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Fatal Inertia Ex gets Euro date

Improved PS3 racer here next week.

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Koei has finally decided on a European date for Fatal Inertia Ex, the improved PS3 version of its futuristic racer.

It arrives here next Tuesday, apparently, which seems a little out of keeping with the routine Thursday PSN refresher. But hey ho.

Fatal Inertia Ex has been out in the US since mid-June and has generally whizzed past the finish line with better marks than its ill-received Xbox 360 cousin.

This is party because it costs around GBP 15, and lets you try a small portion of the game before you're asked to pay and unlock the full package.

It's also faster, has better handling, improved visuals, snazzy weather effects and touched up scenery to occupy your eyes with.

On top of that are a co-operative split-screen Career mode, online leaderboards, a much trickier top difficulty level, weapon tweaks, rumble and motion-sensing support. Plus it should have a much better frame rate.

Look out for our Fatal Inertia Ex review next week.

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