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Deep Rock Galactic unveils second season plans

No miner update.

Deep Rock Galactic, the co-op mining shooter which shot to 10 million registered players after arriving on PlayStation Plus, has detailed plans for its next season.

Season 02: Rival Escalation will arrive via Steam on 28th April and for PlayStation and Xbox on 5th May. A new, free season pass will unlock fresh cosmetic rewards for your dwarven character - including beards and helmets.

A fresh seasonal event and enemy sees the game's Rivals faction increase their attempts to out-mine you. In response, you'll gain access to new secondary weapons - one for each player class - each with their own upgrade trees and customisation options to find.

Cover image for YouTube videoDeep Rock Galactic: Season 02 - Narrated Trailer

If you fancy splashing some cash on your dwarven exploits, there's a Robot Rebellion cosmetic DLC pack themed around last season's rival robots. There's also a new Phazyonite currency for the game's shop which offers an alternative payment method you can acquire in the game's mines.

"We wanted players embarking on this next chapter of Deep Rock Galactic to continue the narrative we started in Rival Incursion," Søren Lundgaard, boss of developer Ghost Ship Games said. "Rival Escalation continues our commitment to offering exceptional content to all our players, and creating new opportunities for our audience to engage with other players in the complex caverns of Hoxxes IV."