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Elden Ring's Radahn finally back to full strength

Boss rebalanced once more.

Elden Ring boss Radahn was accidentally nerfed in a patch, but now he's back to full strength.

FromSoftware's previous patch for the game added new features like NPC icons and quests, as well as balance changes. But nerfing the infamous boss Starscourge Radahn was unintentional.

Now a new patch is available that fixes "a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss Starscourge Radahn in update 1.03, in which the power of some attacks was unintentionally reduced".

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And that's it. That’s the entirety of the patch notes.

After the nerf, fans were divided on the rebalancing over on Reddit. Some were happy to finally beat the boss ahead of the new fix; others are glad the old Radahn is back.

"Beating Radahn pre update just became a flex," said one show-off after the boss was nerfed. "Honestly. Beating Radahn pre-patch was one of the most satisfying feelings I've experienced from defeating a boss, making me proud to wear his armour. I just hope that Radahn will be able to keep the same intensity after getting fixed," said another player.

We're just happy Radahn is finally patched up and back to full health again after clearly being so unwell.

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