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Need for Speed's recent purple patch ends in the mixed influences of this flat and awkward reboot.

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New Need for Speed coming in 2017

While free updates for last year's game come to an end.

Ghost Games has announced it's working on a new Need for Speed game that's due for release next year, while it's also winding down work on last year's reboot of EA's long-running racing franchise.

Need for Speed update addresses one of the game's biggest problems

Ghost Games' recent Need for Speed reboot wasn't quite all it could have been: hampered by an always online connection that gave little in return, it was a fussy, frustrating and never truly satisfying open world racer.

It's changing for the better, though, and this month's big update might be the most substantial yet. It introduces a full photo mode, new ways to play competitively and - perhaps most importantly given how this Need for Speed is steeped in car culture - the ability to share custom wraps and liveries designed by players.

The 'Showcase' update also brings with it three new trophies, new customisation options and Gas Stations - an all-new feature that allows players to fix their damaged cars at one of a variety of locations rather than having to head back to their own garage. It goes live on 3rd February - this Wednesday - and will hopefully be part of Need for Speed's belated PC release this spring.

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Need for Speed's first big update will fix one of players' biggest bugbears

Ghost Games' first big update for Need for Speed will address the rubber banding that many players of its recent reboot have complained about, with a patch due towards the end of November that will introduce a more balanced 'AI Catch Up'.

It's one of several changes mooted for the update in a new post on the Need for Speed blog, with functioning mirrors, wrap editing features and neon upgrades for cars also inbound.

Ghost Games' Need for Speed has already had a fairly major recent update, with the stutter that players on Xbox One were complaining about being addressed, and as part of its always online status more updates are promised as the game evolves in the future.

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Face-Off: Need for Speed

UPDATE 11/11/15 4:45pm: Ghost Games have got in touch with this comment about our article, specifically about missing detail on the PS4 version of the game: "We're aware of the missing road detail in some areas of the world and are addressing this in an upcoming patch."

Original Story: Ghost Games' current-gen launch title Need for Speed: Rivals delivered a solid, if somewhat conservative multi-platform showing on PS4 and Xbox One - we saw 1080p resolution on both systems, with only minor differences in ambient occlusion and depth of field effects, lending the Sony platform a minor advantage. Two years on, and its clear that the developers have pushed the console silicon harder this time around.

The new Need for Speed reboot switches things up from a visual perspective: the large open world structure of Rivals returns, but this time there's a focus on night-time racing and car customisation options that hark back to the popular Underground titles from the series' PS2 era. The developer also ramps up the level of lighting and effects, with reflections and post-processing taking centre stage. However, these changes also prove to be more demanding on console hardware, resulting in slightly less stable performance, along with a drop in resolution on the Microsoft platform.

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Need for Speed review

Need for Speed review

Too fast, too furious.

21 years on from the series' debut on Panasonic's 3DO, billing this latest Need for Speed as a reboot feels somewhat gratuitous. These are games that have always relied on reinventing themselves with each iteration, and just as Final Fantasy is a broad church held together by airships and chocobos, so Need for Speed is a loose collection of games only ever defined by the act of pushing fast cars to their extremes.

Need for Speed

Publisher: EA

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EGX 2015: Star Wars Battlefront first UK hands-on

Mirror's Edge Catalyst! Need for Speed! FIFA 16! More!

This year's EGX, the UK games festival formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo (and run by our parent company Gamer Network, disclosure fans), will be the first opportunity to play Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. FIFA 16 will be playable on the Xbox booth, too.

Need for Speed release date spotted

Need for Speed release date spotted

Features "multiple overlapping stories".

An Xbox Games Store listing for EA's upcoming Need for Speed reboot has spilled a potential release date for the game.

Microsoft's product page detailed a 3rd November launch for the racer.

But the page was quickly removed after eagle-eyed Reddit users took note. You can see a sneaky screengrab to the right:

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