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Super Mario Odyssey Outfits list - outfit prices and how to unlock every costume, outfit and suit in Super Mario Odyssey

Every costume and suit, where to buy them and how much they'll cost.

Super Mario Odyssey Outfits are a type of cosmetic collectible in the game, which are acquired from a specific shop for varying prices.

Here on this page, we'll lay out everyting you need to know about them, including a Super Mario Odyssey outfits list, the outfit prices, and how to unlock every costume, suit, and outfit in Super Mario Odyssey.

For more guides to the game though, be sure to circle back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub, with dozens and dozens of guides, tips and tricks for every stage of your adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey Outfits list - how to unlock every costume, outfit and suit

Lots of nice new hats is one thing, but what's the use if you don't have a matching suit to pull off the whole look? Almost every hat in the game has a corresponding outfit, and each one will be found in the same part of the Crazy Cap store - Super Mario Odyssey's in-game shop. Don't worry, there are no microtransactions or loot boxes here, you'll just to collect the two types of currency the game uses throughout - gold coin and regional coins.

Gold coins have an infinite supply, and refresh every time you die, enter a mini-game or return to a kingdom (they also serve as your lives and deplete slighly when you die). Regional coins are purple, range in number from 50 to 100 per kingdom and can only be spent in the place they were collected.

Shops are incredibly easy to find, and almost always located right by a checkpoint so you can warp back there in a few moments. Certain outfits - those that require gold coins - can be bought on almost any world, but others are more specific and will be tied to a particular kingdom. Some are unlocked later in the game once you've collected enough Power Moons.

Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

Outfit nameCostKingdomOutfit description
Football Uniform150 gold coinsAllBright colors and big shoulder pads never go out of fashion.
Employee Uniform150 gold coinsAllShow your Crazy Cap brand loyalty with this striking outfit!
Boxer shorts1,000 gold coinsAllComfortable, breezy boxers in a vibrant, mushroom-like pattern.
Fashionable Outfit150 gold coinsAllI'm not clashing, YOU'RE clashing!
Mechanic Outfit150 gold coinsAllAn outfit seemingly doomed to get stained in motor oil.
Black Suit150 gold coinsAllYou can wear this outfit just about anywhere - it always looks good.
Pirate Outfit150 gold coinsAllWhether plundering cargo or burying treasure, you're gonna need an extremely fancy coat.
Clown Suit150 gold coinsAllRoomy enough for all your tumbling needs, colorful enough to be seen from space.
Mario 64 Suit20 regional coinsMushroomWhen you just want to wrap yourself in nostalgia.
Black Tuxedo10 regional coinsCapBonneton's Crazy Cap shop is famous for these impeccably tailored outfits.
Caveman Outfit10 regional coinsCascadeEarly adventurers wore these outfits for maximum freedom of movement, if not maximum warmth.
Mario's TuxedoFreeAvailable from the Moon Kingdom onwards.An exquisite coat with tails. WARNING: Do not engage in plumbing while wearing.
Mario SuitFreeAvailable from the start of the game.This tried-and-true outfit has weathered many adventures.
Poncho10 regional coinsSandTraditional folk dress of the Tostarena region. Keeps the sun off and breezes on.
Cowboy Outfit25 regional coinsSandOld-fashioned duds with a frontier feel. Gunslinging and cow-punching optional.
SwimwearNoneLakeThe floaty ring does not actually float - it's just an accent on the outfit.
Explorer Outfit10 regional coinsWoodedClothes that keep you comfortable even in the deepest heart of the wilderness.
Scientist Outfit25 regional coinsWoodedIt's a scientific fact that nothing says "scientist" like a lab coat.
Aviator Outfit10 regional coinsLostThis jacket is how you let people know you're a pilot when you're not in the cockpit.
Builder Outfit10 regional coinsMetroThe perfect outfit whether you're constructing or inspecting the construction work of others.
Golf Outfit25 regional coinsMetro"What?! Wait, let me turn down my outfit so I can hear you!"
Snow Suit10 regional coinsSnowAfter decades of ice levels, FINALLY a good, warm jacket.
Resort Outfit10 regional coinsSeasideThis outfit lets everyone know you take your relaxing seriously.
Sailor Suit25 regional coinsSeasideOf all uniforms, the one that is most likely to get really, really wet.
Chef's Suit10 regional coinsLuncheonRed scarves are a staple of fashion on Mount Volbono.
Painter's Outfit25 regional coinsLuncheonJust the outfit you would expect to see on a painter. Prestained for your convenience.
Samurai Armor10 regional coinsBowserThe samurai basically walked around wearing works of art.
Happi Outfit25 regional coinsBowserTraditional clothing designed to be easy to move around in at a festival.
Space Suit10 regional coinsMoonThe preferred outfit for steps and leaps of any size.
Doctor Outfit200 gold coinsAllWhite coat worn by a doctor famous for fighting our most colorful viruses.
King's OutfitFreeDark Side (Unlocked after completing the Rabbit's Ridge tower challenge).This majestic outfit was obtained in Rabbit Ridge.
Luigi Suit200 gold coinsAllA bright green version of an established classic. Green means "let's-a go"!
Classic Suit150 gold coinsAllThe outfit is still loved by longtime fans. DK has never been a fan, though.
Waluigi Suit200 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 280 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.This outfit makes you want to lurk in the shadows, waiting for a turn in the spotlight.
Diddy Kong Suit200 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 340 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.A popular outfit among tail enthusiasts.
Wario Outfit200 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 360 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.The kind of outfit that you want to wash at least once before you wear it.
Hakama500 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 380 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.This traditional outfit has a nontraditional M monogram.
Bowser's Tuxedo2,000 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 440 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.For a terrifying, fire-breathing monster covered in spikes, Bowser sure cleans up nice.
Bridal Gown2,000 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 480 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.A replica of Peach's wedding dress (though it did have to altered a bit to fit Mario's measurements).
Gold Mario Suit2,000 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 520 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.This outfit just goes all the way with the gold thing.
Metal Mario Suit2,000 gold coinsUnlocked after collecting 560 Power Moons. Available in all Crazy Cap stores.When you want to wrap yourself in nostalgia, and then in aluminum foil.
Skeleton Suit9,999 gold coinsAllThis skeleton costume uses cutting-edge, er, something to, um... Look, we're not sure how this works. But it's cool, right?
Musician1,500 gold coins (Hat + Outfit)AllUnlocked after completing the game and downloading the free Balloon World update.
Sunshine4,500 gold coins (Hat + Outfit)AllUnlocked after completing the game and downloading the free Balloon World update.
Knight8,000 gold coins (Hat + Outfit)AllUnlocked after completing the game and downloading the free Balloon World update.

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