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Save a third on this curved gaming monitor from MSI

With FreeSync support too.

MSI have always made great accessories focussed primarily for PC gamers, and that includes their monitors.

Right now, their MAG Artymis curved gaming monitor is currently a third off at Amazon, available for just £149. A saving of £70 is quite significant at this price point.

The 24 inch monitor has a VA panel, so you'll get a wide range of viewing angles without having to compromise by going for a TN panel, for example. And with a 1000R curve, you're sure to be more immersed in your games than a standard flat panel.

It has a full HD resolution, but the star of the show is the 165Hz refresh rate. This is great for playing fast-paced solo games like Doom Eternal, or online games with your friends with Call of Duty or Rocket League. It also supports AMD FreeSync, so you'll experience less tearing when playing games like these on your PC, Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 consoles.

MSI have also reduced the amount of flicker and blue light in this panel, so you're less likely to experience eye strain and fatigue, which means you'll be able to play longer without feeling tired. Also, with two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort, you can keep multiple devices connected at all times.

Although this exact panel isn't available to our US readers, there is a similar MSI one reduced to $190 at Amazon. It's also curved, has a fast 144Hz refresh rate and a full HD resolution. The colour accuracy is great too, with 90 per cent P3 colour levels.

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