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Microsoft announces Xbox and Bethesda showcase for June

Starfield!? Elder Scrolls!? Indiana Jones!? Hellblade!?

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase set for 12th June at 6pm UK time.

The showcase will be streamed on every video streaming platform imaginable, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

The announcement is scant on details, though we know it will include upcoming releases for Xbox Game Pass and the wider Xbox ecosystem (read, non-exclusives).

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Still, it's nice to have some speculation on what's going to be shown.

We're overdue some gameplay footage of Starfield, which is due to be released on 11th November this year. Yesterday, Bethesda released a video showcasing the game's music and sound design, which you can read about here.

We may also see more than a logo from Bethesda for the next Elder Scrolls game, then again, we still don't have Skyrim on the Playdate so there's still yet more water to be squeezed from the stone.

We may also see more gameplay or a development update from Ninja Theory's Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, which doesn't yet have a firm release date.

Bethesda studio MachineGames may also be ready to tease more of its new Indiana Jones game, which was announced back in January 2021.

Other potential showcases include Avowed, Everwild, Fable and Perfect Dark, although the latter three are in very early development so it's less likely.

What do you hope to see in the showcase?

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