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Nintendo is celebrating Christmas disgustingly early with Super Mario Odyssey's latest outfit

The 8-bit Mario costume is acceptable, however.

If you're the kind of person who thinks it's acceptable to start the Christmas festivities before December 1st, well then two things: i) NO and ii) you're apparently in good company, because Nintendo's at it too, having decided to come over all seasonal in Super Mario Odyssey on Switch.

Nintendo has, you see, just updated last year's breathtaking platformer with yet another pair of free Mario outfits. But for some reason, despite it being November 23rd, this is one of them:


I mean, sure, Mario looks adorable in his little Santa outfit, complete with matching facial adornment, but it does all feel awfully premature. That said, Nintendo also managed to celebrate Halloween nearly two weeks too early when it settled on a Splatoon seasonal event earlier in the year, so perhaps it's just working to an exceptionally weird calendar.

Far more acceptable, however, is Super Mario Odyssey's second outfit design, which is wonderful (if cribbed from an amiibo). If you haven't played it yet, a huge number of Odyssey's costumes are inspired by outfits that Mario has worn in his multitude of game outings over the years - some incredibly obscure. Continuing that nostalgic theme is this 8-bit marvel:


As usual, today's new outfits are unlocked automatically and won't require a download update to acquire. Instead, as long as you've finished the main story, you just need to locate your friendly Crazy Cap store in any Odyssey level and pay up the required number of coins. Be warned, however: while Mario's Santa hat and outfit are reasonably priced at 500 and 1,000 coins respectively, the swanky 8-bit outfit will set you back 9,999 coins. Best get grinding!