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Super Mario Lego in the pipeline

Flower 'bout that.

If you're in need of something to keep you entertained while koopa-ed up indoors, it looks like Nintendo and Lego have you covered - as the two companies have partnered up to create Super Mario Lego.

The collaboration was revealed via a slightly ominous shot of toy Mario on Lego's Twitter, and the announcement that "something fun is being built" on Nintendo of America's account. Unfortunately there's still a big question mark over what this collaboration will actually look like, but the teaser does point towards toys with an electronic component to them.

The announcement comes as part of "Mario Day", which Nintendo uses to celebrate Mario and offer various deals using the branding Mar10 (March 10th, get it?). I'd say the next step is for Nintendo Labo made purely out of Lego.... except someone's already done it.

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