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July 2008 Archive

    1. Bayonetta
    2. Id announces Doom II RPG
    3. Rage still a long way from release - Willits
    4. New Nintendo hardware in development
    5. Sony Japan not doing echochrome sequel
    6. Ubisoft details Armored Core for Answer
    7. FaceBreaker, Madden demos on Xbox Live
    8. New PAL Releases Roundup
    9. PixelJunk Eden leads PSN charge
    10. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
    11. You could always use BitTorrent - Reeves
    12. Bionic Commando Rearmed
    13. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat devs FIGHT
    14. Devs don't need producers - Naughty Dog
    15. Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend still on track
    16. Devil May Cry 4
    17. Bourne rights up for grabs again
    18. Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars
    19. NCsoft taking gamers' DNA to space
    20. WAR system requirements revealed
    21. Dodgy Ninja Gaiden 2 content back on Live
    22. Game journos are lazy, says exec
    23. Gran Turismo TV cheap for two weeks
    24. Rockstar wins big at Develop awards
    25. Uncharted Trophies are same as medals
    26. Bungie talks AI and animation
    27. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
    1. Piranha Bytes offers details on "RPB"
    2. Online distribution made LostWinds work
    3. Piranha Bytes doing new game
    4. Game quality has "skyrocketed" - Braben
    5. Leipzig keynote all about Demigod
    6. SoulCalibur IV
    7. Levine warns against early focus testing
    8. PS3 games earn big bucks for EA
    9. Moral choices came late to BioShock
    10. Levine: extra development time helped to make BioShock a success
    11. GTA Chinatown Wars site appears
    12. Grand Theft Auto heading to DS
    13. New Gaia Online MMO named zOMG!
    14. Champions Online to feature UGC
    15. Nintendo profits up by a third
    16. Mass Effect DLC released on PC
    17. PS3 gets new firmware update
    18. EA delays Battlefield Heroes, Tiberium
    19. EA man wants to charge for Spore content
    20. EA doing 40 games for Wii and DS
    21. Crysis Warhead
    1. APB isn't Realtime's only game
    2. Ubi delays HAWX, dates Hell's Highway
    3. Space Siege demo pops up
    4. PS3 selling twice as well as last year
    5. WAR is "finished", could ship now
    6. WAR: "we can't schedule for sh**"
    7. Resi, Devil May Cry comics in the works
    8. Penny Arcade dev explains PSN delay
    9. Hell's Highway experiences tailback
    10. Free multiplayer for silver Live members
    11. UK charts: Wii Fit back on top
    12. Ghostbusters drops off release schedule
    13. Okami needs to sell or no sequel
    14. Lionhead has three more Fables planned
    15. Braid, Galaga, Castle Crashers dated
    16. PSN is in Bizarre's plans "going forward"
    17. Wada says Square Enix is platform-neutral
    18. Go! Go! Break Steady
    19. Double D Dodgeball
    20. Coffeetime Crosswords
    1. Bionic Commando Rearmed dated
    2. Riccitiello: EA quality up "sharply"
    3. Guild Wars
    4. Midway doing Mortal Kombat PS2 bundle
    5. InFamous
    6. Funcom shares halve post-Conan
    7. Ninja Gaiden 2 mission pack back today
    8. New Marvel vs. Capcom game in works?
    9. Virtual Console Roundup
    10. EA indicates September for WAR
    11. The Wheelman veers into 2009
    12. Gears of War 1 to unlock Gears 2 content
    13. MS: We'll "explore not exploit" Halo
    14. David Cage clarifies Uncharted comments
    15. David Cage on Heavy Rain storytelling
    16. Wii Music playing in October in Japan
    17. SSFII Turbo HD Remix beta extended
    18. Gears film gets Legendary boost
    19. Star Trek Online for PC and console
    20. Ubisoft using MotionPlus in Red Steel 2
    21. Cryostasis
    1. Mechner happy with next POP game
    2. Arkanoid DS
    1. Wright: "Play Spore for your entire life and you'll never visit everywhere"
    2. Microsoft hints at 'HaloCon' event
    3. Tera Patrick working on Saints Row 2
    4. Bionic Commando Rearmed date TBC
    5. PS3 Alone in the Dark this November
    6. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    7. Atari and Jamie Oliver love to cook
    8. Dexter game is for iPhones
    9. Acti mute on Guitar Hero IV track list
    10. Q Entertainment shaping Peggle for DS
    11. Fallout 3
    12. More Wakfu beta keys to give away
    13. More Dragonforce for Guitar Hero III
    14. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
    15. Telltale doing Wallace & Gromit games
    16. PDC Darts trying again on Xbox 360
    17. Resistance 2 beta will be worldwide
    18. Nintendo and Sony watching iPhone
    19. IK+ heads VC update
    20. EVE Fanfest tickets go on sale
    21. Burnout 360 Cagney patch delayed again
    22. Sony changes tune on WipEout HD
    23. ESA can save "soulless" E3 - Moore
    24. Bungie has "three distinct projects"
    25. HD Remix patch details and videos
    26. Bungie boss "laughed" when MS pulled Halo from E3 briefing - Mattrick
    27. Bungie president "certainly didn't agree" with decision to postpone Halo E3 reveal
    28. 1942: Joint Strike
    29. Games are exceeding movies - Stan Lee
    1. Splinter Cell delayed until 2009/10
    2. New PAL Releases Roundup
    3. Get all classes in Too Human demo
    4. Microsoft's Don Mattrick
    5. PSN: Siren, Gangs of London PSP
    6. Geometry Wars 2 next Wednesday!
    7. PixelJunk Eden Trophies outlined
    8. Siren PS3 last-minute price change
    9. Siren: Blood Curse
    10. HMV offering Hell's Highway goodies
    11. World of Kung Fu to launch soon
    12. Xbox Live hosting original horror films
    13. No room for growth in subs MMOs
    14. Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway
    15. Xbox 360 will outperform PS3 in software for years - Mattrick
    16. Sony's Kaz Hirai
    17. First N+ booster bundle on Xbox Live
    18. Lich King beta keys sell for big money
    19. Sony's David Reeves
    20. Dragon Age: Origins
    21. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    22. PS3 snares Penny Arcade Adventures
    23. Another boost for WOW levelling
    24. EA making strides into Hollywood
    25. Hellgate "not going away" - Namco
    26. Wii storage is now "mainstream problem"
    27. Wii receiving online photo service
    28. GfW Live not competing with Steam
    29. SEGA dates Samba, Valkyria, Yakuza 2
    30. Ferrari Challenge's Mark Cale
    1. More Ferrari Challenge tracks confirmed
    2. Warner making episodic Watchmen games
    3. PS3 Ferrari Challenge DLC priced, dated
    4. Halo 3 is number one on Xbox Live again
    5. Gary Oldman outs Dark Knight game
    6. Nintendo: you've seen all our 2008 games
    7. Sony downplays FFXIII Xbox 360 deal
    8. FFVII for PS3 is "rumour and speculation"
    9. Metal Slug 7 due out in September
    10. New info on Conan PVP revamp
    11. WOW Lich King talents in full
    12. Portal: Still Alive content explained
    13. Portal coming to Xbox Live Arcade
    14. Capcom working on HD Remix beta patch
    15. Nintendo denies ignoring core gamers
    16. XNA community games priced, detailed
    17. Games for Windows Live is now free
    18. X360 products are innovative - Schappert
    19. E3 will return in 2009, says ESA
    20. Wii Classic Controller faces US ban
    21. BioShock
    1. Paramount making girly films into games
    2. Puzzle Quest expansion on Live tomorrow
    3. More Nine Inch Nails for Rock Band
    4. X360 has "fallen back" since GTA - Sony
    5. Virtuoso Pack for Guitar Hero 3 on Thurs
    6. SingStore update this Friday
    7. Mirror's Edge
    8. Jade Empire added to Xbox Originals
    9. 2K details BioShock PS3 Trophies
    10. Virtual Console Roundup
    11. Tabula Rasa to revamp crafting
    12. Peter Molyneux considering MMO options
    13. Capcom officially unveils Dead Rising Wii
    14. Some of my best developers are black, says Resi Evil 5 producer
    15. Wii Sports Resort
    16. SPOGS Racing
    17. Pirates: The Key of Dreams
    18. Double update for Live Arcade tomorrow
    19. Home won't be an anti-climax, says Hirai
    20. UK charts: LEGO Indy back on top
    21. Gears of War books on the way
    22. Elefunk
    1. All LBP user content to be free at launch
    2. FES edition of Persona 3 in October
    3. EVE Online: combat basics
    4. New Cooking Mama Wii coming to Europe
    5. Metal Gear advisor faces smuggling rap
    6. "No permanent solution" to MGO problems
    7. Eurogamer TV: The Best of E3
    8. Perry says E3 was an "embarrassment"
    9. SEGA unveils new Sonic game for Wii
    10. HMV to sell VAT-free games in-store
    11. Mythos beta closes down
    12. Ferrari Challenge live chat this week
    13. WOW achievements confirmed
    14. Konami struggles to deliver MGO add-on
    15. Hirai wants PS3 to beat PS2
    16. Hendrix playable in Guitar Hero 4
    17. Moore: EA will lead online charge
    18. LittleBigPlanet
    19. Quantum of Solace: The Video Game
    1. PlayStation Home
    1. WipEout HD delayed due to technical issue
    2. EA boss Riccitiello "hates E3 like this"
    3. Wii becomes best-selling US console
    4. Sony Conference Roundup
    5. Nintendo Conference Roundup
    6. Microsoft announces acts for Ibiza party
    7. "First of its kind" online for Shaun White
    8. Pirates and SPOGS for WiiWare
    9. Free Realms
    10. Wii to get keyboard peripheral
    11. Shaun White Snowboarding
    12. Velvet Assassin
    1. PlayTV dated, will record TV while gaming
    2. Satoru Iwata says predicting console lifespan is "nonsense"
    3. Fable 2 main story only 12 hours long
    4. Mega Drive handheld out now
    5. MAG set for spring 2009
    6. Killzone 2
    7. Microsoft's Don Mattrick vs. Sony's Kaz Hirai
    8. PSP could get Trophies too
    9. New Animal Crossing Wii details emerge
    10. Existing 360 themes work with new dash
    11. PSP hard drives "increasingly likely"
    12. PS3 Platinum in Europe next month
    13. NCsoft merges Heroes and Villains cities
    14. PSN PSone Roundup
    15. Wii Music
    16. Next Wiimotes may integrate MotionPlus
    17. Wiimotes could have Motion Plus built-in
    18. FFXIII "opens doors" for 360 in Japan
    19. New Animal Crossing Wii details emerge
    20. Euro 80GB PS3 priced and dated
    21. Euro Home beta simultaneous with US
    22. Ratchet Booty coming to Blu-ray
    23. Gran Turismo TV Euro date confirmed
    24. Next-gen SingStar at Leipzig
    25. No PAL PS3 video store in 2008
    26. SCEE working to get PSN titles ready
    27. FIFA 09
    28. Fatal Inertia EX
    29. Wii Music is "more interesting than a videogame", says Miyamoto
    1. BioShock PS3 gets exclusive DLC
    2. Battlestations: Pacific
    3. Dodgeball and Crosswords on XBLA
    4. Europe to get 80GB PlayStation 3
    5. Sony has not forgotten the PS2 yet
    6. Champions Online
    7. Flagship "still operating" but has no staff
    8. PlayStation Store covered in E3 goodies
    9. Resistance 2
    10. Bungie upset it had to cancel E3 reveal
    11. The Who frontman bored by Rock Band
    12. Miyamoto finds Xbox avatars "flattering"
    13. Dead Rising beheading to Wii?
    14. Cliff Bleszinski: Avatars are Miis
    15. First budget PS3 titles hit US
    16. Moore: videogames "built" FIFA brand
    17. Sony details Resistance Retribution
    18. Bungie making new Halo title
    19. First Wolfenstein details emerge
    20. PS3 video store goes live tonight
    21. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
    22. Rare's Mark Betteridge
    23. Nintendo shows Wii Sports sequel
    24. Lost Planet movie confirmed
    25. Killzone 2 multiplayer beta will happen
    26. Ubisoft doing Dog Sports game for Wii
    27. INiS's Keiichi Yano quiet on Lips DLC pricing
    28. Ubisoft unveils I Am Alive
    29. Wii Fit leaps to top of UK chart
    30. Nintendo unveils Animal Crossing Wii
    31. Nintendo introduces us to Wii Music
    32. Nintendo "still not satisfied" by sales
    33. Zelda and Mario teams hard at work
    34. Sony unveils PS3-exclusive MAG
    35. No God of War 3 this year
    36. InFamous heading for spring 2009
    37. Sony reveals Resistance for PSP
    38. Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty detailed
    39. Gran Turismo TV in early August
    40. Nintendo E3 Conference
    41. Sony E3 Conference
    1. Microsoft Conference Roundup
    2. Epic not doing a Gears of War 2 demo
    3. Tomb Raider Underworld dated
    4. Too Human demo on Live now
    5. 360 games to be installable to HDD
    6. Spore has more species than Earth
    7. Geometry Wars 2 gets date, details
    8. Darksiders: Wrath of War
    9. Left 4 Dead gets Euro date
    10. Halo Wars marches to next year
    11. Multicoloured pads for Xbox 360
    12. MS: Don't hold your breath over PS Home
    13. Dragon Age coming to consoles
    14. NBA '09 gets new live stats feature
    15. Resident Evil 5
    16. Fable 2
    17. EA unveils Nucleus social games layer
    18. Original Banjo heading to XBLA
    19. EA to publish id Software's Rage
    1. Gears of War 2 out November 7th
    2. Resident Evil 5 release date announced
    3. Microsoft unveils Live Arcade trump cards
    4. New 360 dashboard and avatars in autumn
    5. You're In The Movies for Xbox 360
    6. MS unveils online TV game-show for 360
    7. MS says 360 will win console war
    8. Fable 2 gets October date
    9. Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360
    10. Microsoft confirms Lips for 360
    11. Nintendo unveils MotionPlus accessory
    12. Conflict developer Pivotal to close
    13. Metal Gear Online add-on this week
    14. PSP video service launches in the UK
    15. UK gaming more popular than ever
    16. Apogee to be resurrected as publisher
    17. Warhammer Online guild beta begins
    18. PSP firmware gets an update
    19. BioWare spills Dragon Age details
    20. Family Ski
    21. Wii an "expensive niche" says Sony boss
    22. Empire: Total War sets sail for February
    23. Spector working with Pixar on game
    24. MotorStorm Pacific Rift
    25. Flagship Studios closes doors
    26. Microsoft unveils 60GB Xbox 360
    27. Prince of Persia
    28. POP will miss Xmas "if quality's not there"
    29. POP demo "not planned"
    30. "Potential" for POP spin-offs
    1. Eurogamer's E3 coverage
    2. WAR loses four cities and classes
    3. Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game
    4. Brash doing Tale of Desperaux game
    5. Wakfu
    6. Buffy coming back to life on DS
    7. Activision Blizzard to rival iTunes
    8. Ferrari Challenge online fix coming soon
    9. Golf: Tee It Up!
    10. Beijing 2008
    11. Ninjas and arty fights on VC this week
    12. New drum kits for Rock Band 2
    13. Mythic drops EA from its name
    14. First Half-Life 2: Ep 3 picture surfaces
    15. Sony has no plans to cut PS3 price
    16. Microsoft has plans to cut Xbox 360 price
    17. Age of Conan available to download
    18. 2K to publish Champions Online
    19. Deep Silver takes Ride to Hell
    20. Konami sues Harmonix and MTV
    21. Too Human demo coming next week
    22. No Far Cry 2 demo planned
    23. Island games just "cashing in" on Far Cry
    1. Ubisoft doing Hell's Kitchen game
    2. New console RTS from Total War team
    3. Rumours swirl around new Ubisoft project
    4. More than 160 games coming to iPhone
    5. Two more Chocobo games for DS
    6. New mode for Ninja Gaiden 2 this month
    7. Mirror's Edge
    8. Echochrome finally on Euro PSN
    9. No motion control for Banjo Kazooie 3
    10. Entire Rock Band 2 list leaked?
    11. New PAL Releases Roundup
    12. More evidence of LocoRoco 2 emerges
    13. Peggle now available in shops
    14. David Hayter takes on the Internet
    15. PSP and Monster Hunter leading in Japan
    16. USD 345m invested in virtual worlds
    17. Schizoid
    18. Activision unveils new range of Wii games
    19. Quake Live tournaments at QuakeCon
    20. BC Rearmed PS3 has rumble support
    21. Operation Flashpoint 2 slips to 2009
    22. More sign up for career fair
    23. MS to unveil "music/singing" game at E3
    24. Dragon Age named, trailer dated
    25. Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson
    1. Sony details PAIN Amusement Park
    2. Air Rivals
    3. First Rock Band 2 tracks confirmed
    4. Capcom 1942 remake out this month
    5. LOTRO Book 14 detailed
    6. Ferrari Challenge DLC "in the next month"
    7. 60GB Xbox 360 for end of July?
    8. Complaints about Bully ad dismissed
    9. No toolset for Fallout 3 PC at launch
    10. Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
    11. David Hayter talks Lost Planet film
    12. Google launches virtual world
    13. Gears of War 2 release date revealed?
    14. Wolfenstein and Quake Live at E3?
    15. Fallout 3 maturity hasn't been "tempered"
    16. Mega Man 9 to cost 1000 Wii Points
    17. 33 new songs for SingStore tomorrow
    18. Animal Crossing Wii at E3?
    19. Prey
    20. Capcom teases new game called Flock
    21. Activision suits greenlight Vivendi merger
    22. DS Roundup
    1. Introversion making game with Channel 4
    2. Rein: Wii is "just not our medium"
    3. Ignition turns for Unreal Engine
    4. BioShock shouldn't have worked
    5. Schizoid, Golf: Tee It Up! for XBLA
    6. Todd Hollenshead defends Doom III
    7. Chili Peppers and Rush for Rock Band
    8. Damnation
    9. EA doing Scrabble game for Facebook
    10. Square Enix releases iPod game
    11. Getaway PS3 was only in pre-production
    12. Two new modes for Metal Gear Online
    13. WOW passes "the Bushnell Threshold"
    14. Bungie hints at E3 announcement
    15. Siren: Blood Curse - Chapters 1-3
    16. Bushnell bashes Atari's lack of values
    17. Atari points to September for Legendary
    18. Fable 2 Live Arcade titles due in August
    19. Flagship's Max Schaefer
    20. UK chart: Smash Bros. still victorious
    21. PS3 gets firmware update 2.41
    22. Skate It
    23. Guitar Hero: On Tour
    1. Nintendo dismisses widescreen DS claims
    2. Eledees to return on DS
    3. Guitar Hero: On Tour
    4. MySims to appear on PC
    5. The Wii is a novelty console, says MS man
    6. Audience wants shorter games - Argonauts dev
    7. Rise of the Argonauts
    8. Fatal Inertia Ex gets Euro date
    9. EA Sports games "have been too hard"
    10. Final Fantasy WiiWare gets DLC
    11. WiiWare: My Pokémon Ranch and Pop
    12. Vietnam turns to power-levelling
    13. Codies responds to GRID complaints
    14. Major Vanguard update detailed
    15. New yoga game coming to Wii
    16. Bungie Day Halo 3 freebies arrive
    17. New SOCOM delayed by a month
    18. EA apologises for FIFA anthem gaffe
    19. Noel Gallagher links games to knife crime
    20. More OctoCamo patterns for MGS4
    21. Dragon Age surprise on Wednesday
    22. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    1. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Explorers of Darkness
    2. Console Diablo "theoretically possible"
    3. Diablo III
    4. Burnout "Cagney" update delayed on 360
    5. WOW Lich King beta sign-ups open
    6. New entries for Japanese software chart
    7. Siren: Blood Curse date and pricing
    8. Soulcalibur
    9. Rock bands in talks to do music games
    10. Lots more levels coming to N+
    11. PSP still topping Japanese chart
    12. Kojima lists his top five games
    13. Double WiiWare surprise today
    14. New Halo 3 map coming next week
    15. DualShock 3
    1. Microsoft working on 3D games
    2. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise dated
    3. Digital Extremes onboard for BioShock PS3
    4. SouthPeak unveils RTS and FPS hybrid
    5. No home-made music for Rock Band 2
    6. Unreal Tournament 3
    7. New Midnight Club drifts to October
    8. Commando 3 storms onto Euro PSN
    9. Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
    10. Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS
    11. Chrono Trigger travelling onto DS
    12. Trading card game for Star Wars Galaxies
    13. No PS3 Trophies for Resistance or COD4
    14. New PAL Releases Roundup
    15. New felt-tip themed game coming to DS
    16. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    17. Ubisoft to release games for Mac
    18. Sadness gets release date
    19. PC sports market has declined - Moore
    20. PlayStation website infiltrated by hackers
    21. Sony pulls PS3 firmware update 2.4
    22. Buzz! Quiz TV
    1. Blizzard: PC decline talk is "dead wrong"
    2. Go! Team and Battles in LittleBigPlanet
    3. Media Molecule's David Smith talks LittleBigPlanet
    4. LBP to feature voice chat, PS Eye options
    5. LittleBigPlanet to run at 30fps, 720p
    6. LittleBigPlanet beta already under way
    7. Trophies confirmed for LittleBigPlanet
    8. Soulcalibur IV pre-order deals unveiled
    9. We Love Golf
    10. DMC4 playable at TGS
    11. Politicians "could learn from" EVE Council
    12. Insomniac's Ted Price on Resistance 2
    13. No bare bums or boobs in Soulcalibur IV
    14. Castlevania Judgment coming to Wii
    15. PS3 trophies now in Super Stardust HD
    16. First Rock Band 2 songs spotted
    17. Gamecock games invade Steam
    18. THQ reveals more wrestlers for WWE '09
    19. Secret Agent Clank
    1. "Top Gun Anthem" for Guitar Hero III
    2. More WOW Lich King info from WWI
    3. More Cooking Mama for Wii
    4. UFC 2009 Undisputed
    5. UK charts: Smash Bros. is smash hit
    6. Soulcalibur on Live Arcade tomorrow
    7. Sony answers PS3 firmware 2.4 questions
    8. Treyarch sorry for slating BIA
    9. New International Track & Field
    10. Age of Conan nets 700,000 subscribers
    11. Soul Calibur I to get XBLA outing
    12. Disgaea DS, PS3 coming to US
    13. Microsoft to keep staggering PC and Xbox 360 releases
    14. J Allard gets a new job title
    15. Nintendo to offer fitness checks
    16. No Euro date for Rock Band 2 after all
    17. FIFA 09
    18. FIFA 09