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Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin locations - how to find regional coins in every area

Where to find every hidden Purple collectable across all Kingdoms.

Purple Coins, otherwise known as regional coins, are a form of collectible that you'll find dotted around all over the world of Super Mario Odyssey.

There are a huge number of them - a thousand in total (that's even more than Breath of the Wild's Korok Seeds!) - but fortunately they generally come clumped together in a handful of coins at a time, and they tend to follow a set of rules at to where they'll appear.

Here on this Purple Coin locations guide hub, we'll explain how these coins function as well as linking out to each page on how you can find those Purple Coins in every Super Mario Odyssey Kingdom - we won't have every single location, but pointers on where to go in each Kingdom so you can get everything you need.

What are Purple Coins and what are they for in Super Mario Odyssey?

Purple Coins are essentially an in-game currency, which you can use to purchase cosmetic items like Hats, Outfits, Stickers and Souvenirs from the shop.

The nice thing is that these are earned from simply collecting them in the world, rather than grinding out currency as you would in other games.

The coins themselves will take a different form depending on the Kingdom you're in - in Capy's Kingdom, for instance, they're in the shape of a top hat. In the Sand Kingdom they're a Pyramid, and so on.

In terms of how to go about collecting them, it is of course up to you - but we generally recommend picking up the easy ones as you see them, and then circling back for the rest either as the last thing you do before moving onto the next Kingdom, or coming back to sweep up the whole lot once you've reached the end of the story.

Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin locations - how to find regional coins

As we mentioned above, this isn't a definitive list of all Purple Coins, but rather tips for collecting each type of coin in each area, and specific spots for some of the more easily-missable currency.

KingdomCoin typeTotal CoinsGuide
Cap KingdomPurple Hats50Purple Hat locations
Cascade KingdomPurple Rings / Wheels50Purple Ring locations
Sand KingdomPurple Pyramids100Purple Pyramid locations
Lake KingdomPurple Teardrops50Purple Teardrop locations
Wooded KingdomPurple Nuts100Purple Nut locations
Lost KingdomPurple Leaves50Purple Leaf locations
Metro KingdomPurple Pennies100Purple Penny locations
Snow KingdomPurple Snowflakes50Purple Snowflake locations
Seaside KingdomPurple Shells100Purple Shell locations
Luncheon KingdomPurple Tomatoes100Purple Tomato locations
Bowser's KingdomPurple Bowser Tokens100Purple Bowser Token locations
Moon KingdomPurple Star Bits50Purple Star Bit locations
Mushroom KingdomPurple Star Coins100Purple Star Coin locations

Finally, it's worth noting that a couple of Kingdoms - the Cloud Kingdom and Ruined Kingdom - don't have any regional coins to collect.

That's basically because they're too small to house them, so we've excluded them from the list above, in case you were wondering.

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