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GTA5 update adds motion blur slider on PS5, Xbox Series X/S

And a bunch of other nice changes.

A fresh update for Grand Theft Auto 5 has added a motion blur slider for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S - meaning you can finally turn the feature off completely.

A list of patch notes from Rockstar includes various other welcome tweaks and fixes. On Xbox, for example, audio is no longer paused when opening the Xbox guide or in an Xbox party.

A matchmaking issue which caused a very long transition from Story Mode to GTA Online has also been fixed.

For now, these changes are just for the PlayStation and Xbox families of consoles - not for PC.

As noted by Kotaku, players have also uncovered a set of further changes not found in the patch notes - this includes the ability to hide more activities from the game's map, and a fix for car shadows.

Finally, here's a look at motion blur on/off:

Cover image for YouTube videoMotion Blur REMOVED! Next Gen Content To PC Soon?! | GTA 5 Online (Patch 1.02)