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Super Mario Odyssey Souvenirs list - souvenir prices and how to unlock every Mario souvenir in Super Mario Odyssey

Every knick knack and piece of cheap tat, where to buy them and how much they'll cost.

Super Mario Odyssey Souvenirs are a type of cosmetic collectible in the game, which are acquired from a specific shop for varying prices.

Here on this page, we'll lay out everyting you need to know about them, including a Super Mario Odyssey souvenirs list, the souvenir prices, and how to unlock souvenir Super Mario Odyssey.

For more guides to the game though, be sure to circle back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub, with dozens and dozens of guides, tips and tricks for every stage of your adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey Souvenirs list - souvenir prices and how to unlock every Mario souvenir

When it comes to collectibles, we've got hats and outfits for Mario himself, and plenty of stickers to adorn the outer hull of the Odyssey. But what about the inside of your plucky little ship? Even the decor needs some love, and Super Mario Odyssey has you covered there as well. These are souvenirs - special items that are unique to each kingdom you visit.

Most kingdoms have two or more of these each - and each one is based on a particular landmark, NPC or moment in the game. These can't be purchased with gold coins either. Since these items are so special, you'll need to collect purple-coloured regional coins. These are unique to each kingdom and can't be carried over to other realms. So if there's a souvenir you really like, you're going to have search high and low to afford each one.

These items range in price from 5 regional coins to 25 regional coins (and considering there are between 50 and 100 coins per world, that's a lot of coins on one little knick knack) so best start searching for these coins on your travels. Once they've been purchased, these mementos will be proudly displayed in the interior of your ship, and will appear during cutscenes between realms during story objectives.

Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

Souvenir nameCostKingdomSouvenir description
Mushroom Cushion Set10 regional coinsMushroomThe mushroom pattern on these cushions has certainly withstood the test of time. A tablecloth is also included in the set.
Peach's Castle Model25 regional coinsMushroomWho wouldn't want a scale model of this famous castle! Even the beautiful stained glass window in the center has been faithfully re-created.
Plush Frog5 regional coinsCapThese little froggies wear tiny top hats for self-defense, which looks so darn cute, they made a toy version!
Bonneton Tower Model25 regional coinsCapThis model of a tower in the Cap Kingdom is popular with tourists thanks to its faithful re-creation and detailed craftsmanship.
T-Rex Model5 regional coinsCascadeThis dino's pose is so impressively lifelike, you can almost hear it roar!
Triceratops Trophy25 regional coinsCascadeA replica of a real dinosaur fossil from the Cascade Kingdom. Hang this on a wall, and it'll completely transform a room!
Jaxi Statue5 regional coinsSandIn the Tostarena region, the Jaxi has lived alongside the people since ancient times. This statue is made from the stones of the ruins!
Inverted Pyramid Model25 regional coinsSandA famous location in the Tostarena ruins. Even the tiniest details are faithfully re-created, like the reliefs etched onto the walls.
Rubber Dorrie5 regional coinsLakeFans of the universally loved Dorrie have been clamoring for a quality reproduction like this. It's designed to feel just like the real thing.
Underwater Dome25 regional coinsLakeThis snow globe featuring the Water Plaza in Lake Lamode uses water from the Lake Kingdom.
Flowers from Steam Gardens5 regional coinsWoodedThis popular arrangement of flowers from Steam Gardens is often given as a gift.
Steam Gardner Watering Can25 regional coinsWoodedThis robot-shaped watering can is designed to look like the people of the Wooded Kingdom. A nice souvenir, it's also great for gardening!
Potted Palm Tree5 regional coinsLostThis plant grows all over Forgotten Isle. Hardy enough to thrive even in a poisonous swamp, it has become quite popular with gardeners.
Butterfly Mobile25 regional coinsLostInspired by the butterflies that live on Forgotten Isle, don't be surprised if you find yourself mysteriously losing track of time as you gaze at this beauty.
New Donk City Hall Model5 regional coinsMetroThis miniature model of New Donk City Hall (with working lights!) has been a big hit with fans of the Metro Kingdom.
Pauline Statue25 regional coinsMetroThis statue of New Donk City's mayor, Pauline, was made as a testament to her enduring popularity.
Shiverian Rug5 regional coinsSnowFeaturing the same patterns as those found on Shiverian clothing, this rug is great for keeping warm from the toes on up!
Shiverian Nesting Dolls25 regional coinsSnowOpen one of these folk-art dolls and another Shiverian pops out! It's hard to tell them apart, but they're based on winners of past races.
Glass Tower Model5 regional coinsSeasideA replica of the Glass Tower that towers in the center of Bubblaine!
Sand Jar25 regional coinsSeasideEach glance at this har filled with sand from the Bubblaine coast evokes sunny scenes of carefree days at the beach.
Souvenir Forks5 regional coinsLuncheonInspired by the people of Mount Volbono, this cute pair of tall and short forks looks a bit like a parent and child.
Vegetable Plate25 regional coinsLuncheonThis toy food lets you pretend you're cooking with real ingredients from Mount Volbono. They can also be stacked up like blocks!
Paper Lantern5 regional coinsBowserThese lantersn are found in Bowser's Castle. In the old days, people used to walk around with them like flashlights!
Jizo Statue25 regional coinsBowserFound placed all over, these guardian deities watch over travelers in silent protection.
Moon Rock Fragment5 regional coinsMoonThis strange rock fragment was found on Honeylune Ridge. Its effects are... unknown.
Moon Lamp25 regional coinsMoonThis spinning moon is a fashionable way to brighten up any room. It's also quite well made and studier than it looks!