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Super Mario Odyssey just added two new costumes

And for his SNES trick...

Still playing Super Mario Odyssey? If you've beaten the game's main story you can now collect an extra couple of outfits.

Nintendo has today added two new costumes - the Satellaview Suit and the Baseball Uniform - to Odyssey's post-game shop.

The Baseball Uniform and Batting Helmet are obviously references to Nintendo's string of Mario Baseball games, where Mario can be seen in the same classic uniform. (And also, possibly, a nod to Nintendo's long-time stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team.)

The Satellaview Suit and Satellaview Helment, meanwhile, are references to the obscure Japan-only Satellaview modem released for the SNES/Super Famicom.

Launched in 1995, the Satellaview let owners download games using data broadcast via satellite - a technology which never caught on elsewhere. The suit you can see Mario wearing was the one he wore in advertising for the system.

It's not the collection of new Kingdoms we're still hoping to see pop up as Super Mario Odyssey DLC, but it's something to hop back into the game and collect nonetheless.

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