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Need for Speed reboot requires online connection

"But the benefits are nice..."

Need for Speed's upcoming PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reboot will require an online connection to play, EA has said.

The publisher broke the news on Twitter last night in response to a fan's question on the subject, but reassured that "the benefits are nice" for requiring the restriction.

Previous Need for Speed games have featured connected online worlds for you and friends to race and inhabit together - although they have not required you to stay connected.

EA has yet to detail much of the game, but an Xbox Games Store leak yesterday pegged the game for release on 3rd November.

The game's blurb mentioned a number of features: five "ways to play" named Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw.

Need for Speed will also feature a story that lets you "carve your own unique path, via multiple overlapping stories, gaining reputation on your journey to become the ultimate icon".

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