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Mario Odyssey playable with 10 players in new multiplayer mod

Jump up, superstars.

Mario Odyssey is now playable with up to 10 players in online multiplayer thanks to a new mod.

It's been developed by CraftyBoss and is only playable on a modded Switch console using an unofficial ROM of the game.

"Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as possible!" reads a description of the mod. "This mod is still early in development, so expect bugs and un-refined aspects as we work hard to improve it and make the mod as polished as possible."

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The game allows for co-op gameplay with up to 10 players, with moon collection shared between all players.

All costumes from the game can be worn too, even those previously only available in the 2D sections.

Further, custom game modes will be supported, though these are a work in progress. At present there's a hide and seek mode, where players hide in a specific kingdom and whoever accumulates the most time unseen wins. A prop hunt mode is also being considered for inclusion.

Check out a video of the mod in action below - of course, accompanied by the iconic Jump Up, Super Star! song.

Watch on YouTube

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