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Fatal Inertia PS3 rated by ESRB

But KOEI declines to comment.

KOEI is keeping quiet about the future of Fatal Inertia on PS3 despite the game receiving a rating from the American Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). "E10+" in case you care.

The game is listed as "Fatal Inertia EX", suggesting that reports late last year that the PS3 version would be an improvement over the lacklustre 360 release did point to additional work of some form.

At the time, KOEI said the game was "in development for 2008", but the publisher would not be drawn on any further details when we rang up this morning.

As you will remember from our Fatal Inertia Xbox 360 review (probably, maybe), the game is an Unreal Engine 3-based racer built around flying cars ala WipEout, in which you dart around canyons and over oceans, among other open tracks, blasting each other with weapons.

If the PS3 version can take care of some of the issues that got in Fatal Inertia's way, then it might be worth investigating. We'll let you know when we find out more.