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Five of the Best: Road trips

Motor yays.

The Final Fantasy 15 gang in their sleek, black, convertible car, driving along a cliff-side road overlooking a splendid view.
Image credit: Eurogamer / Square Enix

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I went on a road trip to Scotland a couple of years ago, during the pandemic, and it was wonderful. We drove from the bottom of the British Isles to almost the top of them, taking in Edinburgh and the Isle of Mull and the spectacular Scottish Highlands along the way. I don't think I'd done a proper road trip before - at what point does a long car journey become a road trip? - but I would certainly do one again. There's something really comforting about returning to that same four-wheeled space each day, and creeping a bit further along a mapped landscape. It takes time, and the time it takes provides opportunity to talk and think, and slow down a bit, ironically. I remember my dad 'going for a drive' to clear his head on summer evenings', when I was younger. There's a romance to the idea, an escape, a freedom. Is it any wonder then, games have sought to replicate it?

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