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Fatal Inertia team "regrets" 360 demo

But says PSN one will make up for it.

Members of the Fatal Inertia development team "really regret" releasing the Xbox 360 demo of the game that caught such flak in the run-up to the game's release last year, lead designer Mike Bond has told Eurogamer.

"Yeah, the 360 demo didn't run well and we really regret releasing it when we did," he said in an exclusive interview. "The final game performed substantially better but still often dropped frames."

This is something that Bond hopes the team has fixed in the upcoming PS3 version, Fatal Inertia EX, which is due for release next month.

"In FI EX, we've dramatically improved the frame-rate again and I think players will be pleasantly surprised," he said. "This combined with a significantly higher game speed makes for a much, much nicer experience."

In fact, the team is confident enough about this to have another crack at a demo, which will have a "significant online multiplayer component" including eight-player support.

"Gamers will be able to try the demo for free and then instantly unlock the full game from the menu," he revealed. "The result, we hope, is that many more people will try the game and, once they play it, will be more than willing to click the purchase button."

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