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Half-Life: Alyx mod brings whole new campaign to the game

Russell and G-Man return.

Half-Life: Alyx mod Levitation is adding a whole new full campaign.

Free for owners of the game, the campaign is expected to be a four to five hour experience and will be released on the Steam Workshop early Q3 of 2022.

A slick trailer for the mod, which you can see below, features fan favourite characters Russell and G-Man.

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The mod is the creation of animator Corey Laddo and level designer and artist Shawn Snelling (known for his work on CS:GO under the name FMPONE).

The campaign will see you playing as Alyx as she investigates a floating building in the Combine's Sector X - hence the mod name.

Judging by the wait for Half-Life: Alyx, it could be some time before a new official game is released, but this mod could well tide fans over.

Digital Foundry described the original game as a "VR masterpiece" in their Half-Life: Alyx tech analysis.

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