a new concept in game consoles alongside editions of its most treasured series, Zelda and Mario, it's been tempting to draw a line between the two games and dare to hope that Super Mario Odyssey could be as bracing a reinvention as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The narrative of Switch's launch year asserts itself: it is a time of rebirth at Nintendo, when conventions are swept aside and we can experience the magic as if for the first time.

Super Mario Odyssey

Developer: Nintendo

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Digital FoundryHow Super Mario Odyssey pushes Switch to its limits

Digital Foundry on the techniques used to create the most advanced Mario title yet.

It's been a long time since the release of Super Mario Sunshine, but for those eagerly awaiting a return to the series' 3D exploratory theme, Super Mario Odyssey is a superb follow-up. It's packed with interesting concepts, tight gameplay and sheer character - this is Nintendo delivering its A-game, a brilliant combination of fresh, bright ideas and exceptional technology.

Digital FoundryHow Super Mario Odyssey scales across docked and handheld modes

HDTV gameplay moves up to 900p, mobile hits 720p60.

Mario Odyssey is the Switch game we've been waiting for, a key technical showcase from one of Nintendo's most talented development teams. The template of Mario Galaxy's full 3D exploration is in place - and in many ways it feels a direct successor to those two Wii classics - but it goes one step further: Odyssey expands on Galaxy's core mechanics with more exotic, wilder stages that could only be realised on more powerful hardware. Already, we've seen a more realistic New York environment from its E3 2017 reveal. But the latest demo we've had access to offers us the chance to analyse three new levels - the Cappy Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom - with some exciting findings.

Nintendo announces Mario, Metroid livestreams at Gamescom

Nintendo has announced livestreams for two of its biggest upcoming titles during Gamescom.

Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid: Samus Returns will both be played live from the show, and key developers will be on hand to reveal more of the games.

For Mario, you'll want to tune in at 2pm UK time on Wednesday, 23rd August. Producer and Nintendo Switch mastermind Yoshiaki Koizumi will be presenting.

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It's been a week since I first played Super Mario Odyssey and got a brief glimpse at its brilliantly bizarre worlds - as well as its slightly baffling motion controls. It left a big impression, but I couldn't help feel like I needed more time to properly understand everything happening on screen before me.

Between the reference-packed streets of New Donk City and the fact Mario's hat is now a sentient being called Cappy, I think Super Mario Odyssey might be the strangest Mario game to date - no mean feat, given he's spent over 30 years stomping on goombas, flying about in space and turning into a plethora of different animals.

FeatureNintendo consolidates an already special year

Short, sharp and direct, a Switched-on Nintendo shows its best side.

Nintendo stood out even more than normal at this year's E3, and that's not just because you could have cut Reggie into the new series of Twin Peaks without so much as changing a line of his charming doggerel dialogue. Nintendo's ditched conferences for a while now, relying on short, sharp video presentations that do the job of a conference in half the time, and with no need to brave Downtown traffic. This year, though, there was a stronger sense than normal that Nintendo is operating in a different world to its competitors, and that it's managed to transform its own recent fortunes. The strange place that Reggie addresses us from is success: palpable success. The Switch really has changed everything for Nintendo, and this Nintendo Direct was a chance to understand that.

FeatureSuper Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game

30 minutes with Switch's next big hit.

The jewel of Nintendo's E3 2017 offering, Super Mario Odyssey feels in some ways similar to last year's star attraction, Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Odyssey is, like Zelda, a game about exploring - of wide, open landscapes seeded with subtle clues to secrets awaiting discovery. On foot, on horseback, on the back of a shield surfing down a ravine, Breath of the Wild's learning curve was smooth and inviting, its play space and possibilities laid out before your eyes from that first vista: the shrine you awoke in behind you, your ultimate goal of Hyrule Castle clear in the distance. Mario's journey feels a lot more experimental, and - on first impressions, at least - a tad trickier too.

Super Mario Odyssey launches October

Super Mario Odyssey launches October

UPDATE: Wedding Mario, Bowser and Peach amiibo shown.

UPDATE: Nintendo just showed off Super Mario Odyssey's three amiibo figures on its Treehouse Live stream. Wedding Mario, Bowser and Peach all feature dressed in their finest:

The trio will unlock new costume items in-game, as well as some form of new "help mechanic", Nintendo teased.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Mario Odyssey will launch worldwide on 27th October.

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Nintendo's Universal Studios theme park land has a trailer

Universal Studios has shown off a new trailer for Super Nintendo World, its upcoming Mario theme park area.

The attraction is currently under construction at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, and is due to open in time for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Universal Los Angeles and Florida are also getting versions in the US.

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As a longtime console war correspondent, one of my maxims is "never rule out Nintendo". Another is "it only takes one game". Looking at the strong launch of Nintendo Switch, I feel both vindicated and embarrassed. Vindicated, because Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in both the US and Europe, shipping almost three million consoles in a month, and proving that Nintendo's innovative third-way approach to video game hardware design can still work wonders when it turns up something that customers understand and want.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. As I lie there, I think about the people in all the other bedrooms on my street, and wonder if any of them are awake. Then I think about the people who slept in these rooms a hundred years ago, and where they are now, and how death is coming for us all. And I imagine what my funeral will be like, and wonder if my husband will obey my wishes and play C'est La Vie by B*witched. (Seriously, watch the video. I have yet to find a closer approximation of my personal vision of Heaven captured on film.)

Watch Super Mario Odyssey's trailer remade in GTA IV

Nintendo shocked us all when it revealed its plan to bring Mario to the real world - or a close approximation of it anyway - with its upcoming Switch adventure Super Mario Odyssey. Given that it's set in a slightly Nintendo-ised version of New York, Grand Theft Auto 4 fan CrowbCat has re-imagined this family affair as a gritty tale of Mario's brushes with the law, gravity, booze, and automobile theft.

Indeed this version of Super Mario Odyssey lacks the Easter egg hunt appeal of Nintendo's New Donk City, and this taller rendition of Mario looks less charming than his portly pint-sized counterpart, but that only makes them feel more at home in the Big Apple, where folks in giant plush knock-off mascot costumes aren't a particularly unusual sight.

Still, it's less terrifying than the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie, amirite?

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Watch: 5 things you may have missed in Super Mario Odyssey's trailer

The announcement trailer for Super Mario Odyssey is pretty full on - it barely gives you time to register that Mario is in a proper city before dashing off to a series of strange and colourful environments. Oh yeah, and Mario rides a lion at one point.

Stop and look around you, however, and you'll find the relatively short trailer is absolutely stuffed with information that points towards not only a substantial adventure, but also a rather interesting trip down memory lane for the pot bellied plumber.

Although we did fail to answer the biggest question about Odyssey - If Mario's new hat is alive, is Mario's head in its mouth or its bum? - we did spot quite a few secrets and references to Mario's older adventures, all of which we've packaged neatly in the video below.

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