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EA will bring this year's unannounced Need for Speed to Gamescom

UPDATE: Will be announced Wednesday.

UPDATE 12/8/19: EA will announce its under-wraps Need for Speed game this Wednesday, 14th August at 3pm UK time. That's pretty zoom!

That's according to a new countdown clock which has popped up on EA's Need for Speed website, spotted by fans over the weekend.

Following its online reveal, EA will be bringing its new racer to Gamescom next week. The publisher has previously said the game will launch before the end of the financial year.

ORIGINAL STORY 31/7/19: EA has a brand new Need for Speed game due out by Christmas, and you won't have long to wait to see it.

After no-showing at E3 this year in June, the untitled Need for Speed racer will finally make its debut "heading into Gamescom in a few weeks", EA told investors last night.

It's a late reveal for a game due out this year, and an uncharacteristically short marketing campaign before the game lands on shop shelves in time for the big end-of-year sales season.

Still, perhaps that's what the franchise needs right now. EA's racing franchise is currently in a bit of a slump, following the flat Need for Speed reboot in 2015 and the unremarkable Payback in 2017.

EA hasn't said as much, but we expect it to be a fourth effort from Ghost Games.

Last night's EA investor call also acknowledged two other upcoming games we've spotted being tested in recent weeks: the mobile-only Plants vs. Zombies 3 (currently in pre-alpha in some regions for Android users) and an untitled Plants vs. Zombies shooter for PC and consoles (the next Garden Warfare game, which is about to get private playtests on consoles). Expect both of those by the end of the financial year.